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If I don't eat anything until August how much weight will I lose?
I am very overweight and I need to lose weight fast
For the last year I been very ill with depression and I haven't left the house. I have gained a lot of weight in that time.

I'm not really sure how much I weigh now but I know that I'm obese. My ideal weight is 140lbs (But I'm still healthy at 150lbs and that is accecptable) However I think I weigh around 180lb now.

I can't possible leave the house , or carry on looking like I do. And I really need to lose at least some weight before I go out.

I'm not very fit at the moment. So it is hard to exercise. Though I'm trying to do some.

BTW Whilst I won't eat any solids for a month. I am still drinking water. And I'm having vitamins and a glass of fruit juice a day. So that I'm not starving.

I'm really desaperate. I need to change the way I look because I can't do anything looking this ugly and fat.

you are beautiful. please eat!!! the only way to lose weight and live is to eat healthy and exercise
good luck
p.s. use my profile to e-mail me you could use some emotional support right now( i will put ya on my contacts )

Becca D
you shouldnt starve yourself. Try doing a moderate exercise like walking and work your way up. It will take time and patience, but you will get there. And statistics show that most people who starve themselves end up fat in the end anyways, because it slows your metabolism.

Good luck and if you have any other questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to hit me up. :)

it will be impossible for you to mantain this diet..if your body is used to consuming the amount of calories that it has took you to put weight on...then i can only imagine that starving (although you said u have juice and vitamins) yourself will probably only last a few days and you will end up binging on food and you will end up even more depressed than you were in the first place. best way is to join a slimming club if you dont wanna leave the house to do this do it online...good luck

Consult a doctor, dear. Your plan is too drastic. Keep it up and you'll get very sick. You could die.

If you don't eat anything at all until August you may not be dead, but you will be quite sick and may end up hospitalized where they will force you to eat before they will release you. If you refuse they will force feed you by tube. And don't kid yourself that you aren't starving on a glass of fruit juice a day. That is exactly what you are doing. You are starving yourself.

That said, 40 pounds is not enormous or anything. Yes, it is overweight, but since I don't know your height it's hard to tell how much. First thing to do is to stop looking at yourself as fat and ugly. Until you have a better perception of yourself it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. Second, losing weight fast isn't good for you. You will just end up putting it back on again. How can you not be leaving the house? How do you get enough food to keep you overweight?
BTW, if you just have a glass of juice a day your body will go into starvation mode and you will stop losing weight. You need breakfast every day. Protein is important. You need to exercise every day. Walking 30-60 minutes a day is a good way to get that. I don't care if you have to walk up and down steps, walk all around your house, or whatever, but get your exercise in.
180 pounds is not that big so you have no excuse not to get that exercise. I was a lot bigger than that at one time and I went to the gym and worked out 7 days a week, 4 hours a day. And I lost the weight and am keeping it off.
Stop making excuses and just do it. You'll feel better about yourself and you'll keep it off and you'll be healthier.

i was to but u will get really sick u need food to live i took trimspa, did 250situps at night(in bed) and only drank diet drinks and ate no fat and small meals dont eat untill your full eat slowly and you will fillup quicker and eat less. i also only eat untill i dont feel hungry not till i feel full if u r that desperate this should help i lost 40lbs in like 2 months

hey, don't feel bad about yourself. i don't know your full situation but i believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and to at least be happy. so first thing is don't worry about what other people think.go and enjoy a little jog. even if like me you only last your very first session for a few mins- don't be discouraged. the boxer naseem hammed actually eats quite a lot of "unhealthy junk food". but he loses weight through excercise more than fasting. fasting is not for everyone. some peoples metabolism is such that they can quite easily lose a lot of weight through excercise but not be able to give up on the extra food, which is fine. some people seem to lose weight through fasting only-which is the hard way. the first way is prob better for most-higher success rate

Luke M
Don't do this! I don't even have the words for how unhealthy it is. Yeah, you'll lose a lot at first...but then your metabolism will slow down...and your body will burn less and less every day...until it finally breaks and starts utilizing everything in your body for energy. Yes, you'll lose fat, but you'll also lose muscle and organ tissue. Your body will go after your heart, your brain...you'll end up a wreck. Some damage may be reparable, some will not be. What's worst, weighing 180 lbs or having major cardiac tissue damage, causing every movement you wish to make a chore? Sound scary? Well it is.

