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 Easy way to lose weight without exercise?
i need this. help?
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by the way.
i dont eat pies or junk food!
im 5'7 and weight like 145...

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ITs NOT me!...

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typo: i'm 5'3...

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this is me:


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Meriel W
I feel so fat...help?
can you please tell me how much you eat in a day, and your excercise routine to keep you fit. PLEASE help i feel soo fat and unhelthy, i think i eat far too much!! xoxo thanks

i felt like you, and here's what i did - btw, i've kept the weight off for over five years now:

throw out/give away ALL JUNK FOOD - for instance, if you're addicted to twinkies and have a stash of them, GET RID OF THEM - and don't buy any more!!! - if you have family members who keep junk food around, buy a big plastic toolbox with a LOCK - and tell them to keep all of those things LOCKED UP (a combination lock works best - that way, you won't be able to find the key, and they won't accidentally lose it! - oh, and of course, be sure to not allow yourself to know the combination of the lock!!).

to satisfy a craving for sweets, buying sweetened CEREALS helps - i usually have about 5 or 6 boxes around to choose from at any given time...that way, each night, when i want a snack, if i want peanut butter, chocolate or whatever, i can still get that taste! - but only ONE bowl! - and not a HUGE bowl! lol

as far as meals go - simple: first off, NO DEEP FRIED FOODS...everything else is FINE! - within reason: eat HALF of what you'd *normally* eat on a daily basis - for instance, if you're used to eating a huge sandwich for lunch - eat half of it instead. as for dinners - again, just eat half - if you're not sure how much "half" is, put everything on your plate like you'd *normally* do, and then put HALF of it BACK! - helps save on grocery bills, too.

switching to water or diet beverages is DEFINITELY helpful. i've found that using 4C Light Iced Tea, which has 15 calories in it per 8 ounce serving, tastes SO good, NO ONE can tell the difference - i serve it to my guests. the best thing is, it comes in a mix, so you can make it whenever you want, and you don't have to go lugging 2 liter bottles back and forth from the store.

as for exercise, i've gotta be the laziest person on the planet - so, i decided that WALKING was my best option...around the block once, and then increasing it weekly to 2x around, etc....

even during the winter, no excuse not to walk - you can just walk around your house (lol - i DO!), or go to the mall...and stay away from that food court!

tell family, co-workers and friends that you're on a diet and would appreciate them not tempting you with foods/gifts that might cause you to fall off the wagon.

weigh yourself first thing in the morning, NAKED (that way you can't blame the clothes for adding extra weight! i recommend weighing yourself every day - some people think it's a bad idea, but the truth is, most people who have lost a lot of weight and weigh themselves regularly, KEEP the weight off! keep a record of your weight on a calendar. you'd be amazed at how much you can lose in just ONE MONTH!

Feeling fat and being fat are 2 different things - are you fat or just feeling it.

Try 3x vegetables, 2x fruit and once protein a day.

Drink as much water as you want. If you really need carbs, enjoy without a bad conscience.

It would be better if you could have sent a picture of your body.

Perhaps a picture or a description? If you just *think* you're fat and you're not then eating less will jsut make you anorexic which is just as or more unhealthy.

Other than that:

Exercise a lot, eat less sugary foods and carbs, eat more meat and vegetables

In general, eat when you are hungry. That seems obvious but notice if you eating when you are bored, depressed, mad or anxious. Try to slow down while you are eating and savor each bite. That way you won't eat so fast that you overeat.

Vis a vis a diet - most people find that if they either stick to a basic three healthy meals per day, double their green vegetable intake and 1/2 their carb intake they lose weight. Healthy protein at each meal is very important. Fiber like bran and flax meal is important. Water is very important as well. If you are hungry, snacking is fine but make it healthy. I like an apple with a little peanut butter, some yogurt, a cup of chicken broth. By the way, eating soups at lunch is a great idea. Make sure they are not creamy soups and don't have a roll or bagel with them. If you do eat carbs, avoid pasta and bread and stick to cooked whole grains like quinoa, barley, kasha and brown rice (in moderation). In the winter, eat warm foods (not cold) so avoid salads but lots of steamed green vegetables with a little bit of olive oil and lemon is great. Avoid "carby" vegetables like corn, carrots, beets and white potatoes.

Two of the healthier diet programs out there (in my opinion) are South Beach Diet and Weight Watchers. Most people I know have had success with one or the other. You can join online.

Exercise and breathing are important factors. Approx. 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise. I myself practice vigorous yoga about 3-4 times per week and do some ab work as well. I also do meditation and breath practice.

Remember, this is lifelong health you are going for - you do not want to yo-yo diet. Losing 1-2 lbs per week is totally fine.

Good luck.

You're not fat! If you think you are, just relax. Ask your doctor. Or someone at the Gym.

John D
im a rower in college, was a swimmer in high school.
try to get on the rowing machine 6 times a week for about 30-45 mins. swim as well. maybe about 1000m each time and eat about 5-6 small meals a day. minimize junk food. drink lots of water.


No N
no no no
just drink a glass of water every time you open the freezze

Man J
go onto http://www.iwantsixpackabs.com/

all the info is free and it seriously works well, videos on www.metacafe.com search for "brad pitt body"

its safe for men and woman

Well you haven't given much info about how much you eat or what excercise you do...But I'm trying to lose a bit of weight and I take in around 1500 calories a day, lots of veg, loads of water and I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. It's working for me so...! xo

I swim every other day for 2 hours. Or I jog for about 30 mins then walk for about an hour.

