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I am skinny but eat like LOADS! ?
I eat like a lot of snacks like;
crisps,fruit,sandwiches,toast,chocolat… .. and more.

But i eat like cereal or toast for breakfast (never miss it) , then for lunch i have like a curry or any 'dinner' the school serves then when i get home for dinner i have another dinner then im hungry still so i have snacks they never fill me so i have my self another dinner.

Im not particularly unhealthy like i normally have a good dinner at home pasta and chicken or fish (healthy not batter) umm like yh i eat a lot like i would go on but too boring like WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ?! i know about metabolism but i think this is a little extreme ? have i got worms or something haha

LOL!! You lucky goat's ***!! (and I mean that in the nicest way possible...) No nothing wrong with you. I have a friend who's constantly on malt and garbage to add some weight. But it doesn't just work!! Def your body's metabolism.

If twas worms... You'd have other problems... Cause they'd be feeding on your nutrients - you'd be anaemic maybe or your immune system ll be down... pain, etc.

Def not worms!! You're still a lucky... :)

Some people are saying that you could have worms or something like that, which you don't!

you just have a high metabolism

which most people consider a good thing (:

don't whine about how much you wish you could gain weight, but no matter how much you eat, you can't. really, no one feels sorry for people like that, think about it, "wah wah, i'm a size zero, i wish i was fatter"..come on.

maybe u got worms idk
and yea it could be worms or u have a very high metabolsim

You could have an overactive thyroid


whats the question?

You have a high metabolism, don't worry about it.

dont worry about it. i have the same problem. once i ate a whole mcdonalds meal and and literally 40 minutes later i was starving. then a bunch of lunch meat and was still hungary. you just have a really high metabolism like me. count your lucky stars. lolz

lols, ur the first one i've found that's like me and my mom! :) we always eat like loads but we don't get fat. my friends always calls us weird and ask where we can put all those food we eat. haha. but in the end we're really lucky then since we can eat all we want without getting fat. :)

some people just have extraordinary metabolism. consider yourself lucky.

I agree with the comments about metabolic rate, but don't be surprised if that changes, and have to start exercising...

BUT, a very common syndrome is that people THINK they eat a little or a lot (little birds or pigs that we may think we are) but when we actually analyse their diets, it turns out not to be the case.

Here's an example of how I've eaten in the past:

3 bowls of cereal with whole fat milk and 2 sips (16 ounces) of orange juice...just a quick snack in the morning.

A pastrami and cheese croissant with curly fries and a chocolate pudding with a 20 oz coke for lunch.

2 Chicken breasts with biscuits and gravy, apple sauce, green beans (healthy!) mashed potatoes and more gravy, a basket of batter-fried veggies and hish puppies and just a slice (10 oz) of meatloaf...dinner at the buffet...with iced tea...no soda this time and a small fistful of french fries!

That feels so great, I stay up to watch a movie, and then the lads want to go out, so we have a few drinks and end up at the all night diner. Welcome to...

The Country Boy special: 3 eggs on buttered toast, bacon, sausage and pancakes w/ syrup, orange juice and chocolate milk...TWICE for a midnight snack.

OK? And that's with NO eating between meals! No candy bars, chips or anything. And some people can eat even more than that! So, you aren't really eating that much. And after 15 years of that, I was 45 pounds overweight. And lost that in 4 months

Lol worms no ur perfectly normal if you'd want to gain some weight id suggest more protein less working out. i also have a very fast metabolism but it'll eventually slow down as you get older

Hope this helped

angel 1
well if you are a guy that is normal for a teenage boy.If you are a girl consider yourself lucky.It might not be like this forever.

im the exact same way!,
i can eat and eat and eat,
never feel full... and gain noo weight!,
im about 5'2 and i weigh 100 pounds soaking wet,

you have a high metabolism,
nothing weong with that.

nothings wrong with you

high metabolism.

smileyrawrツ <3
Just because your skinny does not mean you can steal eat unhealthy.
Since your probably young, you'll find that when your older and your body slows down (possibly after kids) you will blow up, or get fatter over time and it will be hard to lose...

Eat healthy and don't take advantage of your metabolism :)

Hello Kitty
people would be blessed to have your metabolism...

it will slow down when you get older.

Well I'm skinny but I eat to much cuz I'm always hungry too.

Cheer.Dance.Kylie :)
LMAO! i have the same exact problem! we must have high metabolisms or something. or maybe a high energy level!

nothing is wrong with you. a lot of people are like that. count your blessings lol

answer mine?

Nothings wrong. if you want you can go to the doctors and get it checked out.
in my point of view your just growing and you eat a lot. and maybe a high metabolism. I'm no expert but that how it is with me. Just limit you intake on sugar and sodium. try eating something like fruit.
Good Luck! hope i helped

Me too! I've always eaten what I like, when I like and never seem to put on weight. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant and still haven't put on a pound yet, although I have been eating nice and healthily of course. Don't worry about it, it's just the way you're built :) Feel lucky! I know I do

Anonymous Me
Hey! We must be twinners! lol, I eat TONS of food (including a lot of junk food) and cannot gain ANY weight! I'm a freshman in college and am 6'3" and weigh 160lbs! Don't worry, from what I hear our metabolisms will eventually reach normal levels and we'll gain weight like everyone else... So to answer your question, nothing is wrong with you. Be happy you are blessed with such a nice metabolism, I find myself taking it for granted sometimes. But enjoy it while it lasts :)

Nothing's wrong u just have high metabolism

Frankie R
you could be HIV+ or have a tapeworm

april nicole
my friend Ashley eats all the time and she is always hungry. She is about 5'2 and weighs 105 pounds.

um.. no
its nothing abnormal
I know tons of people that eat like pigs and are still very skinny
you should be happy that you dont gain the weight

Fast metabolism

Used To Be Your Girl
Stop bragging!

We have several people in our team that are just like you are. I used to be like that too...well I am still like that NOW!

You really do not want to EAT LOADS and GAIN LOADS because what you would be gaining would be stored fat. You indeed have a fast metabolism, which is great, it will keep you healthy!

What actually worked for me and most of the people I know is doing exercise regularly, lifting weights will help and eating more protein rich foods. In between meals, some healthy snacks or protein bars.

Since you have got a fast metabolism, you will be able to gain lean-muscle.

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