So what should you do? Well first off eat something. 1200 calories is the lowest a woman should go. It's considered a threshold of sorts. Your body can maintain itself on 1200 calories ( granted you get enough protein, about 60 grams) a day, and your metabolism won't suffer from too much slow down ( but with most diets, there is going to be some metabolic slow down). Working out is also an option, though if you choose to work out, 1200 calories a day may not be enough. Yes, you may not lose as fast as starving yourself, but at least it is fat you're burning, and not your muscles and organ tissue.

I know from experience that sometimes their is a sense of guilt when eating if you're overweight. But the fact is you have to eat. It may be a good idea to see a doctor or dietitian to get some better advice and to devolope a plan.

you would die by then so DONT become annerexic my freinds do it and they just got really sick and started throwing up stomach acid it got that far!!!

ummmmm the only thing i can think to say is 'whole fruit is way better than juice'.

G Man
LOL wow. DO NOT STOP EATING that's the worst thing you can do. eat 5 to 6 meals a day consisting of 1500 calories total per day. get plenty of proteins and fats. carbs are an afterthought. keep your glycemic index low (no sugary stuff especially soda) easy money your weight will shed quickly.

Not eating will mess up your metabolism and no matter how hard you excercise you wont loose much weight (if any).

you have to think about the future.

you'll just have to excercise and have a healthy diet.

its hard but in the end it pays off

don't think u wanna do that sweetie

if you really want to lose weight - do it sensibly so you don't gain it all back. go get a calorie book and tomorrow write down everything you normally eat (normal appetite) and add up how many calories it was. Then, if it's 3,ooo, cut everything you eat by one third so your only eating 2,000 cdalories. In about a month, cut it down to 1,000 or 1,200. remember the neat thing about this is that you can eat anything you want, just not a lot of it. example: you want some ice cream - instead of spooning out a huge dish, find a small dessert bowl and dish out half or l/3 of what you normally eat. when you eat meals, use salad plates not dinner plates and you'll be eating half what you normally do. and you won't feel deprived. but remember. do it consistently and don't starve yourself because then your body goes into a mode of "Oh, my god she's not going to feed me, so i'm going to hang on to all this fat to make sure i don't starve." Also, for every glass of plain water you drink, you can figure you're cutting out at least 300 calories from your appetite.
the calorie books (some are on line) offer info on everything including fast food restaurant items. try it for one month - you'll be amazed.
good luck

gurl dont wrry bout cha weight...you be DED DEAD in a month whic out naw fewd

Speak to the following people, preferably face to face but if you don't want to leave the house over the phone will do.

Your doctor. He or she will be able to refer you to the following people.

A nutritionist, who will tell you drinking nothing but water for a month is not clever. No vitamins, minerals, nutrients or calories in water. You'll lose weight ok but you'll also damage all your internal organs doing it. A nutritionist will advise you on healthy eating rather than dangerous crash dieting. And you'll still lose weight.

A psychologist, because you've clearly got more snags than a nutritionist can sort out. Trust me, if you get your thoughts in order, the rest will come a whole lot more easily.

And good luck.

DON'T do that, you'll get really sick. Just eat healthy foods and cut down your portions. Then, do like 20 minutes of exercise a day. You can start with something easy, like yoga or going for a short walk. Then maybe start doing something that uses more energy, like running.
But don't only live on liquids. I'm sorry, but that's the most stupid thing you could ever do when dieting.

How tall are you? Unless you're really short, I don't think 180lbs counts as "obese"....overweight, yes, but not obese IMO.

Sure you will lose weight if you don't eat until August but you will also:
-Feel extremely exhausted
-Possibly faint or collapse
-Feel incredibly dizzy and nauseas due to low-blood sugar
-Probably mess up your electrolyte balance
-Worry your friends and family

If you want to change the way you look, you must change your attitude about food, exercise, and your self-esteem. I know it sounds easier said than done but cut down on junk food and eat a more balanced low-fat diet (lots of veggies, whole grains, and beans, low in fatty meats and dairy). Start exercising every day, even if it's just a 20 minute stroll around the neighbourhood.

