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 i need a answer bad!!!!!!?
Im fat does it matter?
Additional Details
need guys ...

 Anorexic, gained weight after 1 week, freaking out?
I'm 16, i'm 5'1 and weighed 79 lbs. Last week my family took us on vacation. They don't know about my ED and i didn't want them to find out, so in order to keep them from ...

 Im on a diet but im bored of Water.. What can I drink?
I have starting eating alot better and started exercizing more in hopes to lose weight. I drink water all day, but sometimes when Im thrisy, water just sounds sooo boring and not appealing at all.

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How many laxatives should i take to burn the calories after i binge?...

 how do I avoid da munchies??
am 16 ND AM ABOUT 20 PNDS OVERWEIGHT, I really wanna lose them nd i do good, but i blazeit to much nd than of course i get da munchies. Does anyone kno wat or how i can stop smokin bud or at least ...

 am i overweight?
I'm 5'7, maybe a bit over but not quite 5'8, I weigh around 140 pounds, maybe a bit more? Am I overweight?
Additional Details
thanks, appreciated ...

 what have you eaten today that has the highest calorie content?
I don't look at calories. but perhaps I should....

 Why am i still so fat?
I hardly ever eat. At the most i eat 200 calories a day. I exercise twice a day for an hour. I do 1000 crunches a day, plus a bunch of cardio.

Why am i still so fat? I am 5'7, and i ...

 What is the best thing to eat after working out to lose weight?

 how can i grow taller within a few days? im 13 , 95lbs and 4'11?
I know i've been told that i'll keep growing until i hit the age of 18-21 , but can i speed it up within a few days??...

 how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
so whenever i compare my wieght from at night to the morning its usually like a 2-4 pound diffrence! how is it possible to weigh less and look skinnier in the morning when nothing has left your body ...

 I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
Is it ok to weigh 144 lbs and be 5' 6"?

i'm scared that i'm fat! I'm almost 14. Is this normal?

Please be honest! And if u think i'm fat, give me ...

 eating before or after exercise?
i am going to start going running with a friend, she works until late so we will be going running at around 8pm.
i get home around 5pm, so would it be a better idea for me to eat when i get home ...

 Am i over weight???????????????
Im 13 yrs old and 5' 6" and i weigh 150 pounds. Am i over weight? plz be truthful!...

 how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
Right now i weigh 130 and would like to weigh 120 and lose it as fast as possible without taking any pills ir doing anything that can harm me. So whats the easiest and quickest way to lose it?...

 I'm a male, 5'91/2" tall and 150 lbs. Am I fat?
I feel like a giant piece of lard. I have a little belly that I can't seem to get rid of. People say I need to be 160 lbs! but that is crazy for me. I already have high blood pressure. Is ...

 Am I Too Fat Or What?
Im 14
And Aroud 108 pounds
Should I Lose Weight
If So How much??

Additional Details
oh im a ...

 will i lose my curves if i starve??
hi i want to go on a detox (starvation)but wondered what will happen to my body.it will be for 5days with less then 500 calories or just water.my biggest worry is am i going to lose my curves and is ...

 How do i loose weight if i am 200 pounds male and a 13 year old?
plz help!...

 Is htis a normal wieght?
5 foot 7
14 year old girl
123 pounds.
I wanna loose mroe and for track we do about 1-2 miles a day and I do shot put. Will doing this work, or will I just end up building muscle?...

I need to start excercising again. I don't have the energy to start. If I excercised I would have the energy.

yes, go for a stroll and see.

I'm sorry, but I don't see what your question is. You're just posting a statement. At the same time, your statement is correct.

don't kid yourself, all you'd be is sore. and then you just have to do it again. make some dietary changes, nothing too drastic, just a little less sugar, a little more fruit and veggies. broil some chicken. after a while you will have more energy and then will have better resolve to exercise.

Yeah, if you exercise you would have the energy.

Ron Mexico
Start with something easy and go from there. You just have to start.

Just set a day to start, plan and get ready for the day. Eat foods that provide energy to help you. Good for you

Gran Gran
Just start out with baby steps. You can work your way up. Just start walking say 15 minutes a day. Whatever just start and take it easy. When we start out to aggressively we lose heart and interest.

Good luck!

my problem is the motivation factor. I have wanted to lose some weight for some time now and am unable to get out of a rut; I could probably use some advice myself. take care and God Bless. I'll pray for both of us.

you should first start with light workouts and then move on to heavy workouts...

