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I'm a 13 year old girl, i weigh 127 am I over weight?

Additional Details
My height is 5'2......

it depends on how tall u r


Depends on your height like i'm 5' 6" and I weigh 113 so i'm not exactly in my weight.

pretty much because i have a friend that is 13 and only weighs 100

Poe B
Weighing 127 at your age is not over weight. Unless you are under 5'.

it's not your age, but your height that is a better factor to go by. 127 isn't overweight if you are taller than, say, 5 foot 5.

No you definitely arent - unless you are only 5'0 or something.

Jai K
height please
if ur like 5'3 than yes but if ur like 5'9 than no

Nikki S
no,i dont think you are over wait.i know a 13 year old who is 186 pounds.you dont havto worry.

Susan S
It depends on your height. 127 would be ok if you are like 5'3.


Depends on height, body mass, etc. If you feel you are not over weight, then your not. Simple as that.

Mike M.
Depending on what your height could be, but you should be just fine.

depends on how tall you are

You are not overweight because I have a cousin who is 138 pounds and she doesn't look like she is overweight. You are not that fat.

I'd say no. Much less girls seem to always want to be too skinny. At 13 though just worry about your own self image, you got some growing to do yet it's going to be differant in a year anyways so chill and enjoy what you got while you got it.

Addicted To Abercrombie & Fitch
Well, how tall are you? I'm 13, and I'm 5 feet. I weigh 136 lbs. It's healthy for me becuase I have always been taller. Just always. I also have been going to the gym since I was 9, and doing tennis since I was 6. So I have a LOT of muscle. That takes up most of my weight.

amee p
u r normal

hi bbz
no! just b happy wiv the body ur in n u will b perfect! good luck n happy new year! x

Robert G.
If you are between 5-1 and 5-5, you are not over weight in my opinion.

Talk to your nutritionist about theis stuff, not random people on the internet. But most definatley no, you arn't

well it depends how tall are you? my lil sis's friend is 11 and is 5ft. 2in. and weighs148 so your not that big

It depends how tall you are. If you're 2'5" then I'd say you're overweight. If you're about average height for your age, then you're fine. At 13, you shouldn't be worrying about your weight unless your doctor says you're enough overweight for it to be unhealthy. No matter what you weigh, you should always try to eat healthy foods in reasonable portions, and get plenty of exercise.

Edward W

it depends on your height, like im 5'7 and im 113lbs, im under weight for my age AND my height. if you put the height i could've helped :D

check your bmi


it depends on your height, you should go to your doctor and he'll give you the right answer.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with 127. Get into the 160, 170, and 180 range and by then you'd be quite "chunky" in most cases. You're very young and shouldn't be worried about weight right now, but... in a way it's good that you're at least aware of it. Most people don't take notice of themselves until it's "too late". Live your life and please don't restrict yourself too much. Have fun.

according to this site the average height for a female 13 years of age is 61 1/4 inch's and 103 pounds. weight verys with height. they go off of percentages to come up with this #. My son is short according to the averages. heres the link to the chart.


no you are what you are and the sooner you realize this and stop worring about wether you fit into the perfect avarage teen the happer you will be in life dont worry about what others think.


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