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I'm on a diet and have lost 11 pounds in a month, is this a good achievment or could i have lost more? Should i aim to loose more this month?

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Cant measure my age......

 doing the splits? is splits something you can either do or you cant?
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 Im 16 and can do 30 pushups. Is this good?

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Also, Im a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph....

 How tall are you? Please Answer?!?
I want lots of answers please :]
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I'm 5'8 :)...

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im 5'7 and i way 103 pounds .....i feel like a fatte am i??...

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 yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just tell me answers don't say I shouldn't you'd be wasting your time!
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 What's in the cake that makes it unhealthy food?
My daughter asked me this as she is not convinced with her lesson that cake is not a healthy food for a growing child. If bread and biscuits are good food then what made the cake to be not good?

 Is my weight healthy for my age?
I weigh 126lbs and I'm 15.
Additional Details
I am 5'2" ( srry 4got about weight)...

Jackson H
I am 13 and how can i make myself shorter?
Ok. I just turned 13. im a boy. Im like 5"10. I weigh 115 lbs. My dad is 6"3 an my mom is 5"7. Will i be as tall as my dad... Or inbetween my parents. If im gonna be as tall as my dad, how could i make myselfshorter??

yeah like said! girls like talll guys... and I am 16 and 5 foot 3. Thats pretty short. You do not know how bad i want to be taller. I guess people just want the opposite of what they have.

girls like tall guys sweetie. Grow some more. You'll be around 6'3 because you have 5 more years. Or you might stop right now. But if you want to know just jump off a plane, with a parachute

I am he As you are he ?
tall is better!
hah, girls like tall guys. If you think your too skinny to be tall, bulk up a bit.. (:
hope I helped

Ms. Awesome
you can cut up to around 3 inches off your height by wearing shoes that are too small for you

I don't understand why you would want to be shorter..
and besides, it's impossible to make yourself shorter without some type of surgery. lol.
but wearing horizontal stripes makes you look shorter.

You cant make yourself shorter you stupid child.
Unless you start to excessivley work out, and stunt your growth. (Stop it, since you're like 13 and dont know what that means) Other than that, no you can't you retard.

people these days are usually taller than their parents, so you'll probably get to your dads height if not taller. which isnt a bad thing, but if you want to know the things to stunt your growth are
drinking tea exessively,
lots of caffeine

which aren't all the best options but can prevent you growing properly.

Hottie Right Here
Trust me it better to be tall then short so be glad that your tall! and dont try to make yourself shorter and you will mostlilky be as tall as whatever parent you most look like

why u wana be short when girls go for tallness
u might be up 6'
go to africa they will remove like a inch in all ur bones (legs, arms to make proportional)

You should be thankful that your tall. Plenty of girls find it hard to date people their height or shorter, meaning you already have that advantage. There's a lot of different research that says you will be an average of your parents or it differs, between male and female children how a child will grow in comparison to their parents. It really all depends on your genes and how that compares to you. You will more than likely become shorter as you become elderly, since the bones tend to wear down at the knees and or ankle joints, but it may not be very drastic. Embrace the fact that you have that height. Many guys would kill for it.

that funkie dude named vidar!!!!
punch your balls repeatedly or just get a wheelchair and pretend to be cripple it gets girls.


ur really tall... thats a good thing... impossible to make ur self shorter... u can make ur self not grow as fast though... u haft to lay off the proteins

if your 5'10" then you are already inbetween your parents heights. and why would you want to be shorter? PS: girls like tall guys!

Tall guys are by far the absolute best. Who cares how tall your going to get? That makes you so much better! Except weightlift and gain some weight. This will give you more of a muscular build rather than the tall, lanky look. We like the tall, muscular look. :-]

Wear thin-soled shoes, they don't make you look shorter but they help by not making you any taller.

Gaining weight will also make you look a little more proportional, skinniness can make height look freakish (although at 13 skinny is to be expected) just don't get fat or anything :P

don't wear vertical stripes and wear clothes that are long enough, pants and shirts that are too short tend to make people notice how tall you are.

slouch a little bit when you stand, not enough to look like a postureless caveman of course!

don't get haircuts that give your hair lots of volume, for example afros or mohawks. They add height. Flat hair makes people seem a little shorter.

Cristy B
really, shorter! lol you have got to be joking! get a grip learn to like the way you are

Craig Y
Have you ever seen a chain saw well start it up and swing at your legs

The Kunai
tall people get more respect why would you want to be shorter?

being tall is nothing to be scared of man youre still growing and you cant stop it or make yourself shorter believe me the taller you get the better. If youre not very interested in girls now but ae starting to look at them believe me that in 3 years from now your going to thank god your tall since they search for a tall strong guy that will protect them.

dont get shorter ... tall guys are HOT.
your really light though you should eat more protein shakes that have like thousands of calories and start working out more. you will LOVE your body if your tall and buff

Well, you can't really make yourself shorter. What you can do to make yourself not appear so tall is to try gaining some weight [muscle] so that you will be proportionate with your height. People who are tall are usually more noticeable when they are very thin as well. This also leads to a lot of cruel and immature nicknames. Talk to your dad about joining a gym or going to the Y together. I'm sure he probably had similar feelings like you when he was growing up. It might help.

Whatever you do, do not start to slump your shoulders and hunch your back. That makes your height even more noticeable and messes with your spine.

٩(̾?̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Gatorade
why would u want to be shorter?

ღ ℓεxι ღ
Girls love tall guys.
Tall guys are hot.
You do not want to be shorter.
trust me.
You sound just fine!

girls like tall guys so dnt go for short. ppl will like u the way u r

Thats impossible, sorry.

Make yourself shorter? Lol.. why would you wanna do that?.. Anyways, there's no possible way to do that. It's your genes, deal with it.

You can't make yourself shorter. Period.

Indie Siren
You cant make yourself shorter.
dont worry. girls like tall boys =]

girls like tall guys not short queers retard

x[ dead smiley
believe me kid youll be thankful one dayy tall guys are hott

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