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Molly Fontenot
I want to lose weight..i'm slowly gaining an eating disorder.?
I'm overweight and I KNOW it. I'm 19 years old, i am 5'10" and weight 200 pounds. I'm not the kind of girl that has rolls on her stomach or anything like that, but i'm a big boned girl. In pictures, I don't look THAT big...until the other day when I went out and saw some people I graduated high school with and they didn't even recognize me. My grandmother looked at an old picture of me and said, "Sweetie, please lose weight." It's like I almost have no choice. I wanna lose alot of weight fast. I tried laxatives, but I researched and it doesn't really help. I know everyone will probably say, don't eat alot (but i already don't eat alot) or exercise (i go to college 8 hours a day, and work 9...so that's almost impossible)...how do I lose weight the quickest? I'm talking about a month quick! Please help!

diwalagi t
Eating Disorders Association
beat is the UK's leading eating disorder charity. We believe that eating disorders will be ... All support you give will help us beat eating disorders. ...


Because of your weight and height, to maintain your current weight you have to have about 2400 calories.

I worked it out here: http://www.internetfitness.com/calculators/bmr.htm

I would say eat about 1200 calories a day 5 days a week and about 1300 2 days a week. This is calorie-cycling (or the Zig-Zag Diet) Ive tried it and i weigh 104 and i naturally have a slow metabolism so it is harder for me to lose weight than you. But it worked. I wrote down what i was going to eat at the start of the day.
Eating small "meals" throughout the day keeps the metabolism up. I noticed that when i was going under 1200 calories i was actually gaining weight, rather than losing it because my body was in starvation mode.

9.00 Breakfast - Cereal 200 calories.
11.00 Mid-Morning snack - Low Fat Yogurt 100 calories
1.00 Lunch - 300 calories
3.00 Special K Cereal Bar 90
4.30 Fruit Salad 100 calories
6.00 Dinner 300 calories
10.00 snack a jacks 132

I also exercised for only about 60 minutes a day and drank about 3 liters of water.

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It is NEVER a good idea to lose weight too fast, you have way more chance of putting it back on really quickly! Deprivation never worked for anyone, apart from those anorexic girls/guys you might see. My sister has been addicted to laxatives, and is now the size of a stick. She is in treatment for bulimia, and her guts are soooo messed up it isn't funny. Firstly, tell Grandma that commenting on your weight is only going to hurt your feelings, and while its nice she's worried about you, this is something that is yours to do and not hers to comment on. Then up your water intake. It will flush your system and help things flow. 2 litres per day (hard to do at first, put some lemons in and drink it ice cold). I bought a tupperware style jug that has a good sealing lid on it, and am amazed at how easy it is to drink the 2 litres now. Eat a good breakfast, include some proteins if you can stomach them first thing, like an egg on toast. Try organic breads if you can find them/afford them. Try eating a substantial lunch (including vegetables and protein), allow yourself to be satisfied. A smallish snack as late as possible, can be carbohydrate, but nothing too sugary otherwise cravings will kick in. Things like rice wafers are good with tahini/small amount of peanut butter. Cut down fruits (quite sugary) but don't forget a piece or two per day for vitamin intake. And vegetables are your friends! Cut down carbs like bread (I don't advocate cutting them completely!), cut down fats but not to a ridiculous level. Olive oil is great, and if need to add in some omega 3 supplements. If you want to follow a good diet, try the blood type diet book (not a starvation diet, but a change in eating habits). Its designed to work with your body's needs, and there is no deprivation or counting calories. Or a liver cleansing diet, but definitely not one that advocates eating pitiful amounts of food. I have an eating disorder, and am constantly amazed at how little food some of these "diets" expect you to eat and cope with. I always, always end up worse than when I started. The only books that have never caused a problem are the ones I mentioned. They allow you to EAT, and not feel deprived. I attended an eating disorders group, and was convinced that they were right by the end of it - starving causes eating disorders! Good luck - I hope you can manage what I never could - pride in yourself for being who you are, regardless of your size. Its hard not to obsess about the weight loss, I know. Eat good foods that are good for your body.

