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How much could you lose it you dont eat for 3 days?

when i got the flu i couldn't hold anything down for about three days. I lost about 8 pounds although luckily i gained it back in about a week. Hopefully you aren't thinking of starving yourself to lose weight because that is grose and will make you look very unattractive.

idk iv tied that and i dint lose much.....

Cody C
ok you have to eat but you could eat less food or just eat healty food just as good

Hmm, I'm not sure. I would recommend eating though... That is if you were planning to go 3 days without eating. I do know that once one becomes lets say: anerxic (i think thats how you spell it.. :/ ) they tend to become so hungry to the point when they do eat, they can't stop. Or they end up gaining the weight back. It's a very unhealthy disorder that no body should try even if they think they look 'fat'. They really don't. Try googling your question, your bound to find an appropiate answer. : )

You can get seriously ill. It can damage your metabolism.

You could lose life is you don't eat for 3 days.

40 pounds... go for it girl!

well it depend on how much you exercise. If you exercise a lot then you would probably lose about 4-6 pounds but if you don't exercise then you would probably lose between 1-3 pounds, but I highly recommend that you don't do what you're wanting to do. It can KILL you!

You wouldnt lose anything, you would probably gain weight due to the fact that our bodies need to digest food. If you dont eat for 3 days your body will store off on the fat you have and causes you to gain weight. If your trying to lose weight, try exerscing and eating small portions of food every 2-3 hours

Maybe a few pounds. I would not advise doing this, during the time you don't eat, your stomach will shrink and when you do eat your body will turn it into fat in order to store it because you haven't been eating properly for three days and it doesn't know when you next will to be blunt. Try excersizing and eating the foods you like in smaller proportions.

it depends on your metabolism, and how much you excised, and how much water you drank. my guess would be 10 pounds

u wud lose like 9 pounds but that means ur lettin ur stomach eatin itself

Ummm y would u even think about going anorexic??? I tryed it once when I was younger and dumb and it is unsmart and makes u feel uncomfortable about yourself and gives you the worst migranes ever

That's a really dumb idea.
I really wouldn't recomend starving yourself.

Melanie C
Its not what you loose over the three days but the fact that you starved your body and when you do eat every calorie will be horded by your body. Don't starve yourself, not wise just eat less calories so that your body can have some cals to get rid of the fat that your trying to get rid of. I mean if your really adamant on loosing a certain amount of weight then look into a diet that give you less calories. Look for the heart healthy diet its what they call a scam diet but to loose a quick 10lbs it works, and you don't starve your body.

Well i'm not sure how much you might loose, since it depends on your body
but its a BAD idea.
Seriously, it's really unhealthy and your gonna be really weak and have NO energy at all.

Eraser Protector
Well, you could lose absolutely nothing if you didn't exercise, but if you did, maybe 3-7 lb. But don't starve yourself, Eat every day, just eat healthy foods and exercise, and you'll lose weight.

Lifes better high.
when i was camping I was having to much fun and didn't eat for like 4 days, and i lost like 15 pounds, but then i felt really sick for a week or two

virtually nothing, your metabolism would slow down so dramatically that you would barely burn any calories at all. but if you exercise and are anorexic thats a different story. the exercising will keep your metabolism going.

kyle d
You couldn't go three days without having meat in your mouth...

Giants invade!
Isn't that unhealthy?
You need to eat.

I'll let you know in three days.

Donna S
You'll lose more water weight than anything else. And as soon as you start eating again, you'll gain it right back.

Crash diets are bad...

not smart idea

Codyy L
i dont advise you not eating,if you seriously wanna lose weight eat 5 small meals a day and run

Amanda M
lets just say u can get really sick

your life

i think your life- don't try it

Probably nothing cause your body would then make you binge for longer.

not much, you would mostly lose water. you need fat to lose fat

Joe G
depends on you matabolism. personally, since mine is very fast, id probably loose a good 10 pounds and feel very bad. thats just me though ask your doctor

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