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I have skinny thighs so how do I get thick thighs (picture included)?
This is how my thighs look right now.
I really want thick thighs, I heard lunges and squats helps,
but would that make me lose weight?
Thank you.
Additional Details
Shut up Doris H.

Ride your bike! that will give your stronger and bigger thighs :)

you're so skinny eat fast food every day


Build your muscle Squats mostly any exercise where you use your thighs. It's not going to make you lose weight if you eat right and work on the thighs only. But make sure you eat.

depending on if u want fatty thighs or muscle thighs.
if u want fatty ones then eat a couple dounghnuts,

i really assume u want some muscle or atleast want to look good,
so eat protein full foods, maybe some substantial carbs, and wait about 15 minutes to an hour before exercising, but if u want to build muscle then ur going to have to execerise, jogging (although i wouldn't do it unless it's on a treadmill because it promotes arthritis), squats, jumping jacks, sprinting, sit ups will actually help too,

although if ur healthy then u don't realy need to change anything about urself, u look fine to me

wow! i tell u what, eat a lot of green mash platain is called ''mangu'' is a dominican spanish food it has a lot vitamin and fibers why u think all this spanish girls have great bodies? i have 4 sisters and they all got dat jlo butt including my wife heck all the girls in my family eat eat lot of rice and beans, chicken. jog everyday and stop eating junk food and mcdonalds

babe i have inherited thick thighs off my dad. trust me you do NOT want them! but that doesn't answer your question...

lunges and squats would help build up the muscle in your thighs which would therefore make them thicker i think? its worth a try anyway

lunges and squats would help because that makes the muscle bigger.
just google how to get thunder thighs XD but don't take it to that extreme. lol

DAAAAAYUM GIRL! your good enough as yu are. but if you really want thicker thighs, you will have to do lunges and squats.

no they re perfect size

save ferris
Wow, you are very skinny. I don't know if you would want thick thighs, but rather muscular thighs. Running and such doesn't help to bulk up or add definition to your legs, but rather create lean muscle. I would recommend different leg exercises including squats and lunges, as well as different weight machines. Try to use a higher weight to build more muscle.

gain a couple pounds maybe

ew you have a tummy pooch. try some leg lifts. I run daily for strong thighs. idk what you mean by thick thighs. like fat or muscle? wtf

When you say thick thighs do you mean trimmed with muscle? or you just want it to overall be thicker in size?

Just go to the gym and do your cardio and warm up your body...and then most of it is weights and strength training...if you want big muscles then use heavier weights and many times.... if you want to just trim out your legs then do the cardio and then weights but do light weights and many times and very fast at timed intervals for about a good 15 to 25 minutes every other day.
good luck

Felicity A
You want BIGGER thighs? They are already big enough. I would think you'd be wanting to calm down on the lunges and squats....maybe just lay off the fries.

jeez i have thick thighs naturally and i would do anything for ones like yours

omg you have TINY thighs, its not a bad thing though, but for some reason i cant help but feel you put up this picture so people can tell you you have a hot body, you dont really need to show your belly for people to see your thighs O_o

yeah okay, i just read your profile description....you are definitely just a conceited girl looking for compliments!!!!!!!!!

First of all, you really shouldn't be taking pictures like that, you'll live to regret it.

Secondly, what do you mean thick thighs, do you mean fatter thighs or do you mean lean, toned, conditioned thighs? If you want the latter squats and lunges definitely help and they will definitely help tone your thighs. If you want to do something fun try kick boxing, that can help your arms and thighs! Finally try sitting on the ground in front of the tv, and holding up a ball (can be either a full size yoga ball or a basketball or something smaller) and hold it up between your ankles, then your knees, moving up and downwards toward the ground.

For a final tip, if you want to build and not lose, make sure you do less repitions, with a higher weight. For example, doing it with a 5 pound ball 25 times will be less effective then doing it with a 10 pounds ball 15 times.

I have really nice thighs I must say squats helps. Do this it effin hurts me meaning it works ur buns and thighs squat jump! Just like that not squat and then jump just squat jump 8 times guaranteed if u don't feel it let me know do like 5 reps of 8, 8 the lowest

█⇨ℐℇ®șᴈϒ ʛɨʀʟ⇦█
Leg Presses.

Miss Static
I'm sure you love yourself and just want the approval of other people. Why else would you show off more than your thighs?

**** sake.

You are indeed frightfully thin...I suggest plenty of television viewing with chips and cream of broccoli cheese soup.

Let us know how you're doing, please.

٩๏̯͡๏)۶ ♥נєѕѕу♥ ٩๏̯͡๏)۶
you have good thighs why would you want to put weight on them?
i wish i had skinny thighs

no squats and lunges build muscle which will make your thighs bigger

Eat a lot of McDonald's, it'll go straight to your thighs!

Your underweight, you need to eat. You can work out though, and that would help build musscle there, and sence that's heathly it wount make you loose weight.

Do lots of Squats and lunges and yea it will make you lose weight so you just got to eat more.

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