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Mary S
I am a recovering anorexic. All of a sudden I'm craving junk food like pacakes, ice cream, pizza...?
should I start eating heathier foods or is it okay to eat like this?

It sounds fine, as long as it is in moderation. I would be most concerned with over eating and then a sudden desire to purge, leading into bulimia. I would attempt to balance the daily diet and eat several times, (five or six) a day. Once you do this your body will come back to it correct wieght and these desires MAY go away or become more of a normal desire. Anorexia will be with you for a while after you think its over.

personally, if you are craving pancakes and ice cream, it means your body is looking for these foods. pancakes and ice cream are not junk foods.....junk foods are candies and chips.

also pizza is not junk food either. it contains cheese, meats, yeast and tomatoes as well as other ingredients that are good for you. your body needs to be pampered right now so give in a little .....live a little as your body has been punished enough.

there is nothing wrong with ice cream. my mom who is much older is quite underweight and her doctor encourages her to to ice cream and pancakes as she needs the sugar and the carbohydrates.

go ahead and eat your ice cream (it contains milk and sugar which your body needs right now) and there is nothing wrong with pancakes (is not junk food) with syrup for breakfast. also, eat nutritional things during the day as well.....fruits, meats (protein) , vegetables (carrots, brocolli, etc.). also, once in a while, if you are craving a humberger and fries, drop by mcdonalds and get yourself one. you deserve it!

I dont know too much about this honestly but with my common sense i say that you can eat some junk food to statisfy your stomach since it is probably STARVING. but you do not need to be a pig, just maybe eat junk food sometimes. You really need to focus on eating healthy food, youre body needs energy and protein and it certainly wont get that from junk food. so basically dont get to carried away with junk food, a lot of healthy foods are yummy too and theyre certainly better for your body. oh and good for you that you are recovering anorexia, you should be proud of yourself :-)

If your recovering from anerexic you need to eat foods that will help you gain weight, but still eat salads with that.

I think it's a bad idea to eat like that because your going to rapidly gain weight (weight that wasn't through a healthy diet) and you may relapse, which will put you in a vicious cycle. It's okay to indulge in those foods every now and then, it prevents you from binging all at once, but eating bad food is just as bad as not eating any at all. Good luck!

dont eat JUST junk, eat some healthy stuff - fruits and pasta are good
i dont no if u were had a severe eating disorder but eat until you start putting on weight
when you do, start eating healthier, follow the food pyramid and work out LOTSSSS
i no how you feel, ive been there
just watch yourself and don't worry about it

Your body knows what you need and since when is pancakes, ice cream and pizza junk food?

Home made pancakes are a wonderful source of carbohydrates. Top them with some fruit and a little bit of ice cream and you have a delicious treat.

Home made pizza is a great source of protein and vegetables. Low in fat, it is a great dinner or lunch and wonderfully easy to prepare.

If you are recovering from anorexia, then eating anything is a bonus. Eat what you're craving, but if you are worried about the health benefits, look for healthier alternatives to the high fat, suger laden traditional supplies.

It's okay to eat them, Just in healthy portions.

you have been starving yourself and your body is craving food. FEED IT!

Muga Wa Kabbz
You're craving those foods because you starved yourself. I'd recommend everything in moderation. Also, try and eat a balanced diet with all the food groups included. I kind of get the feeling you're about to become a binge eater/burfer. You might want to consult your doctor to help you with this issue.

~Life Goes On~
Eat what you want if you have weight to get back, but don't over do it. Have fun with it!

have them in moderation. this is the key to be healthy.

its okay to be craving food like this i would only take in small amounts of fatty foods and focus on eating healthy square meals

Eat healthy, but its okay to treat yourself on occasion. Just don't splurge on the junk :)

The Homie Girl
eat healthy!!! you should always ea healthy, especially when coming back from someting so severe. so lay off on the sweets, but load up on veggies and fruits and whole grains. You will get nutuents you NEED butyou wont become obese either.

I'm not sure but you should definitely talk to your doctor about it. You can never be too careful.

it's OK you probably need to gain some weight. Enjoy!

That's probably a good thing. Indulge man!! You're body is just trying to reach a healthy stasis.

I would suggest that you stick to a healthy diet that consists of foods high in protein and fiber. Also, try to eat small amounts several times a day. This will help to stabilize your blood sugar and help to cut out the cravings for simple carbohydrates. The types of food that you are craving will do little more than leave you feeling hungry and cause your body to store fat. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to these things, but I would limit it to one "cheat meal" per week. If you are eating good foods, your cravings should be limited. Good luck!!!!!

Personally I would go for it....in moderation of course. Enjoy the food you eat...If you are recovering from anorexia the last thing you want to do is refocus on your weight...

if ur recovering from anorexic eat what you want but dont over eat becaues it will come up... if you know what i mean///...

eat anything you want to! enjoy life!

In moderation, they're fine. I have pancakes for breakfast a lot. And pizza, if you think about it, isn't really junk food as such: It has dairy and more often than not meat and vegetables in it.

But you may want to avoid excess sugar while recovering. Instead, try to get something with protien.

Good luck!

I say that you should maintain moderation. Balance out your meals and lessen the ice cream. I haven't heard of this, so maybe you should consult a professional dietician.

Rebecca L
Your body is naturally trying to make up for it's losses, basically. You should still try to eat moderately healthy, but you should not allow yourself to harbor fear of pizza. You can eat this stuff, but drink some juice with your pancakes. Have a cookie or 2 after a healthy dinner. Your physical body craves not only nutrients, but also calories that it needs to have a source of 'liquid' energy. Try to have a good smoothie for breakfast instead of 1/2 a piece of celery or a whole stack of pancakes. Just moderate and use your brain.

Do these spammers even read the questions....LMAO!!!!

Anyway, everything in moderation is fine. You may be craving these foods because you denied yourself of them for so long. You don't want to wind up in the other direction. Eat the ice cream, moderately, and the pizza. Along with fruits and veggies. Now you have to pay attention to amounts of food you consume for a different reason, a healthier reason.

Good luck.

As someone who has also recovered from anorexia I will answer this from experience. Try to eat as healthy as possible - but understand you are going to have these cravings go ahead and indulge sometimes, because if you are too restricting you can fall back into anorexic behavior. Just don't allow yourself to be too indulgent or it will turn into a binge, which could bring about bulimia. If you don't have a support center for eating disorders in your area over-eaters anonymous can be helpful in establishing a healthy relationship with food. I know that may sound weird. Your cravings are normal though, I've been there - and I know more people that have as well.

I agree moderation.I'm glad your better.Always take care of you
first.Hugs to you.

Anna Hennings
It's really not ok to eat crazy, but it's understandable that you would be craving all the carbs. Feel free to have these things but have them in moderation and not all at once or you anorexic ways may return. There was a reason why you and myself included turned to anorexia, we didn't like the way we looked. If you go crazy with all this junk food, it will eventually show and you will be driven back to your old ways. Just remember moderation and you can have anything. good luck.

Eat it all! Who cares what it is...

its okay to eat those things you deprived yourself for so long. i say enjoy

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