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 What's the quickest way to lose weight?

La la laaa!
How can i get a flat tummy by august?
I really want a flat tummy, my tummy at the moment isn't exactly over hanging, but i would just love to have a flatter tummy? Is there any ways i can get it?

el dogo
dont eat

dont eat anything for awhile
excersize occasionally

agreeing with the group on this one.Try puking.

1/ Try to avoid getting pregnant
2/ Sit ups

let a truck run on ur belly

Follow the fitness exercises in Seventeen Magazine!

eat then go for a run to burn of the food you just ate

The One, The Only
exercise ur waist. don't eat too much fatty foods, but there is a limit to what you can achieve since it all boils down to your genes

pls help this poor girl?

in fact people dont realise but if u dont eat. u are bound to put on more weight as your body cannot find the nutrients it gets from other foods so it just tries to make its own fatty nutrients and therefore makes you fatter.

get a gym contract and eat healthy. try walking to places instead of driving to them and running on the treadmill at gym. eat a lot of fruit and avoid carbs .

exercise daily. don't eat as much. ur body will get used to this after a week,

Even the GENIUS asks questions.
I don't have much of a tummy either but my lower abdomen is not entirely flat, LOL. So I myself have begun a diet. What I have done is buy healthy yet small snacks to eat during the day. I eat every 3 hours to keep my metabolism flowing and do cardio everyday. (I also try to include the weekends- at least fifteen minutes). I normally do 30 minutes a day and I burn about 250 calories. I don't use the treadmill, I don't know what machine it is I use but it kind of swings your arms and legs simultaneously (working out your arms as well). It's not much but it's better than doing nothing at all. Just remember- you cannot lose more than 2 pounds a week and don't change your diet completely- change how you eat and stay that way so decide a diet plan you will stick with because it's when people change and than go back that they gain double the weight!

It's pretty basic, 80% of weight reduction is diet...Soooo, eat better!

Lots of fruits, lots of veggies, eat fiber and lean protien. Apples, oranges, bananas, chicken breast, turkey, whole wheat breads, fish, greens (salads), whole wheat crackers and lighter cheeses. Eggs, nonfat milk, lots of water, etc. If your a girl, multiply your weight by 12 to get a rough number of calories you need in a day to maintain your weight, then cut that by 200 to 500 a day. So, for example, if you wiegh 120lbs you need about 1500 calories a day to maintain your weight, eat 1200 a day and you'll lose about 2-3 lbs a month.

Additionally, exercise is extremely important for all around health, and also weight loss. A 20 minute run a day will burn about 200 to 300 extra calories, increase your muscle mass and increase your body's ability to burn calories. Also, crunches and other ab exercises will tighten up your stomach muslces and improve your posture, which always makes your stomach look better.

Honestly though it is mostly diet, and look at it as a long range goal to be healthy, as opposed to a short term goal to look better. Do not beat yourself up if you go overboard with food or skip exercise in a while, it's fun to get healthy but NOT fun to diet, so don't think about it like that.

Last thing, don't drink soda. Non diet pop is horrible for you and literally wrecks your diet.

Good luck!

Core Training workouts + ab classes. Don't just work your abs. Try a low fat+low carb nutrition plan by eating oatmeal in the morning and staying off of the sweets, plus stacking up on protein, eating minimal milk and high fat cheeses. Basically, lots of meat and vegetables or egg whites. If you drink beer or liquor, try drinking less.

Try a 30-30-30 ab workout by doing 3 sets of (3 different types of sit-ups) =270 sit-ups.

Natasha :D
. dont eat alot of junk foods. or unhealthy foods. and everyday for a walk for a half hour to an hour. do crunches. and sit ups and go for a run/ walk. and juss work out. and like. dont be lazzy... it works. i have abs now! like NICE abs.
jk.. i rlly dont have abs..... but im starting to...JUSS starting to. haha. but my tummy is pritty flat.

My word.. I just went today.. Just around my block a few times.
It was heavenly!
Felt sooo good and i could feel my abs straining as I ran..
i only ran about twice around
but i mean.. every day like that? i think it'd work(:
((my goals to look better in a swimsuit:P))

Davey J
the way I do it is this...

1. you have to start working out doing crunches and other weights, look up 8 min abs on youtube or the p90x abcruncher on youtube, also general core exercises.

2. You must do cardio, running, and swimming are the best, you can also do general aerobics or bike riding

3. You have to eat right, I tend to go pretty extreme, I will go monday-thursday eating only veggies/fruits/meats, and then i eat some sweets and carbs on the weekends but not too much. By dieting mon-thurs only I don't get burned out on the diet.

You must do all three of these things, they work together and you will see results if you do all three, but u must do all of them together!

I am in the same predicament. What has been working for me is cutting out sugar and portion control. Drink lots of water, do cardio at least 3 times a week, and only do situps after cardio. Good luck!

This works for me:

Plan your meals and arrange into 6 meals then every three hours eat small meals this would really burn fat as this increases metabolism.

Trust me Works really well for me I got it right away just in 2 weeks.

Do Pilates, and don't eat fatty foods.

Running is always a good solution. A warning though, if your tummy was the first place you put on weight it will be the last place it comes off. How fast you lose fat is determined by how long it took to put it all on.

Eat alot of fruits and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Cut out all carbonated drinks (gas), drinks with high sugar and carbs. If you love your carbs so much, make alternative choices like whole grain bread, pasta etc.

Good luck!

Revii <3
Progress On sit ups =D
I do them Everyday and ive noticed a difference in 1 week or soo
But you have to do quite alot of them in a day and keep a balanced diet, (Y)

Jess S
core exercises.
try yoga and palates.
they work and they're stress relieving and a lot of fun. =]

sit ups! its best to do them in the morning before you've eaten anything because then your only burning fat instead of energy!
and try cutting out carbs because they make you bloat! x

Moi je joue
Just do workouts for your abdomen. Crunches etc.

Go for a jog 2 or 3 times a week, nothing really long, just enough to make you sweat. Then a few sit-ups 5 times a week aswel.
Youl be singing by August!!!

try setting yourself a goal each week. Maybe try loosing a couple pounds every few weeks by eating differently and going on jogs around your neighborhood.

try to eat healthy foods. avoid the temptation of fatty foods like fast food and chocolate etc. and do a decent amount of sit ups daily to your standards.

First off i would like to say that you dont have to be a size zero to be beautiful lol. But that instead of concentrating on you body image and weight so much. Concentrate on eating healthy foods. Health=Happy, and you will lose weight. Back to the basics lol, no more fast food, soda or chemical altered foods such as laffy taffys! =D

Core workouts! Core, and aerobic. Sit ups, ab work outs. And cutting carbs/sugar out of your diet.

Try Nutrisystem, or work out more often

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