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 i'm soo mad! why in the world all the girls I know my height are so skinnY!
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I'm Skinny & Fat, At the Same Time! What Should I Do?
My body is skinny, but I have a belly, and noo, I'm not pregnant. What should I do?

Nicole S.
You need to work on your abs. Try doing crunches or anything else that works abs out. You'll see your belly will start to curve. That's muscles.

TrUe PiNk LoVE

speed or rock. dance. drink lots of water to flush out toxins and any excess fluids you may be carrying.

sit ups sit ups and more sit up, they will work your hips and the very bottom of your stomach but also do crunches too they will give you nice abs. ...and if you have extra energy lol you can but your feet up in the air lay on your back knees at 90 degree angle then come up as far as you can go with your head and neck and upper back and twist to the left and the right as many times as you can. this will get rid of your excess body fat.. promise!

i like how ur body sounds! :D

You could concentrate on the good things about yourself and not your weight. It doesn't sound like you have any real weight issues.

Well some people might be thankful to not be too skinny or too fat but I guess your just RIGHT in the middle =]
be thankful?

It depends on your age. When girls are in the growth spur (13-15), many of them have a belly (baby Fat) and it goes away on its own. Just stay active if this is your case. If you are older than that, biking, crunches and swiming could help.

Kristy <3
I have the same problem! I'm only 17. I think its genetics...

I have no belly and my sides are wide...Whats up with that?

Only the beginning
some low cal cookies mate

crunches, reverse crunches and no red meat or processed foods. =]

Exercise ?

Just do some crunches...

Try Atkins Diet......just google it. By eating protein and fat (no/or very low carbs) your body is forced to burn fat. Read about it. It works and is safe.
I have followed it for 35 years and it works for me!

Huey F
Stop being LAZY!!!! Do something active. pick up a ball, do some leg rises, touch ur toes, sweat a lil bit.

Jess F
ok when ur skinny AND fat it means ur average weight.

robe and wizard hat
is it your lower abs? could be urinary related. if you take too long to use the bathroom your lower abs can become bloated

I am the same! Other than the crunches... Yuck! It depends on your style. I purchased a slimmer and wow! Even my husband notices the difference! Jeans just slide on! Draw back is.. you don't want to wear it if you want to show your mid section. However, you look great with a full shirt, dresses and jeans. Good luck which ever way you choose!

Blunt Smoker
Anyone who says just do sit-ups or crunches is VERY misinformed.

You have to do cardio to burn off fat, there is NO such thing as spot reduction (loosing fat from only one place)

Run, bike, swim, kayak, play sports.
And THEN do sit-ups and other ab exercises so when you burn off that fat, you will have nice abs to show off!

Good luck

tone your stomach !
crunches crunches crunches and LOTS of them
there are many different crunch excersizes that work all areas of the stomach so do those :)

That's the bad kind of fat that isn't healthy for you. I have the same things some times if I go through lazy points in my life - even though I'm a skinny person.
You need to eat more balanced!!! Drink lots of water (even though it makes you 'gain weight' you'll lose more overall), eat vegetables get your protein etc. I take a multivitamine every morning and eat a balanced diet and my little pop out belly is gone :)

*Just Bliss*
sit ups...or hit the gym few times a week...or just be happy with how you look =)

lol how old are you that;s how i was when i was 14

Jazmine B
I'm the same, only my I have no belly, I have a huuuge *** though...*sigh* What I started to do it to training exercises focused in my problem area, to try and tone it down and slim it out. Good luck! ^_^

Just be normal, don't go on a diet and don't eat too much just stay fit .....in a normal way!

Shelby Jane
lol same here... i'm only 105 pounds or so but my stomach is getting flubby.
i usually just try to do situps and volleyball is starting up again for me on monday so that should help.
just exercise and eat healthy!!!

alot of people are skinny and have a belly...so it pretty normal.
no need to stress...just enjoy who you are

Stop with the Diet Coke.

Mace Hella
The only thing you can do is try to work out your mid section. Try doing crunches, when you just wake up, or just before bed. Also, you could reduce the amount of calories you intake, and that would help your body start to burn away the fat.

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