waqar-un-nisa n
This is not the best idea but if u want to losse tht much weight i guess going on a liquid diet is the best, the clues in the name, no solid foods low fat smoothies and whater etc...

as u dont have much free time i sugest in the morning when u wake up do a few stomach exersizes, and if u have time over the weekend swimming is always a option.

good luck xox

i dont kno if your an atheist but religion might help, well at the moment its Lent, where you give somthing up you love for 40 days. you can have it again on easter, well ive given up....yes you guessed it. Chocolate. Its really making me loose weight.

And if your grandmother told you too loose weight ...thats sad.

Summing it all up: Dont eat junk food or soft drinks if you cant exercise.

You can find a thousand ways but it's all going to be extremely unhealthy. The only way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to burn more carbs than you take in. You need to eat, so that your metabolism doesn't slow down and make you gain weight when you do eat again. You should eat small amounts throughout the day. Don't even sit down for a "meal." Keep moving when you're at work. Jog to your classes. Stay away from colas and such, they'll keep your weight on.

Jennifer T
Quick weight loss is never the answer. I'm sorry, thats probably not the answer you're looking for, but its true. Real, permanent weight loss takes a whole change in lifestyle. Your eating and exercise habits have been conditioned over the years and it will probably take years for you, to essentially start a whole new way of life. Weight loss is usually never hard because of the physical challenges but the emotional.

For me, I had a lot of anxiety and pent up emotions. I was quiet and worried alot so to calm my inner emotions I ate.
Some people are very social and and they have problems controlling themselves in family get togethers or parties when constantly surrounded by food. Either way, you need to change the inside before you can really change the outside.

First I'd see your doctor. Tell him you're looking to lose weight and he will give you a heads up on what you should and should not do. He will most likely reccomend a certain amount of daily calories and encourage an exercise regimen.

The challenge is not knowing what to do but actually doing it and sticking with it. When its 11 at night, you're stressed, you're hungry and taco bell is two blocks away, what do you do?

There are also most likely forces around you that prevent you from change such as family, friends, income...

A great, free, website that really helped me is sparkpeople.com (sort of a myspace for those looking to get healthy). I wish you luck...

may be you will get good tips here.

my idea to have less weight- run in your normal movement
have a fixed lunch and dinner time
avoid sugar in any form

how much weight are you looking to lose? based on your starting weight, i'd say you could lose 15 lbs the first month fairly easily. i'm a little skeptical of you saying you don't eat alot. either you eat too large portions, you eat junk, or you have some sort of thyroid or metabolism malfunction. there is always a REASOn people are overweight.

I've lost alot of weight by eating only fish, chicken & turkey. I ditched sodas, I don't eat any white products. I drink alot of water. I go to the gym 5 days a week and work out... The only healthy way to lose weight is diet & working out i don't do diet pills or lax's. It just isn't safe. Please be careful..

No offense but i work 60 plus plus plus hours a week and have an hour a day to work out. (If you can do 10 minutes a day that's an hour a week, not alot but better than nothing)..
Work out while you watch tv. Trust me you can make time.I used to say i was to buisy between taking care of kids all day, going to school & working but i made time because it is very important. Please, don't skip meals..Skipping meals or not eating for long periods of time will make you gain fat..Eat as soon after you wake up as possible (never more than an hour) to kick-start your metabolism for the day. Even if it's just a small something you grab on the go, do it. It will get your metabolism going and ensure the food you eat later doesn't get preferentially stored as fat.

i understand your position as i to am a big person trying to lose weight but if you try to do it in a month youll put yourself in a lot of health problems go slow dont cut back what you eat im doing the eat more diet you eat 5 or 6 times a day it helps speed you metabolism up it a healthy breakfast a light snack lunch light snack dinner then work out walking just do jumpin jacks or dance to your fav song whatever it takes to get a sweat going but dont look for the quick fix it will only hurt you in the long run

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