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Amanda J
I am very, very overweight?
I have struggled with weight almost my whole life. It seems I have traded my drug addiction for food addiction. Is this possible? I am so depressed about it. I feel worthless and I look terrible. PLEASE help me!! How can I undo what I have done to myself?? I have started losing some weight this week by basically starving myself and only eating when my hunger pains are so bad I feel like I am going to pass out. But I have been down this same road before and I start to make progress and then I throw all my work away by excessively eating. And sometimes even binging and purging because I feel so guilty about eating like a fat pig. PLEASE HELP!!! How do I stop this? How can I lose weight?

Blackhawks RULE!!
Best thing to do would prolly be to get some help from some pro's and get a good evaluation of your body and then try to figure out a diet system and work out system.

Good Luck!

You got fat slowly, so you have to lose it slowly. You have to exercise!!!! Exercise releases pheremones into your head, making you feel good about yourself, and you feel extra good for doing some exercise anyway. So its a great path to fitness, losing weight and feeling good about you. Try setting goals - like this week I'll walk 20mins per day to the park and back. Next week, I'll go past the park another 5mins, and Ill walk faster. Get me? It won't be easy, but good things never are.

For starters, starving yourself is probably the worst thing that you can do. You will just crave for whatever you are starving yourself of and then binge eat.

Honestly I would suggest weight watchers. It has personally worked for me. I would strongly suggest that you attend the meeting if you have time, they are very helpful and the people there are very supportive of your loss, which is very incouraging. Also, start excercising if this means you start with a 5 min walk a day to build yourself up then do it!

Whatever you choose just make sure it's healthy and not just starving yourself. Give yourself a lot fo variety to choose from, so that you don't go back to the binge eating or just splurge. GOOD LUCK!

sally oh
don't starve yourself that does other bad things to your body.. but i think you should start by eating healthy, and taking care of your body and then you can start working out.. just be active.. and be patient and consistent with working out and eating healthy.. the results will show..

just take care of yourself first!!

maybe join a weightloss program like weight watcher or jenny craig. or if you want to do it yourself, eat foods that are high in protein,fiber and vitamins, this will fill you up and make you not want to eat as much. stay away from empty calories like starches,sugars,and artificial foods. drink plenty of water and do exercises.

DISCIPLINE!!!!! U can do it!! u absoulutley probably did trade your drug addiction for food!! U dont have to starve yourself!! as a matter of fact when you starve yourself your body goes into survivor mode and actuallstarts storing the fat.. that doesnt work! when you get hunger pains, only eat the veggies and fruit! small portions of things!! go for a walk, and walk faster than your normal pace!! get a friend to go through the process with you!! stick to it! I am sorry you feel so bad about yourself and depressed but its time to get up and do something about it!! eat less and work out more!

Star R
ok first buy some fruit look at me im eating yogurt and i lost 15 pound! please stop eating junk food! and dont call your self ugly or worth less! think before you eat that **** of junk food! so calm down and eat right food! :) hope it rock!

Well first starving yourself is definitely not the answer, its not good for your body + it doesn't work very well. . the best answer is to go on a diet + join your local gym, make sure you eat 5 proper healthy meals a day + have at least 30 minutes exercise, it helps you lose abit of weight : D

Miss Independent
Refer to the sites below. For more healthy eating and exercising, explore the site more. I also suggest that you plan out your day. Write down your meals and then go shopping. If you really want to lose you also have to that a positive mentality. If you mess up, just keep going and learn from your mistake. Don't stop because of one mistake.

I'd suggest seeing a counselor and/or a nutritionist. You had a drug addiction, and yes many people turn from one addiction to another. You also sound very depressed and down on yourself. Weight watchers and similar programs are great, but it sounds like you could use someone to talk to about the underlying issues. If you are really resistant to seeing a therapist or can't afford it, try a visit to your primary care doctor and he/she can refer you to a nutritionist or someone appropriate to help you with the eating and the other issues.

Disordered eating (binging and purging, starving yourself) is very similar to a drug addiction. I would recommend speaking to a therapist, doctor, or attending OA (overeaters anonymous meetings). You could also meet with a nutritionist, although it sounds as though you know what is and isn't healthy.

Starving yourself and purging are not only unhealthy, but as you already know, they almost never lead to long-term weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and do a reasonable amount of exercise.

However it seems to me (and I am not a doctor, but do have experience working with people w/addictions) that you have some other emotional stuff to deal with, and that is what is keeping you from doing what you need to do to get healthy.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, and I'm sure the people around you would be more than willing. It's a hard first step to take, but you will feel much better after you do.

work out! I was starting to get a little hefty and I have been working out everyday for the past 10 weeks. I feel sooo much better about myself and look so much better, I have so much more energy. Do push ups, pull ups, crunches, running, anything just get active..if you work out for an hour everyday, you'll be sick if you gorge, and if you occasionally eat a candy bar or some chips you won't feel so bad because you are working your butt off!

Love you MJ! Keep on singing!
Work out and eat a balenced diet of fruits and vegetables. I have had the same problem my whole life and when you work out and eat right,you start to feel better.

