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 If i excersise MORE and i only consume 1500 calories a day will my body go into starvation mode?
I got ANOTHER QUESTION :) I was going to work out more.. for the summer. Now that i have my calorie intake down pat.. im going to try 1500-1700 calories a day. Now im starting a new program in march.....

 how can i lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

 Right now i am a size 3 and weigh 115 lbs...what would i have to weigh to be a size 0?

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i fit into some size zeros but some i can but cant zip yet...basically i am a 3 at most...ones fit sometimes...american eagle, candies, lei zeros fit, but yeah....not ...

 I want to lose weight..i'm slowly gaining an eating disorder.?
I'm overweight and I KNOW it. I'm 19 years old, i am 5'10" and weight 200 pounds. I'm not the kind of girl that has rolls on her stomach or anything like that, but i'm a ...

 How can I improve my diet quality, increase the calories intake and loose weight at the same time?

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im not giving thumbs down to ...

 (10 points) Phentermine 37.5mg has anyone tried it?
I started the pill today any advice or sucess stories....

 Stomach exercise...? Just wondering..?
I do this exercise everyday. You lie flat on your back, knees bent, your hands on the top of your thighs. Then you raise your left arm to your right knee, and vice versa.

Altogether in ...

 SERIOUS QUESTION... What do you think of Los Angelos banning fast food restaurants from...
...low income areas to prevent obesity?

I think that should be done EVERYWHERE! Wow, what a concept...reduce people's consumption of fats which, in turn, reduces weight, which ...

 What should I do about my girlfriend's weight gain?
We have been dating for about 7 moths now. She was super petite (but not at all scary skinny) when I first met her. She does theater (as do I), so I assumed keeping in shape was important to her. W...

 lose 10 POUNDS of FAT by MAY!?!?
I am an early teen, and i want to lose 10 pounds by the end of May 2008.
In summary, i want to lose about 3-4 pounds a MONTH.
To achieve my goal, how many sit ups/ push ups do i have to do ...

 Has anyone here tried the special k challenge?
Did you loose any weight and what did you eat for dinner?...

 I need a hug. Do you think I am fat?
Yesterday (on my BIRTHDAY) my aunt commented on how she thought I gained weight and today my family went out to lunch for my birthday and my mom said I should 'watch my figure and what I eat.&...

I need to loose 30-35 pounds in two months before cheer tryouts any sugestions??

well i would suggest you could try one of those food diets that are always on tv and quit eating junk food and workout .u should try running too.run and workout alot!

hope i helped!

Ahmed I
Hi dude, I am in the same position, we have 2 weeks off school and theres a fine girl i want to impress, over the last week I skipped lunch at school and kept the money for electronics =p
I have also been doing 60-120 sit ups per day, i am a large 60kg, I am 16, the top end of 9 stone

I can feel abs coming through, and my stomach going down
If you intend to have 3 meals per day here is what i advise

Breakfast - Bran flakes / Special k
Lunch- Tuna/salad/apple and slice of unbuttered bread/pear and piece of toast
Dinner -Wholemeal Pasta (it's brown and healthier) with any type of fish I advise Salmon, steam it and mix with the pasta, do not be tempted to add cheese

You have to start running about twice per week, hit the gym, give up junk food. You have to drink more water as well. Eat only when you feel hungry. When you are walking, try walk faster. it helps!
Other opinion is you can do something you like such as swimming, dancing. My sister love dancing and she really lose weight from dancing.

Sarah S
That's a LOT of weight to lose very quickly. It may not be feasible but you can start by seriously examining your diet. Throw out any and all junk food. There will be no leeway on it. Workouts should be for about 40-60 min daily, sometimes twice a day.

Your best bet is to get a personal trainer or someone who is very familiar with exercise regiments. Good luck.

Have you heard of the CMT series "I Want To Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again?" They did something similar where middle aged women dropped 20-40 lbs in 8 weeks. Check it out.

Dont. You should only loose, at most, 2 pounds a week.

get off the computer and start running. but 30-35 lbs is unrealistic in 2 months... unless you eat nothing but eggs and run for hours a day.

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