You could start to eat healthier meaning more on low-fat stuff and veggies and fruit and fish. :)
Also you can lessen the portion of food intake :) (but don't SUPER lessen the intake)

and of course a lot of H2O

Host woman
don't eat in a minimum for 3-4 hours and excersice in the gym!!

Somni L
I eat to much sometimes and sometimes I eat to little. When I feel like I ate to much I exercise soon after and drink water, water helps out a lot. I workout for an hour at the least. Just find a routine that works for you. Good Luck

Diets alone don't work, hwy do you think they always fail. you need to find something that you enjoy that is physical, if you enjoy doing it you will have no reason not to do it. I'm training to become an Alpine Climbing Guide, so if there's fit it's me. get something that you can do for an hour or so a day, like when you watch TV do ten push up and 10 sit ups between commercial brakes, and any one who tells you that you need to do hundreds of them is wrong, you just need to do the correctly.

Above all else, as for dieting first just try to eat a breakfast and DO NOT EAT after 8:00 pm. or 3 hours before you go to sleep.

Audrey N
follow the food pyramid... thats a basic guideline... and eat lots of veggies and fruits... wanna know whats good? SALAD... mmmm yumm :) just eat the amount that u think is right, but not too little and not too much. ur only supposed to eat ice cream once a week, but you can eat frozen yogurt 3 times a week.
for workouts, go to http://www.seventeen.com/trainer to get some easy at home workouts. also run and stuff like that.
:) good luck!

you should eat a lot of fruits and veggies. if you have a dog go for a 30 minute walk, it helps you and makes you animal happy. if you don't have a dog, then just walk or jog byself. eat breakfast, lunch, snack, then dinner.

Well I don't do much exercise if you count the wii lol. I would walk everyday for 30 minutes they say it helps your memory to so that's good. I eat a lot but I am not fat I eat 3 big meals normally seconds and I eat a lot of snacks in the day but just eat very little I am sure you will get better.

eat a banana with cheerios and fat free milk for breakfast. before lunch, have an apple. for lunch, have a chicken salad with carrots and tomatoes with low carb dressing. for an afternoon snack have a granola bar. then, for dinner, grilled salmon and steamed veggies! yum! this is what some of my daily meals look like. oh and have a glass of water with each snack AND meal, instead of pop. also, if you feel very determined, drink warm water after each meal. it helps digest your food and break down the fatty carbs into protein instead of storing it as fat. i work out 4-5 times a week. 30 minutes of cardio each time, and LIGHT weight training every other time. DON'T FORGET WEIGHT TRAINING! it's important to keep your muscles strong when you're working on cardio endurance! hope i helped, good luck!

Talk to your doctor or nurse. you could just have body image issues or you could be a bit overweight. If you do need to loose weight and it's hard you might be put on a fat blocking drug like meridia.

Charles S
i don't know how much you eat. but i would concentrate more on what you eat than how much. eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, only bread or pasta that is whole grain. lay off the fatty meats like pork. and try to eat only lean beef or chicken or fish. fish is very good for you. if you want to exercise, do some kind of cardio 3 or 4 times a week, about 30 minutes each work out. such as running swimming, aerobics, or whatever. also the average person should intake about 2000 calories a day. but if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables you can eat quite a bit.

T. Le Mark II
I eat 2-3 meals a day, and I exercise everyday in PE.
But, to keep yourself healthy, exercise for about 60 minutes everyday, drink lots of water, and eat things that are in the food pyramid. (:

Gomez F
just start exercising more, cut out junk food and fast food
drink at least 8 glasses of water and slowly it will come of.

I work out about 6 days a week for an hour and a half. I eat about 1300-1500 calories and try for a really good balance of proteins/fats/carbohydrates. Workouts consist of 15 minute warmup, weights and then 45 minutes of cardio. I've still got about 17 pounds to lose, but I've already lost 18 pounds in two months. You can do it; don't beat yourself up and just get moving! Try to eat at least one meal better and don't skip meals.

im eleven, and i don't have to watch what i eat very much. Because i am always playing outside every once in a while. Maybe you should get a treadmill and run on it! You should also get a diet because you cant do the treadmill without the diet you have to do the diet and treadmill at the same time.

Well I am a guy so this workout isn't really for you but you could tone it down. I lift 60 pound weights, 100 sit-ups, 200 push-ups and I run a mile each day except Sunday...Also I eat a lot of fruits and vegtables...

Eat less
Exercise more
It doesn't matter how much other people eat. You have to eat less and work out more.

I have a ♥ made of marble stone!
1. Eat enough to hold you over to the next meal, not to over stuff your appetite.

2. Don't watch a ton of t.v.

3. Hang out with your friends if you can, take a walk or something.

4. Try not to eat a whole bunch of junk food between meals.

5. Eat less breaded foods.

6. Drink more water...not gatorade (it basically makes you dehydrate quicker...no lie either)

7. Try not to be depressed...it makes you gain more weight...relax.

Kayla S
i'd say just watch what you eat more often
its hard to just stop eating things that you love so i wouldnt try stop eating junk food and sweets cold turkey

just lay off the sweets and soda cause once i did that i lost a few pounds
also just get out and walk for at least a half hour
results won't show immediately but eventually they will :]

Then just don't eat as much! Get outdoors.. run around.. jog!

I eats whats on my plates.

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