♫Country Girl♪
you sound like you eat when your bored. you should keep yourself very busy. if you see yourself feeling bored go for a walk, chew some gum or brush your teeth. no one wants to eat after having minty fresh breath. you sould also start exercising slowly then increase as you gain muscle.

good luck

First of all, not eating will eventually cause you to gain more weight. You have indeed traded one addiction for another. This one will probably be even harder to break You will need some help. Get yourself checked into a clinic for an eating disorder and get on a good routine. When you get home, stick with it and stay away from shows like "best celebrity bodies" ugh. You don't need to be 100 lbs. Start with baby steps. Make sure to get your heart rate up at least once a day. Do something new with your hair to make yourself feel better. AND STOP TALKING BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. That will get you nowhere. Do the best you can with what you have and find a friend to confide in. Good luck!

firstly, stay calm about it. you are going to lose weight , trust me even if it seems impossible. but it's not going to happen overnight. firstly you have to get to know the fruit and veg aisle of your supermarket really well, because that is where youre going to be doing alot of your shopping. try lots of different new things , most fruit and veg are negative calorie so you can't go wrong.. search for low fat vegetable recipes. and eat lots and lots of fruit. drink two to three litres of water every day. don't eat out of habit. but eat when youre hungry. have 6 VERY SMALL meals a day. instaead of 3 . dieting doesn't mean eating less, just better. you'll feel better too. change to skimmed milk, and to wholmeal bread and pasta etc. eat very small little portions, several times a day. it seems daunting, but after you've got in the swing of things you'll think junk food- gross, i'd rather have some lychees/dragon fruit/ whatever. the whole refreshing thing is much nicer than the heavy grossness.

step two, exersize. exersize releases happy endorphins, just like chocolate. you don't need to go to the gym, just get a skipping rope, or jog down the road. dance lots, to music on the radio whenever you can.

don't weigh yourself and trust the weighing scales too much, you'll be building up muscle and, muscle weighs more than fat.

don't starve yourself, it will decrease muscle, and when you stop starving yourself it will be replaced by fat.

lastly, think positive . it will work, and you will be pleased with the end result.

Jon E
instead of starving eat light meals, for example fruits for breakfast and lunch. and for dinner try eating green veggies and fish or chicken in moderation. excersize often by jogging, running, playing sports. the reason you keep eating excessively is because you starve yourself to the point where your mind takes over and tells you to eat. as long as you diet and excersize you should loose pounds the healty way. and if you continue to starve yourself your body will slowly eat away at your muscles so make sure you eat and get alot of protien

i can really relate to you. i did the same thing with the yoyo diets, starving myself, metabolife, etc. nothing worked. then about 6 years ago my boyfriend's mom introduced me to weight watchers- the winning points plan. she gave me all of her materials so i didn't have to pay for the meetings or anything. it was a miracle for me- it taught me how to eat, and lose weight without starving myself. i lost 50 lbs and have for the most part kept it off. i still get 10-15 lbs heavier than i like sometimes and then i just start counting points again. and once you learn the program, you never forget it. i just look at food now and i can guess how many points, calories, etc something is. so i highly recommend it. if you have the money, you can do weight watchers at one of their centers or online. i think they have a new program now, not the winning points, but i'm sure it will work. or you can find all the information you need to do weight watchers online- just do a google search- tons of people do it and have posted points values, calculators, journals, everything you need to start doing it on your own. good luck, and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

(O \ ! / O) 67 Bug boi
Just watch what you eat and try adding some jogging into your life.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Yes, it is possible to trade a drug addition for a food addiction. Start exercising. Trade your food addiction for an exercise addiction. Starving won't work in the long run. Proper diet and exercise will work. Start walking today. Walk 30 minutes. Then walk 30 minutes every day for a week. Then 60 minutes every day. Add more and more exercise as you get stronger. The exercise will help you lose weight and cure your depression. I lost 60 lb in 8 months through diet and exercise. I have kept it off 3 years. The exercise is the most important part. Good luck. You can do it.

Christy Smile
i know it sounds weird, but you need to be eating every few hours. don't eat crap tho, eat healthy foods and not in large amounts because then your body has time to digest everything properly instead of large meals all at one time, and then it'll be more prone to start burning calories. also, start walking around your neighborhood. you'll notice a difference in how you feel as well as how you look after a couple months.

Lisa G
it sounds like you might want to concider getting a work out instructor. my sister is an amazing one! They will give you a good meal plan, and keep you on a work out schedule. they keep you going when u want to quit, they encourage you and they know how to switch up the schedule enough to get the most weight loss out of your body.

you might want to see a Dr. about the depression, but working out gives you endorphins which make you happier!

first of all, don't binge and purge.
it's very bad for you.

never eat when you are bored.
eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
small servings. or just enough.
never eat dinner after 11 PM. if you eat that late, you won't have the rest of the day to walk off the calories.
lay off sweets. eat carbohydrates, but not too many.

join a gym.
if you don't like working out in front of people, run on your street. or buy a treadmill or wii fit.
you could also join a dance class.
it's fun and you get a good workout.

all you need to do is control what you eat and how much you eat, exercise (especially with cardio exercise), and have fun!
losing weight is hard work, but it can also be fun.

good luck.

starving yourself is not good for your body. your body needs food no matter what. just eat healthy and exercise. that's what i did..i went from 145 to 110.

Rebecca K
This is what i have been doing for the past month and i have lost 10 pounds already.

Drink 8-12 glasses of water per day.

Eat 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Never skip breakfast.

Never eat after 8:00pm.

Sleep 8 hours every night.

Eat between 1200 and 1400 calories per day.

Do cadio and circuit training 3-4 times per week.

senior 2009 babi
eat healtier or in smaller portions. excerisze 3-4 days a week.

join weight watchers or an online weight lose group like spark people.com.good luck

Put A Smile on That Face!
at least try 60 push ups a day, and 60 sit ups a day. If you do this u will see some improvements by the end of each week. Try eating lightly

Bella Cullen
Eat more meals, but less amout. And remember, never skip breakfast, because this will only cause you to indulge in high amounts at lunch. Also, excersise everyday! :)

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