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Josh W
I'm 17 years old and i'm overweight. Currently i weigh in at 260 lbs.Can anyone give me tips on losing weight?
Please add what i should eat, because i am a vegetarian and please tell me about the types of exercise.

All I Want Is this boy..♥
I'm 15 and might not know much but drink soy milk it helps you lose weight. Trust me!!! I lost a couple of pounds from drinking soy then regular milk! Hope that helps!!!!

this is actually easy if ur a vegetarian. One big helpful tip: EAT SLOWWWWWWWWW. Eat more:fruits and vegetables. THe more colorful ur selection is, the better it is. Also eat a lot of vegetables, to get rid of the waste. Drink water, and choose iced tea instead of soda at fast food restaurants ( if u do). For excercising, try out all the different ones to see what you like. If you find you have no potential or skill at those, ur best bet is the gym. Treadmills are hard at firtst, so i suggest using the crosstrainer, then moving on. And think b4 you eat. Did you really need that cream cheese bagel or you just want sumthing to chew on? and if you wanted sumtihng to chew on, DONt buy the bagel.
hope this helps!

Brittany J
First stay away from bannanas i went to a diet doctor and they said you are better off eating a brownie. anway eat lots of protein and eat veggies and fruit, go to the gym a few times a week and exersize

♥ Xite ♥
Two words for ya, friend:
-Will Power
-Stop Eating

Seriously, stop snacking, eat half of what you normally eat during meals, and no junk at all.
I lost thirty pounds that way.

cardio, cardio, cardio! take a spinning class at your local gym, you will be surprise how fast you loss weight. Go for hikes and walk in your neighborhood, practice yoga, do strength training to help eliminate the fat and then do more cardio, cardio, cardio!

suggested exercises do not need to be done in the order listed above.
have fun and best wishes. you can do it

hmm-besides exercise- I think you should not think about your weight. Do things that will take your mind off of losing weight.then you will lose weight

Captain Midnight
You are a 260lb vegetarian? How long have you been a vegetarian...2 days?

Losing weight is a simple matter of taking in fewer calories than your body uses. A pound of fat is 3,800 calories. What you need to do is determine how many calories you are burning daily, then reduce your daily intake to meet your goals for how fast you want to lose weight (ie. if you want to lose 2lbs per week, you will need to take in 1,000 calories less than you consume EACH DAY - 3,800 x 2 / 7 days).

As far as what you should eat...it really doesn't matter much as long as you balance your diet nutritionally. As a function of weight loss, calories are calories regardless of where they come from. I would recommend a good multivitamin to anyone dieting. Avoid excessive fats and sweets and that usually does it for most people.

Don't be afraid to drink a little extra water and cut out the diet soda and coffee.

I would begin with walking. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat more fruits,veggies and soup and you will lose weight. After walking, start adding some light running because the higher level of activity will increase your number of calories burned. Make sure that you get you a good pair of running shoes so you get proper cushioning and will decrease your chance for injury.

brandon l
this wat u should do if ur n high school jus play foot ball and watch what u eat and lift weights but if u cant lift ur own body weight dont r just run every morning

Whatever you do, don't go bulimic or anorexic. because thats the worse things ever!! (know from lil experience)
i think your suppose to not eat to much, grains. i think. because they have something in them that isn't too good. don't eat much bread either cuz i know that has stuff in it...ha idk wat i just know...for some reason.
exercising, start w/simple things first. walking is good. sit-ups, then eventually crunches. then eventually side crunches. wall sits eventually too. and elbows. and try to lift some weights, start off small. w/everything you have to start off little.
idk wat else, but hey, i know i dont know you, but i will be here if you ever want to speak to someone =]

You're young, so you have time before dis-ease sets in. Change one thing a month and stick with it, and at the end of the year, you've made 12 major changes. Cut out breads, flour products, sugars, chemical sweeteners (Diet Sodas=death). Get some white tea, make two glasses a day with pure water (drink 6 other glasses of pure water per day) and sweeten with Stevia. This should be the only sweetener you use. Do a whole body cleanse, starting with a bowel cleanse, then a parasite cleanse (this should drop 10-20lbs alone). Take Superfoods, including algaes, goji fruit, acai berry, cacao, wheat grasses, Atlantic Salmon, etc. Raw is best (Get a good blender-Vita Mixers are the best, but costly), or lightly steamed (look up 10" bamboo steamer baskets, 2 w/ lid for about $18 shipped to you. Let me know how this works. I'm betting the tea and cleanses will show you dramatic changes. When ready for the next step, contact me or subscribe to NewsTarget.com. Good luck and good health.

