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Sarah Rose
I'm fat and my sister is skinny!!?
We have like totally different metabolisms and its so not fair... right now she's eating animal crackers and sitting her butt watching mtv, she weighs like 105 pounds and I'm 180! she's older then me to and I eat better then her but yet im fat and she just lays around. Shouldn't we have the same metabolisms, we have the same parents

eric r
you may have a thyroid problem... it's pretty common.

nope were all different! go on a veggie and fruit fast..?

No, cause do you look exactly the same. Is your hair the sam, your eyes, your feet and hands.No its normal not to be the same.

All I can say is I understand and I'm sorry. My sister is 15 years older than me. When I was 8 or 9 and she was in her early 20's she could wear some of my clothes. All these years later middle age spread got her. So now we at least wear the same size.

don't worry about your weight! You and your sister don't have to be the same weight at all!! Don't judge yourself based on her and tell her to get off the couch or she'll get fat!!!

usually unless you were twins you would have different because of the about of years in between

i have a thyroid problem maybe you shold get tested same thing happened to me. you should ask your parents if your family has a history of that sort of thing diabetes,arthritas it all ties in with thyroid problems. i was overweight too but now i am not i am skinny all did was be how i am now is take a pill every morning.

No two humans are alike. Besides look at both your parents sides. One side probably has bigger people than the other. Chances are you don't really look like her in the face, huh.

No, this is a common feature in families, not everyone has the same build or body mass. As you get older, your body changes and you may find that you are curvy when you've finished growing, which is no bad thing.

Brown L
Yea it's gengetics

I feel your pain.

It is possible that both of you can have different metabolisms. Just remember to eat three healthy meals during the day and no fatty food snacking. Work out about 30 minutes a day. Most people look at working out as a negative task, or they look at it as something you are forced to do to lose weight. Don't look at it that way, working out makes you feel: confident, happy, relaxed, and most of all HEALTHY! Wow anyways, is a healthy and relaxing way to get your body in shape. Ask your parents about how their bodies were at your age. The answer may lie with them! Good luck, and don't see your sister as intimidation, but rather a motivation to a healthier better body!

Lady M&M
like a few people already said everyone is different you just need to exercise and make better choices about what you are putting in your mouth.

The fact that you eat better kinds of food, doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a slim body. You have to do some exercise too, it keeps you healthy in every aspect of your life. Please listen to my advice, start doing 30-40 minutes of exercise on a daily basis, and keep eating well (in quality not in quantity). Believe me, you'll start seeing slow but secure results in 6 weeks, but be patient, and if you successfully make exercise a habit, your quality of living and the way you look will improve substantially. There are some things that you don't inherit, and one of this is your metabolism. Every human being has different metabolisms, and it changes as we grow.

Soft and Silky
LOSE WEIGHT. How bout other people who has even slower metabolism than you and weights much less than you. Have you thought about that? Stop being jealous of those who are more fortunate than you and put your body to work.

Everybody is different. You could have an imbalance of hormones or a thyroid problem. Just because your sister can eat badly, doesn't mean that everyone can while staying skinny. Do you exercise? Do you eat large amounts of food? Sometimes portion control can help a lot. I suggest you talk to a doctor, because if you are eating healthy and exercising then its likely you have something like Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome, or some other similar problem.

And where is it written, that life has be fair!

Okay...that's out of the way!

The only thing I can suggest is go see your family doctor and ask for some help.
And also, stop beating yourself up over your sister.
Remember this "The only person I have to be better than is ME!!!"

Kendra T
What do your parents look like? If they are big like you you should start teasing your sister about her being adopted. Then you will not be the only one feeling bad about yourself.

No but seriously...If you are young and being honest about your eating habits; there could be something medically wrong that is causing you to put on weight. Or something wrong with her! Skinny doesn't always mean healthy.

Joel S
What works for one person doesnt work for all. You may have try more radical approaches and really analyze what you eat. Some people do more damage than good when dieting. You be hurting your metabolism by crash dieting. Im not saying you do but i would see a nutritionist if you can afford it

i always love to eat, but i'm only 93 and i'm only 14 years old. u just have to accept the way u are. just give your sister time, since the weight will catch up to her when she's older. if she is skinny for now, then just let her be happy about it. if your self conscious about your weight, keep eating right and try exercising by doing sit ups, walking, running, and drinking water. when your sister gets older, she'll probably regret eating so much junk food.

Zee G
No, siblings do not always have the same metabolism. It just seems that you need to be more active than she is, that's all. :)

Everyone's body type and metabolisms, etc.. are different, unfortunately!!

Just keep trying to eat healthier and incorporate some exercise, as well.

And don't worry, your sister's metabolism will slow down once she gets older and then all at once it's going to hit her and she'll gain a lot of weight, whereas you have always had to moderate your eating and diet regularly so while she's struggling to control her weight you'll already know how to and have your weight under control. :]

Not to mention, her cholesterol is probably higher since you are eating better.

Nope, you see all different sizes all the time. It isn't fair at all, some of us just need to work harder.

Tiffany Buttz
I have the same problem, it really isn't fair when your sister gets the better end of the genetic stick, but it happens. I suggest that you just remain as active as you can and content yourself with one day her metabolism will slow down and her bad habits will make her fat, while as your good habits from always having a slow metabolism will pay off...
not that great, but it helps

who ever made you think skinny is better,should be flogged repetedly.....you should be happy with who you are no matter what society has brainwashed you into thinking.if your a good person,thats all that matters....be happy and move on....theres betterthings to think about.:)

It doesn't seem fair, but everyone gets thier own set of genes and metabolism. You gotta work with the cards that you were dealt. Look on the bright side.....if you start eating healthy and exercising, you will be a lot healthier than her in the long run even if she is thinner.

Stop hating on your sister!

Lunar Sarah
unfortunately heredity and genes don't work like that because there are so many possible combinations of your two parents. Best thing to do is stop comparing and instead work on becoming what you want to be, not what you think you should be.
Also, don't forget that metabolisms slow down later in life, so just because she's thin now, doesn't mean it'll stay that way. She'll eventually have to earn her weight.

No, you can be completely different and still be related. It's perfectly normal.

Your parents may have completely different systems. Their families and ancestors may be extremely varied. She may have gotten your mother's teeny belly, and you may have gotten your father's grandmother's thunder-thighs. It's all luck of the draw.

Everyone's different; you gotta remember too that some guys don't like skinny girls. Personally, I like girls that have some meat on their bones.

Skinny girls make me wanna donate food to Red Cross lol

Don't let it get you down; but if you really are down about it, just start exercising and change your diet; your metabolism will speed up and before you know it, you two will be on the same page.

some genes pass around to different kids. Don't feel bad about yourself because you might end up hating your sister because of it. Just know that one day all of that junk will back up on her; when she's like 34 and wants to lose weight but doesn't know what the problem is. As long as you're eating right and exercising then you shouldn't worry. i'm thinking that you're pretty young so you have a lot of years ahead of you where fat and weight just rolls off. I thought that i was going to be fat but after i turned 15 it just started coming off without me having to do one of those miracle diets and all of that. just make sure to love yourself and your sister for your differences. everybody's different but no one person is particularly better overall than another...

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