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Hannah R
I weigh 99 pounds... I am 14 years old and 5ft 3... Am I fat?
Im a 14 year old girl peopl always say im perfect but when I wore that bikini the other day I looked like a washed up beach ball. Recently I have packed lots of pounds as I only weighed 80 pounds just over a year ago.. Im considering getting back there as that is when I felt my best.

danny s
You sound fine. There is a big difference between a thirteen and fourteen year old girl

Ashley L
NO, Your not fat...:)

you'ree absolutely not fat!!! all girls go through a little weight gain around your age, its completely natural. 80lbs for a 14 year old girl is way way way too skinny even if you are only 5ft 3. in fact a girl who ways 99lbs and is 5ft 3 is actually on the low side of a healthy body weight.

When I was your age I was 5ft 4 and went from 90lbs to 120 in a year. I was horrified!! But now that its a couple years later I have realised that 120lbs is actually thin for my height and body type. You have nothing to worry about, all girls go through what your going through and you are by no means fat!! I know it can be scary to see those numbers go up on the scale, but its because you are becoming a woman not because you are getting fat.

you're thin girl! and when people tell you youre perfect its because they mean it!!


The Past Recedes
no comment officer

if anything your under weight.... 80lbs is not good. dont worry about it. being super skinny doesnt really make someone look good, just makes it look they try to hard to look good.

Your kidding me right? I'm sure already know the answer to your question.

You're only fat in your head to think you could possibly be fat!


stay like becuz then ppl will call you anorexic lolll

not my real name
you aint fat, my girlfriend is 5'1 and 108 pounds and she is really skinny. and she is 23.

♫ labby♥girl ♫
oh yeah your totally FAT. go lose 20 more pounds.

your sick, you need help. :/

and quit bragging.

No your not Fat

No. You are too thin at 99 lbs. There is no way in he.. you could look like a beach ball. You have an eating problem and need to see someone that can fix it before you think 80 lbs is too fat.115-120 is about right for you. Good luck.

no...have you gotten your period yet? if you haven't that could be an explanation for the weight gain!

I thik you saying things like that makes other people who are really overweight feel bad. Your a sad girl and you know your not overweight!

Jessica M
Oh my! Get over your self! You're thin. Now quit bragging about it! No one wants to hear about how thin you are!

anyone who weighs 99 lbs needs to start eating. idc how tall u are or how old u are. at 14 i weighed 115 and had a perfect body. Dont sweat it enjoy it while u got it, and eat a cheeseburger

Xavier Van Hoven
at 5'3 you should weigh around 115 Lbs give or take a few pounds..

Annie M
You can weigh up to 110 pounds and still be considered to be at ideal body weight. Eighty pounds is underweight and unhealthy.

yes you need to lose at least 20 lbs.. you fatty you...

You're like, average, if not a little UNDERweight actually.

Not at all. I am 130lbs, one inch taller, and I still am considered slim. When I was your age, my hips came and bumped me up from a size 0 to a size 5 in one year! I was devastated, but it was normal. At 14, I wouldn't worry about your weight- it is a number. However, keeping fit is important, so if you are feeling bad then you might want to hit the gym a little bit to tone up. I played a lot of sports, so that kept me fit. Whatever you do, DO NOT starve yourself. It is bad for you and can even cause you to gain more weight.

You're actually a little underweight!


You aren't fat.
Get over it.

80 pounds for a 14 year old girl is not healthy at all. It's not very healthy for a thirteen year old either. I would consider 99 pounds for a 14 year old girl, your height, to be skinny. Im fourteen too, 5ft 4, and i weigh around 110 pounds and my mom tells me to gain weight. There are people in my grade, thirteen years old who weigh 125 and they are very slender. Do NOT go onto a diet. Don't judge yourself. its not worth it.

This random girl...
if anything u are underweight god i hate it wen people come on here just to bragggggg. obviously u are not fatttt

That's stupid.. are you being sarcastic? I'm 5'2'' and I weigh between 95-100 pounds and I'm the skinniest thing ever. I try to GAIN weight. Shut up and eat a cheeseburger.

no shut up.

your over weight chunky monkey

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