1. cut down on the fattening foods. try to eat healthy low fat. (pretzals,fruit,salads etc.) no need to go on a diet program

2. make sure you excerise usually and 1 every week. when its warm out make sure u run a mile or two. do crunches push ups find excersises to do

3.eat smaller portioned foods. also swim and try to join in community sports that always helps.

4. DONT doubt yourself you can do it if u put ur mind to it. it might be hard at first but when u ease ur self into it you can do it

* i really hope my advice helps* Good luck

cut down to 3000 calories a day for your diet and follow these notes:
1. You should eat 6 meals a day now what I mean by this is cut your meals smaller and spread them out so you dont get hungry. Each meal should be roughly 500 calories.
2. Cut back on the fats and increase on your protein intake, protein fills you up easier. Try to eat lots of carbohydrates because many diets say you shouldnt but wheres all your energy going to come from for exercise?
3. Exercise slow, gradually increase your activity. Begin by doing 1 hour of cardio 4 days a week. This can include running, skipping rope, swimming, bike riding etc. If you cant handle and hour split the hour into two sessions through the day so have half in the morning and half afternoon.
4. You should be lifting weights also to build muscle. This may make you gain weight at first but the more muscle you produce the more fat you shed off. 1kg of muscle cuts 2kg of fat so remember that and get to the gym 2 times a week.
5. Take a day off everyweek because you cant overtrain your muscles they need to be relaxed to begin training again. If you get overtrained or fatigued stop and take a day off because continuing only makes it worse.

Too answer your vegetarian question get your protein from such foods as bananas, almond nuts to reduce fat, eat no fat yogurt to produce protein also and one last rule. NO DRINK other than water or mineral water. I prefer to drink mineral water the taste is strange at first but it tastes the same as soft drink and its healthy. Good luck dude and give this time if you follow this you should be down to 160 pounds in 3 or 4 months depending on how much heart you got. Time is the key to dieting and losing weight.

Ken Mc
Get yourself an appt. with a nutritionist. Just one, not someone to watch you step on a scale, but someone to look at your typical daily diet and make recommendations.

If you weigh 260 and are a vege, you need help to identify the source of your massiveness. There's no fat in veges.

The only exercise I would recommend is walking. Consider the 10,000 step per day plan. Get a pedometer to count the steps (it's about 4.5-5 miles per day). Good Luck.

Drinks lots of water, all the time!! Spicy foods(indian/thai/korean foods), green tea, Pomegranates, pineapples, (can you eat fish?) Sushi/Sashimi is great for you, giant bowls of salad with chinese vinegar dressing, eat a little less carbs daily than what's average....and as for excercising, a 30 minute jog 3~4 times a week can do wonders. [If you don't sweat you won't lose weight] Also, go to a local pharmacy(like CVS, Eckerds, Rite Aid) and look around in the vitamin section...there are plenty of natural Vitamins that can speed up your weight-loss process.

besides the things you already know like healthy diet and exercise maybe these things could help too. i got them off of aol:

chew sugar free gum: keeps your mouth busy and no calories
drink a glass of water before every meal: fill you up faster and water is just good for you
get more sleep: boost metabolism and when youre sleeping-you're not eating
put your fork down: try to eat slowly that way you give your brain time to detect your fool
drink green tea: boost matabolism
when you are having a craving try brushing your teeth: that minty taste of toothpaste sometimes will take the craving out of your mouth
do you fidget?: go with it, keep any movement going to burn a few calories
raw almonds are good fats and filling
try brown foods not white- wheat not bleach
smaller plates might make you get smaller portions

those are just some that i found on aol health. i hope they help. i know it can be hard to lose weight. my smallest has been 125 and now i'm 160. it takes strength and i hope you can find the help that you need :)

Eat Subways sandwiches or salads they are good to.

Dare to ask?
it depends on how tall you are to determine how much your weight should be. it's good your a vegetarian because that is much healthier. maybe it's not what you eat but how often you eat. eat lots of fruit and vegetables and if you drink soda stop and if you can't make a clean cut from soda then lower your intake of it....no more then one a day or even one a week. also timing is very important. don't eat 3 hours before you go to bed but if you do happen to get up and be hungry eat only fruit. water is important but some people hold water weight so running/ walking will help you lose some water weight and fat. also remember muscle weights more then fat so don't go by how much you weight but amount of fat over muscle. i know it sound crazy but timing is very important and so is eating. not eating breakfast can be very bad too and make you gain weight. make sure you eat all 3 meals and a snack here and there is ok as long as it's not huge and all you eat. try to also eat around the same times everyday that way if you are feeling hungry your body will get use to the times you eat and you won't get hungry as much because your body will be able to wait because it will know food is coming. also try getting involved in a sport of some sort that can mean anything...from running to riding bikes to soccer to dance to hiking it can be with a team or just yourself or a few friends....if it's something you enjoy you will stop stressing about your weight and lose weight because your having time and it will be something you will look forward to doing. also did i mention stress plays a factor too....try to relaxe more.

