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How to drop one jeans size FAST!?
oh and I eat like 2 meals a day sometimes 1 meal =P
Additional Details
i'm 13 years old and I really need to lose one jeans size fast before school starts, my jeans size is 0 I wanna make it double 0. I need a faster way to lose one jeans size. I tried all the other exercises it doesn't work. I don't eat much at all but I was thinking is it what i'm drinking..
I drink alot of water I'm like addicted water so should I cutting drink water???

best answer 10 points=P
and no rude comments plz=(

Kayla Teh Freak™
wow your a 0? i dont think you can get smaller then that... but i think you should go jogging every morning, drink lots of water eat tons of fruits and veggies you should be fine :)

hun, youre already a zero and your only 13?? im a zero and im 20. people say im way too skinny. you dont need to lose anything. its dangerous to your health. would you rather be thin and healthy or get super skinny and be sick till you die?

Double 0? That's crazy. Why would you even wanna be a double 0? A 0 is small. I wear a size 1-3 and I think I'm to small but I can't gain weight no matter how hard I try and I eat a lot.

make peace not war <3
ok seriously its a 0 your gonna be fine im a 3 and i dont wanna loose weight be happy =)

♪ α ℓεттεя тσ яσcк η яσℓℓ ♪
drink tea
no more candy or soft drinks
go 4 a jog/walk every day
sometimes u just cant drop a jean size im sorry this is all i know

it looks crazy to stop drinking water or eating less food it leads to negative effects.instead try to avoid whites in the food such as white rice,white in the egg,etc, and have chapati,exercise daily.

change the label on you pants.

Sallycat <3
Don't cut drinking water because that won't lead to weight gain. Please don't develop an eating disorder, either! I'm really not trying to be rude, and I seriously mean this, but you don't need to lose weight! I don't think you'd want to anyway once you figure out most stores don't sell 00, just aeropostale does I think. Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie all don't sell 00. :(

Mrs. Darcy
i became a vegetarian and lost about 25 lbs.
im not a size 0 but i still eat everything i want and all that.
i dont eat as many meals like i should and im trying to put back on the weight cos my BMI ((body mass index)) is too low.
its not healthy to be so thin when youre not meant to.
i remember this one model i read about who wanted to be super skinny to please her bosses. she had a heart attack.
its really dangerous. when youre this age ((cos you look pretty young)) you need to consume over 2,000 calories a day.

why would you want to be a double 0? is there even such a thing? your body needs fat to live.

UR A ZERO AND UR WORRIED ABOUT UR WEIGHT??????????????????????????????????… Okay, just shocked, but DONT B. u dont need to b a double 0 im 13 and im 5'8" and i feel terrible about wearing a 7, even tho i know im not fat , i only wear them becuz my legs r so long. dont worry.

sounds like you have an issue. I would seek therapist

uhm first of all..size 0 is VERY tiny..are you trying to be a skeleton? That's gross.


lol anyone would kill to have that jean size...

if you get any smaller you would look anorexic and eatting 1-2 meals a day is bad for you!!!

Well first off why are you trying to lose weight anywayys?
If you are a size 0, then let it be.
Don't become one of those girls who constantly say they are fat b/c that is straight up annoyying!!
What you need to do is eat moree and be glad you are not overweight.
strut your stuff

Your a 0, thats really skinny. Your fine the way u r!

Why do you wanna be a double 0? 0 is small enough...I'm a 0 My sister's a 0... and we're both really skinny. Don't be a double 0, I bet your wayy skinny as it is. (:

i think you need help..........

Double 0...=O that's crazy! If you do that, you'll be totally under-weight. Honestly, being size 0, you're probably already like a stick. I'm sure you don't need to lose weight and perfect enough the way you are (: A thirteen year old doesn't need to be dieting in the first place. But if you still insist, then good luck (:

ok. u shudnt be doing that to urself or ull end up in the hospital and it wont matter wat size ull be. the best thing to do is eat 3 healthy meals a day. drinking water is good. but 8 glasses a day. look at the food groups chart. ull be the proper size if you eat properly. and why do u wanna go down to a double 0? ur supposed to be growing. not getting smaller.

Hun, your on your way to anorexia. You're very thin and I'm sure your beautiful. You definitely have nothing to worry about..

x~sweet as sugar~x
water doesn't have calories
your best bet is to eat nothing and exercise
but that's silly
you're fine
quit worrying

Why the heck would you want to drop another size if you're already a size zero. I think you're way to worried about your weight specially when there's nothing to worry about. If you get any smaller you will look sickly skinny...and that's so not attractive.

Not being rude, I swear. I'm just being honest. You don't need to lose weight...and if you feel like you are too big at a size zero then you might want to seek help for a eating disorder.

quickest way i'd say is to cut a 00 tag from a different pair of jeans and sew it onto your 0 pair.

ஐ☆Christina ツ innocent angel ☼
your a 0...wow...and don't stop drinking water that only speeds weight lose. How much are you eating a day? I'm just wondering. You sound to thin already

Becky T
You are fine. In fact, you sound very skinny! Just eat healthy, not little. And hun, water doesn't have any calories. The more water the better!

Holy crap.


Size 0 is really not a size that you should even SLIGHTLY CONSIDER losing weight for. I mean, jeez. I would understand you wanting to lose weight if you were like size 14 or something. But 0?

Jeez. Only lose weight if you ask your doctor if it is advisable, and if he says "Yeah", then knock yourself out.

I'm really not trying to be rude here, I'm just saying....

Oh please.
You do not need to drop a jean size when you're already a size 0. =/

Hush Puppy
When you are hungry drink tea instead of eating... Do this for 1 - 2 meals everyday. Or eat a cucumber. And when you are not hungry, Don't eat. Do this and you will be skinny for sure.

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