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that one girl you saw
How many sit ups do i have to do to get abs?
im average skinny and i want to get abs im 5'1'' and weigh 93 lbs and 14 years old
how many a day?
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lol situps? i did those in pre-k how about 1 handed chin ups? or hand stand push ups

do about 25 a day gradually adding situps everyday until your at 50, then just keep doing that and you should be flat by summer

hmm... well it differs with everyone. everyone is different. i'd say try as many as u can a day and the next day, strive for an even bigger amount

You need to do 152 situps per day to reach your goal weight.

had to let it go
i do 25 of many different ones every night..
it works really well..

do side crunches, regular crunches, toe touches, v ups, backwards abs..

it really helps and pays off!!

lol you cant get abbs till your a year older speccialy not at that hight or weight and normal sit ups do not work go to the gym use an exercise ball but they'll only get firm no real abbs.

do pilates, it makes chicks look the best.

im not an expert but you should start with maybe 45 a day then get higher, Oprah says 45 a day is healthy

well i saw brittany spears on ellen b4 she had kids and she said to get her abs she did 1000 crunches per day.

T MACâ„¢
500 a day.

if your a girl, you can't get abs that quick because you have a flabby belly.

enough so you can feel i hurt a little. then just increase like every week if you can. Theres also other excesses you can do to help develop abs. good luck

start off by doing 100 then keep increasing each day. It's not easy getting ab's you have to work at it for months to get them then keep working on them to actually keep them...good luck

A common misconception is that by isolating a certain muscle group you can, in term, enhance the the appearance of that region. Unfortunately the best way to gain definition is do do some aerobic 3 times a week that lasts at least 30 mins. This will help you create more muscle mass which will in turn add to your ability to burn calories. What I found really helpful is to do pilates - in some form - every or every other day. Pilates truly give results. It helps you gain lean and sleek muscle mass. But please, don't work solely on your abdominal area - it wont work. Take the time to put in some good cardio and some total muscle/felxability regimes such as pilates, yoga, or ballet. I know you will have the best responses with this plan. Good luck and stick with it!

Ripped abs come from the kitchen, not the gym.

I think it's just not how many you do, it's how often you do it. Working out every day for like thirty minutes could get you abs I think. I'm not the best answer material, but I think just keeping it as routine will help. I'm sorry I can't give an exact number.

You can do like 30 a day but you wont see results unless you're eating right and you have less than 15 percent body fat.

I Hate Snuggies
250, do 125 in the morning and the rest at night.

there's no exact number, because everybody is different, but i suggest you get one of those big exercise balls and start by doing 10 situps on it every day, and then every day, add 10 more each day.

"Welcome Back Carter"
as many as it takes!

Well I'm 16, 97 pounds, 5'7
Try crunches... works them harder but gives you abs faster
and since your working on those abs, might as well just do the whole body lol

Try 4 sets of 50, and when you can do more, then up the sets or the amount per set.

Katie Kat
ok im 14 years old, weigh 137, and am 5'4''. You don't need abs! Ur skinny! Don't worry about abs til swimsuit season! Im the fat one that needs sit-ups.

jessica g
sit ups wont tell you anything it depends i guess how many you are capble of i do 3 sets of 10 morning and night


i did 400 and it got flat.

Whacckkaa :DDD
i'd say thirsty a day what you can do is lay down and hold on to like anedge of you couch and do em

30 every morning and night after a few days youll see results

your probably gonna have to do more then just situps.

okay, this is what i do and it works wonders!! right when you wake up in the morning, do 80 crunches and some leg lifts. then when you come home from school do a 100 or so again,this time doing the elbows to knees for a little bit. then do a hundred more before you go to sleep

About 60 at least

Well I am not sure how many sit-ups it would take but probably a lot and quite a bit of time. The best thing to do is eat healthy and do more than just sit-ups as a work out. Here is a website that lists about 15 or so that would take maybe 30 mins to do and actually works pretty well for people starting out. Here is the link http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/Article-detail.asp?Articleid=486. Also the article tells you how many times a day you should do it as well as the amount you should start out with and dont start off with to many or else it will just end up hurting you.

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