Well Josh you have two things in your favor, age and gender. Muscle mass helps your body burn calories. So weight training is a good idea. Cardio is also needed to burn fat and calories. I assume you're in high school. I would take to ever teaches the weigh class at your school to show you how to lift properly. Done wrong you'll get hurt. Running is great for burning calories, but you may have to work up to it. By starting with walking and adding increasingly longer intervals of running. Thank God for the iPod.
As for diet. As a vegetarian I assume you are getting your 5 servings of fruit and veg tables a day. (french fries aren't a veggie.) But I worry about your protein intake. You need protein to build muscle and it will help you stay full longer so you don't eat as much.
Eat at least three meals a day. No skipping meals to save calories. Your body will think you are starving and make more fat to hold you over. I actually lost 20 pounds one semester of high school by packing eating a small healthy snack every period. (is carrots, broccoli, apple slices)
Good luck.

heres a great diet. it really works, my mother is living proof.
i guess you can replace the meats with low fat protein vegies or something...
also, diets are never long term, so after the diet try to stick to daily healthy habits like exercising and eating well.

age affects the speed of weight loss so be patient....... but you should do the usual fruit-and-vegetables-and-plenty-of-water trick.=)

Well, if you are a vegetarian that's a start. Ration food, meaning don't eat large quantities. Exercise. Walk at first, and if you build up to it, run. Quantity-wise try to be able to run a mile. If you can achieve this then you have most likely lost a lot of weight.

Renae T
I just got this new exercise machine and it really does work. It's called Leg Magic. You can get it at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Before each meal, drink a full glass of water. This'll help you want to eat less.

When I was really overweight (well over 200 pounds--I'm 5'2) I also used www.fitday.com to help me keep track of the foods I was eating. Then once I got used to eating fewer calories, I eventually was able to judge what I was eating.

Try not to drink your calories. I'm not saying that a soda every once in awhile is gonna kill ya, just don't overdo it by drinking 5 soda's a day, ya know?

Aim to lose a pound or two a week. The slower you lose weight, the slower you will gain it back, if you gain it back at all.

There are many more suggestions that I am forgetting about at the moment, so if you would like to know more, feel free to message me. =)

The best advice I could give you is my personal advice from losing weight. First things first, you can cut all if not most of your daily sugar consumption, such as candy and soda. I think thats the easiest thing you could do to start off your diet right. Good luck!

Bernie S
You can be a vegetarian and still not eat well. Do you eat a lot of chips and other "junk" food? Get walking!!!

[email protected]
when i was 14 i undertook and weightloss regime because i was FAT. i lost 25kgs that's about 55-60lbs and i've keep it off for over 10 years. IT's all got to do with HABITUAL CHANGE,

you eat the same, almost but prepare food differently. example is grill all of your meat,(please try eat some meat, sooner or later u'll become anaemic never fry or even dry fry. Drink only diet soft drinks.. u'll get used to the taste.. then u won't go back to normal coka cola. ALWAYS eats as many vegetables as u please.. the more the better BUT Always try to steam them, never ever fry or and sauces. limit the amount of good fats to 3 servings a day. NO MORE. 3 teaspoons of olive oil a day is 3 servings. 1/8 of an avocado is 1 serve.

just less calories and start walking. do not exercise too hard, until you have lost some weight.

you need to exercise most importantly. obesity is a result of poor diet and complacency. limit your calories to 2000 per day and get at LEAST a half hour of rigorous cardio in such as swimming, walking quickly, jogging, cycling...then add ten minutes every week.

AM-NM centaur
Eat fewer calories. Diets never work in the long term. Habitual changes are required. Calories are all that matter.

For exercise, start with something simple so as not to be discouraged. Gradually increase your workout but do not lose faith if you slip back some.

ok, follow these rules, and you will lose 40 pounds in a year!
1.between each bite, put down your fork and take a sip of water.(makes you eat slower which makes you eat 15% less during each meal)
2. if your still hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes and you probably wont be, (if you are, then you can have a little more, you dont wanna starve yourself!!)
3.when you want soda or juice, drink water (flavor water iis good too!)
5. NO eating junkfood, NO eating after 7:30pm, NO starving yourself
4. run, walk, jog, bike, exercise for 30 minutes a day. (make sure to stretch before exercising!)
5. eat healthy (frozen veggies are as good as organic ones, and they are easy to prepare and cheap!)
6.get a good night's sleep every night
if you have questions or concerns you can email me. just go to my profile page and email me a message. good luck!!

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