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anjo r
I'm 21yrs..108Lbs and 5'3" is that beinf too fat?

lol. i know that YOU know the answer and i dont care if n e one gives me a "thumbs down." cuz i know that everyone agrees with me.

Holy cow no O.o

you're 21 years old and you don't know this?

your almost underweight!

Sky Witch
No, that is regular sized slim.
Muscle weighs more than fat and it's leaner than fat.
So, if you do find yourself weighing much more than what you are right now, but without flabby, sagging, droopy, lumpy, limp, sogging, fat , cellulite and a big stomach than you're fit.

Stina Lady
No, you're probably around the right weight or possibly a little thin for your height.

For a girl no its not, but i like my girls skinny. For a giuy, you might want to build a bit of muscle mass by lifting light weights and jogging


Absolutely not. And if you were to start working out, you would likely gain weight, as muscle weighs more than fat. Weight is only a number, and it's more to do with the fat to muscle ratio.


No. According to BMI chart, height 63" and 108 lbs. you have a BMI of 19. The Normal range is 18.5 to 24.9. Therefore, you are on the low end of Normal.

Mary Jane's Last Dance
I would say you are a normal weight. Not fat at all, not too skinny! Your weight is really good. Nothing to worry about.

wtf, ur to skinny

No. Talk to a professional. I'd say you are too thin.

Maybe too skinny. Are you heathly? Can you run around and not pass out from lack of nutrition or too much body fat? Can you see all of your ribs? Or not see your feet because your stomach sticks out to far.? Don't look at the charts all the time and don't weigh yourself every day. Just be healthy.

u are not fat at all!!

No way. I am an inch taller, and weigh 118lbs., and I am almost too skinny myself.

Do you think it is? None of us do. Just love yourself as you are.

no ur thin i am only two inches taller and am definitely over 108 lbs

SBD racing girl
Ummm no, you are even on the small side believe it or not. You should stay right where you are.

Go Girl
BMI 19.1

Totally normal.

That is two pounds more than my sister and she is 5ft. tall. so no i would say your at your weight or slightly under weight.

No. :)
You sound like a fine enough weight for your height.

no thats probably your ideal height/weight proportion

no you are certainly not fat.

Count Chocula
if you think that being 108 lbs at 5'3" is fat, or even remotely fat, you probably have body dysmorphic disorder

omg, no. you need to put on weight if anything.

wiz kid
you could actually gain a little.

me XoXo
ur BMI is 19.1....

* Underweight = <18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
* Overweight = 25-29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

i am 5'3 and weigh 135 pounds, and pesronally i do not view myself as fat. its all by the conception of your body image, but if anything i would say youre too thin! =]

You should put on like 10 lbs, ACTUALLY.
Im 22yrs old, 5'2 and weigh around 130. Im athletic and fit. I love my shape and curves and I wouldnt want to be skinny.

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