Oh and by the way, water+vitamins+1 glass of juice still equals starving.

Starving yourself will not help at all. If it doesn't kill you, it will only make you gain weight. When you go for long periods of time without eating anything several things could happen.

♥ Your metabolism which breaks down the calories to burn fat and give you energy will shut down. Your body will just start storing fat cells.

♥ Your body will lose the nutrients you need and you could get very sick.

♥ It could turn into something more serious like anorexia nervousa and you most likely would die.

What you need to do is just start eating healthier foods and healthier proportions. Find an exercise routine that works for you. Once you get going, you will start feeling so much better. It will even help with your depression and it probably wouldn't take long until you're back to your happy weight.

I think you need to talk to someone about this. What you are planning is not healthy, and you are only 30 pounds above what you call healthy. That is not a diet emergency. If you cant leave the house like that, you need help. If you stop eating for a month you will either end up in the hospital or dead.

You are starving yourself
this isnt a healthy way to loose weight!!
10 weeks ago i weighed 184lbs - i now weigh 173lbs - ive dropped 11lbs - just by doing weight watchers!!
if you dont eat tho, you migh tnot loose any weight because the body goes into "starvation mode" and grabs on to anything it can! Scary thing!!
Dont do that to yourself - get on a healthy eating regime, like weight watchers - by august you could of dropped some of that weight healthily and notputting your health at risk!

Akash B
u will be dead smart one a human can only last about 3-4 days without food and 2-3 days without water RIP

Okey, not eating ISN'T the answer. I've actually heard that it makes you gain weight ( not sure about that though). But not eating isn't the thing to do. You should try walking, eating healthy foods ( stick with veggies and some fruits), try doing a little dance to some music, and get away from all the sweets. And who cares what you look like. Go out in public. If you feel that bad about you're weight that you won't even go out in public then you have i guess the word would self isteem problems. Also try following some excercise videos.

This is not a good plan. First of all, you should groom yourself well (clean, neatly dressed in clothes that fit) and tell yourself you absolutely CAN leave the house. Then go walking every day for exercise. Don't go on an extreme diet. Try a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat proteins (grilled or broiled skinless chicken or fish, skimmed milk), and whole grain foods. Eat a reasonable diet that you can continue indefinitely. Be good to yourself, love yourself, tell yourself positive things every day. Losing weight fast is not being good to yourself.

even though you won't be eating any solids..you won't be getting the right proteins off from foods that you need. The juice,water,and vitamins are all good ideas.

I know it's hard, I struggled with a weight problem as well. For my age and height. I was overweight..but, I managed to loose about 30 pounds with correct eating.

I started cutting off the greasy foods,soda,candy...etc. all known as junk foods.
Then as time progressed, I became more active, and felt healthier.

Thing is..you have to stick to your plan..and always eat healthy.

in the morning have a bowl of cereal, and some fruit.
For lunch, have a fuit smoothie with a granola bar.
For dinner, have small proportions of whatever is being seved.

Throughout the day, make sure to drink plenty of water.

As the days continue..keep increasing your physical activity.

I'm sure if it worked for me, so then it will work for you!
Take it, I lost 30 pounds.

Also, of course you can still have the junkies..but I only do like once a week :)

Don't stop eating, because you can risk your health.
I hope this motivated you :)

Take Care,


Mira Mira on the waLL!
Both you're questions made me wanna cry, b/c I hate that you feel that way, and I dont even know you. Good luck! Do a 16 minute run every day for 3 months, it worked for my sister.

too much! you won't live.

That's not a good idea because you will shut off your metabolism. Even if you manage to lose weight that way, it will all come back that way because of your starving yourself earlier.

I'd suggest you eat a diet of 1200-1400 calories per day (of healthy foods) and spend 30 minutes exercising per day. Just go walking.

Anyhow, just get outside and start walking. You need to stop feeling so self-conscious about it (most of America is fat, anyhow). You cannot put your life on hold while you are losing weight because you will just stay so depressed that you won't lose weight.

If you don't eat anything until August
Your weight will loose YOU

Cat?Eyes =^..^=?
30 lbs over is not obese. Please talk to your doctor and seek counseling and support; your issue goes way beyond weight, hun.

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