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I need a hug. Do you think I am fat?
Yesterday (on my BIRTHDAY) my aunt commented on how she thought I gained weight and today my family went out to lunch for my birthday and my mom said I should 'watch my figure and what I eat." It actually really upset me to here that twice in two todays. I know I my have gained a few pounds (like 2 or 3) because it is the winter in Canada and well I eat more in the winter.

I just turned 20, I am 5'1 and 100 pounds. Hows is that fat? All my friends get really angry when I tell them my mom thinks I am fat (she has said it before) I am starting to think I am fat ....

Topaz EAG
Big hug Tiny :) As a personal trainer I can state that you are hardly fat. Just eat a sensible diet, stay active with at least 3 days a week of moderate exercise and stay stress free. Happy belated birthday... EAG.

Hey girl hey
youre very skinny
dont listen to them

Judas Bag
You are DEFINITELY not fat! Tell your aunt that she is seriously wrong. Even if you have gained some weight, you are still very thin.

YOUR SLIM AS!!! HOW COULD ANYONE SAY YOUR FAT! there was a thirteen year old on yahoo answers that weighed 100 pounds!!! and even HE is not fat!!! OMG!!!

I love Green Day
Omg no way that's not my definition of fat. If anything ur thin for ur age maybe they're just jealous that ur thin and maybe they're just fat. don't worry ur NOT fat. =)

i pormiseee your not fat. dont listen to them, and theyre your family they shouldnt be putting you down like that

please woman i am 5ft3in and 123 and people call me skinny.
im 2 inches and 23 pounds heavier than you.
in other words, DUH OMFG YESSS YOU ARE SKINNY!!!! dont let anyone tell you otherwise

when your 5ft1 and 130 thats when to start worrying!

You are NOT fat. I am 5'3 and weigh 155, and I'M fat. Your thin, for crying out loud!

you are definitely not fat. *hugs* don't let them get to u.

holy crap. you are really skinny. and 2-3 pounds does not matter. your aunt and mom are really wrong. tell them that u dont think so. but be confident with yourself. dont change the way you see yourself. YOU ARE NOT FAT AND DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE.

btw, you get a mental hug. :) lol

k j
they were probably joking with you cuz you are really skinnyor they were saying that its easier to just not get fat than to lose weight

Olie D
Parents and grandparents always say stuff about what their kids are doing. My girlfriends aunty always says stuff like that to her, like saying her skirts are too short and that she shouldn't eat as much chocolate when they arn't at all and she.. well she eat's a lot of chocolate but that's fine. Just ignor them. Curvy girls are better anyway :P

Hope that helps

electa g
Screw them.Eat healthy and continue to take care of yourself.You are a perfect weight.Here, have a big hug XXXX

HUGS!!! You are not fat!

[ Twilight Obsessive ! ] ♥
You are NOT fat, by far. Im 13 and 107 pounds, so if your fat I'm fatter. I also live in Canada and relize that I dont really exercise in the winter to cold. So I asked a question for some inside things to do and people gave me lots of answers. The best one was, : Go yo youtube and type in

-8 minute legs
-8 minutes arms
-8 minute buns
-8 minute abs
-8 minute streches

i do these once or twice a day to keep me motivated!

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