Start slowly but chart your success, start as low as, say 10 sit=ups and keep increasing the quantity until you get where you need to be.

I'm glad I'm not the only person out here with this problem. I know what I need to do I just can't find the energy to do it. Good luck to you!

she was nobody's nothing
Yes and drink Plenty of water.

yes you would

Yes, start out with walking a lot. If you really are that lazy, maybe you could have someone drive you a couple miles away from your house and drop you off. Then you'd have no choice but to walk home.

Yes. Exercise releases endorphins which lift your mood and in turn increase energy.

Good luck

Don't try to do too much too fast. Find small ways of adding activity to your life.

*Park at the far end of the lot when you shop.
*Take stairs not elevators.
*Take a 15 minute walk first thing in the morning - before you wear out from the day's regular work.
*Find fun ways to get movement in: Play frisbee with your husband or kids, go swimming, jump on a trampouline, etc.

Repeat to yourself "I can do anything for 15 minutes!" Then do something! Once you get used to 15 minutes, bump it up to 20.

The hardest part is actually getting into the gym, once you start going on a regular basis you get more energy to continue going.

And your question is??????????/

I know exactly how you feel!!! I hate starting up an excercise routine because I get soo lazy! and when i get busy I quit! then its start all over again. . .we should inspire each other. . .even if we don't have energy, we're gonna go .. no matter what!

May-May`s mommy
I am 5`7 125pounds, and I started working out today. I have found myself with no energy to get up and do an exercise program, like you. I had to push myself..and you need 2 do the same. I just got off the treadmill, did an hour straight running, and I feel sore, but I have energy!

Jersey Boy
Exercise with a buddy and start off slow - walking.

Exercise does not have to be an extreme event, you just need to move the body and get the heart rate up.

Try the GI diet as well - it gives you LOADS of energy. PS Actimel works really well if you eat lots of fruit with it!

Start off slowly. You may want to try just stretching or basic yoga. Great for toning, but less strenuous than other exercises.

jessica rabbit
good for you for wanting to get started.....
once you start a daily routine...the first week is kinda hard to "find the time".......but force yourself to find it ....even if for only 20 minutes.......after about a week , exercise becomes a routine and then ....possibly a mild adiction........i exercise 6 times a week......some may have negative comments but i know i am as healthy as i can possibly be.........
i started my workouts 10 yrs ago when i additioned for a NFL cheerleading squad......i started out at 20 minutes of stretching each day for a week and then added a Richard Simmons workout tape....(you know the one's made for obese people......) i chose this try of tape because it went at a slower rate........at the end of prolly 2 weeks i could manage a full tape plus my 20 minutes of stretching exercises.........then advances to the Firm Tape collection.......i now alternate these tapes with pilates.

go to your comm. library and see if they have any of the Simmons old collection of tapes.......and stick with it....

Put a Twinkie on a stick and hold it in front of you, just out of reach. Now chase it.

Start slowly, to build up your strength and stamina. Start with walking, it really works! Then build up to how your body responds. I lost 80 lbs!!

not really you my have low iron that's cause u to feel that way

Getting started is always the hardest part.

curious me
start by walking 15 minutes as far as you can then start walking back to where you started. Walking is a good way to start exercising. I personally love water aerobics. You get out of the pool so refreshed and full of energy. It doesn't even feel like exercise. GOOD LUCK

Just for extra exercise park as far away from the front door of the stores you shop at to burn off extra calories. Plus you car doesn't get hit and scratched by other patrons. malls are also good places to walk at just don't take money, instead look at all the beautiful clothes you will be able to buy when you get back to where you want to be.

It's probably not your energy level that is stopping you as much as your motivation.

You need to focus on a reason as to why you NEED to exercise and then go from there. There are many health benefits to exercising,even if only doing the most minimal of things such as walking 15 minutes a day.

Motivation is a key factor to a lot of issues; exercising being one of them.

We all get busy doing things,but exercise should be part of a daily routine. Get up 15 minutes earlier if you need to,just to make the time. Specify a time that you're going to exercise and stick with it.

Sometimes it helps if you have someone to exercise with. Say that you go walking; ask a friend to start to come with you. You will not find it as easy to back out if you know that someone else is waiting to go with you.

Good luck and have fun. Exercising doesn't have to be a dreaded thing. Make it a fun and natural thing in your everyday lifestyle. :)

Quite the paradox, isn't it?

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