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Marie L
If I am 5ft 4in. and weigh 260 lbs how many pounds do I have to lose for my height?

About half of them (130)

It really depends on how you are built as well (large frame, small frame). See the site below for free tools. It will also calculate your ideal weight for you.

about 120 at the least

Cindy in Texas
100# at 2# it can be gone in less than a year. Try to walk every day & every day a little more than the day before.

You will lose more body fat eating protein and fat (don't eat protein alone) than not eating AT ALL. To lose weight fast eat all you want but nothing but meat, eggs, healthy oils, mayo, butter and half an avocado a day (you'll need added potassium). Keep the calories high and the fat percentage high, at least 65% of calories. Adding in green vegetables & some cheese will continue weight loss but at a slower pace.

Your body won't release fat stores if you lower calories below what it needs. It will slow your metabolism to compensate and store every spare ounce as fat. If you continue lowering your calories, it will continue lowering that set point, til you can survive off nothing and store fat on anything. The body will only release it's fat stores if it knows there is plenty of food.

Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) triggers insulin which can store the calories you eat into fat. The more protein you eat the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released. The more carbohydrate you eat the more the fat storage hormone insulin is released.

Simple carbs are addictive and can be disastrous to our health. The best way to break the addiction is NO carbs for 3 days. Make a huge batch of deviled eggs and eat one every time you want "something" have huge omelets for breakfast, with bacon, a lil onion, peppers, mushrooms & cheese. Pork chops for lunch. Get pork rinds and eat them with tuna salad. Steak for dinner. Make a huge sugar free cheese cake for dessert. Eat so much you won't feel deprived of anything. By the fourth day, your addiction will be gone and you can start making healthy choices.

High insulin levels promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger and unbalance other hormones. Controlling your insulin level will balance out other hormones & allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so you will gain lean muscle even without exercise. Any exercise will greatly increase your muscle mass with high HGH levels.

Once you get near your goal, you start adding 5 carbs every week til you gain weight, then you subtract 10 carbs. That would give you your personal carb level (everyone is different and it depends on how active you are.) As long as you remain <9 carbs per hour, you will maintain insulin control, and shouldn't gain weight. Many people gain weight on high carb, then switch to low carb to lose weight & then are shocked when they return to high carb that they gain weight. Many people can return to moderate carb levels but very few can really eat all they want of sugar and maintain weight or health.

Dr.Atkins was a cardiologist, low carb was a health plan easier sold as a "diet" Read any of his books for easily understandable science. Lutz "Life without Bread" & Taubes "Good calorie, bad calorie" are excellent books that dispel all the nutrition myths.

Reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass will have you in awesome shape in no time. Good luck!

Typically you should way between 120 and 140 so you need to lose about 120 pounds. Good luck.

Timothy DeWitte
You can check this by using the BMI or Body Mass Index, just search for it type in your info. (height, gender, ext.) It will give you healthy weight high-low for you.

Rodent section ♥
Don't mind the mean answers, People are grouches -__-.

Anyway about 130 - 135 .

To get to a healthy Weight , you want to Start by eating 2,000 Caliores Day -

Breakfeast - 1-2 bowls of special k with skim milk
Lunch - Weight watcher / Tv dinner for Diets.
Dinner - weight watcher/ Tv dinner for diets
Snack - a piece of fruit / Steamed Veggies.
Late night snaking - Special k with skim milk , But fruit is better.

good luck ! i believe you can do it.

~Spazzy Jazzy~
It also depends on your age but im 5ft 4in and im 11 years old. i weigh 95 and 100 is the average weight for my age and height so you can do the math.

Well the average weight of a 5'4" person is around 130 lbs so you need to lose about 130 lbs. But you don't always have to be exactly average 150 would probably be good.

Ccs S
I know everyone on this answer board is saying you need to be around 120, but I am not going to say that.

I will start out by saying 260 pounds on a 5'4'' woman is not healthy; not healthy at all.
However, I will certainly not put you down, as it seems the other repliers are doing.
You can lose the weight, but it will require a lot of dedication and hard work! Eating right and excercise will assist in chiseling your rotund body.

You have probably noticed I have not yet answered your original question: how much weight to I have to lose?
When weight loss is seen as just a number, it is destined for failure. You truly must base it upon how you feel. I know this may sound cliche, but you only look as good as you feel.

You should not lose weight to be accepted on a social level, but, rather, to accept yourself. I know you cannot accept yourself when you are destroying your body in the way you have been. Lose weight to fall in love with yourself.

Remember, you are beautiful,and you deserve to be happy. You owe it to yourself, and to the bright future ahead of you!

You need to lose 10 lb. Give yourself 5 weeks. The way to get to a more healthy weight...like 120 to 150 as people have said, is to do it bit by bit. Make your goals closer and you'll be more likely to succeed. Eating less carbs/fats and exercising worked for me. Eat more lean meat/fish and vegetables. And drink only water. No sweets or sodas. Guaranteed to work for you.

Start walking a half hour every day. Make your major goals 250, 225, 200, then 180. And feel like a winner every time.

115 lbs to get down to 145 and be considered average. Right now your BMI is considered obese. 150-180 lbs is considered overweight

it is not a question of numbers but a question of look, feel, and body fat percentages. you can be 5ft4 and 200 lbs of pure muscle and look and feel great and stand next to a 100lb person who also looks and feels great.

the question is: do you look and feel great? if not then keep running until you do. the rest is just semantics.

L =]
around 120 lbs

If you're comfortable with yourself and you're healthy then you don't have to lose a pound.

Height & Weight Table For Women

Height 5' 4"
Small Frame 114-127
Medium Frame 124-138
Large Frame 134-151

You need to get at least fourteen inches taller.

You need to weigh around 135 pounds.So you need to lose like 125 pounds.Work at it.And cut out sweets and cokes and stuff and you'll be fine!Good luck!

Jesse X
U have to lose like 140 or 150 pds. :(
The perfect weight is bout 110-120
for ur height. Good Luck. :)

you need to get to 140 to be "normal"

right now your obese.

You have to lose about 116 pounds to be in the normal Body Mass Index range.

100-120 lbs.

If you want to be healthy I'd say 100 but if you want to rock a bikini or anything like that then 140 or so. But if you are comfortable and confident then I say it's fine to just drop 60 or so pounds so you are healthy but happy. Just make sure you lose it the safe way by eating healthy in moderation and exercising! am 5'4" and 99 pounds and I'm very very skinny so you can go off that if it helps.

Well.. I'm 5'4 and around 107 pounds. [I'm around a size 3]
I'd say you need to drop at least 100 pounds

Fo Shizzle
For your height, a healthy weight is around 125-137 lbs.

I say you have A LOT of work to do...

yeah you should exercise.. right now your BMI (body mass index) is 44.6 and healthy is anywhere between 18 and 25.

I suggest running or swimming. Good luck!


I'm being generous, not saying 140 like Miss Fashion above, because I like a little bit of fat in the right places on a woman.

120-130. I'm 5"11 and male and weigh 175-180

Conway Twitty
hot damn

try to get down to 120..ull be fine

Daniel L
More than a hundred pounds...

at least 100

NONE, you need to gain HEIGHT! I'm thinkin' 7 feet tall would look good.

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