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I'm Thinking of Turning Bulimic?
I hate my body. I wouldn't say I was fat, but kinda chubby. When I see a skinny person, I feel self conscious. It didn't bother me too much though, but today something just kinda got to me. I saw a perfectly figured woman and I felt massive and just wanted to be skinny. I just want to make myself throw up till I'm happy about my weight.

Plus I have a pressure because I'm starting a new school in Texas and I don't want to be fat. Should I be bulimic? Or is it bad?

Joe B
ever here of exersise??? its a lot healthier than becoming bulimic

meow! =^.^=
Not only is bulimic bad, but it could also ruin your throat. Every time you throw up, your stomach acid comes up your throat. Stomach acid can damage your throat if you throw up too much! Just try to regulate what you eat, and exercise a lot. If you're not in shape, start with a little exercise each day, like maybe 5 minutes, and increase it as you get used to it.

J'adore toi
um, no, dont be bulimic. dont you know how bad that is for you?? Your teeth will rot from throwing up so much, and it messes up your stomach and everything too. Just diet and exercise, and you'll get to where you want to be weight wise.

Your Face

Bulemia causes many damages,like alkalosis,low pottasium ,....and it is a mental disorder.take professional help,and dont forget bulemic people dont lose weight.

1.)okay, being bulimic is a disease..you cant "turn" bulimic.
2.) millions of kids starve cuz they dont have food.
and youre wasting it.
its actually healthy

I'm not dumb ITS BAD!!!!

only girls check out my question:

WTF??? NOOOOOOOO dont do it you will hate yourself even more after you do it. Girl beauty is only skin deep and you shouldnt do that to yourself just to impress some shallow, vain idiotic people. Just try it the normal way- workout, eatright, be happy, have fun

i think you need help.
you can telll when people are bulemic and no one want to be friends with them
so then you will just be lonley

Look hun every girl on this planet looks at a "perfect woman" and thinks that , just be glad your born healthy , dont suffer of cancer etc etc be you , im sure your gorgeous xxxx
mwah x

Gone For Good
Please don't be bulimic!! You might have a slimmer body, but your teeth with be rotten with throwing up all of that food, you won't get all of the nutrients you need, you won't have lot of energy, and lots more. Just eat less, drink loads of water, sometimes skip the deserts or fatty foods, and stay active. :)

Laynee Lynn .
Okay, r u serious.?
Don't do it.

Don't be rediculious. You need to get some counseling. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Everyone has their own special thing about them...and who says that skinny is beautiful?

May as well put the Gun to your Head now while your at it.

Aunt Pickles
You shouldn't make yourself throw up to be skinner, just eat healthier and maybe excersise! You don't need to take drastic measures!

being bulimic isnt that great
your teeth start to rot because of stomach acids always hitting it
your skin becomes dry, sagging, and pale
you start loosing your hair
you will be paranoid that you might get caught
or notice the vomit smell

you shouldnt throw up to be skinny
its not worth it

being bulemic is very bad for you. an eating disorder can easily turn into a mental disorder. try a healthy eating plan and exercise instead.

of course its bad, eat healthy and excersise. besides even if you did go bullemic and get skinny you would have nasty teeth breath and complection from the BARFING!

Pink Fairy Boy
Sounds like you need someone to teach how about Healthy Eating...Cuz sounds like your not even going to try and Eat Right and Work out everyday.
Get some help

L'amour, N'est Rien
that's the stupidest question, why would you WANT to be bulimic, in the long run you're hurting your body more
all you need to do is exercise and eat right


Lesley B
Maybe you should just try to eat right and exercise instead of possibly killing yourself and messing up the inside of your body

Nitz Frugent

Kate [shewilldestroyou]
You cant just "BE bulimic" it's a disease, so you would just be throwing up after eating. It can cause the veins in your throat to swell and it could cause them to burst and you'd bleed to death, you can get throat cancer, and your teeth will rot and fall out, No kidding, Look it up, You may be skinny but you wont have any teeth!!

Might as well just exercise and watch what you eat, It's the non-lazy way.

Waaat, **** that. That makes girls look icky.

Live life with a sense of humor.
bulimic = bad

diet and exercise = good

bulemia makes your breath reek all the time... i dont think you want people in a new school thinking you have awful breath.

Of course it is bad..and you knew that before you even asked.

that will probably be the worst decision of your life.

you do know bulimia nervosa is a DISEASE right?

and anyone who purges their food should be ashamed of themselves. there are starving children in africa and you are abusing food?! shame on you!

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