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 Weight loss question...?
I'm 17, 5'4 1/2, and now weigh129 lbs. I want to lose a few to go down to about 120 to fit in a different size jeans. I'm not concerned with my weight really, it's just that I ...

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i weigh like 250 lbs.
but i like this guy in ...

 Im 16 and I weigh...HELP!!!?
I am 16 years old and weigh 173 lbs. and I want to weigh at the most 120-130 so i would have to loose anywhere between 40-50 lbs. how long will it take me to loose that much weight? or at least half ...

 I think i look too skinny- do you?

 Am i fat, normal, or skinny?
I am a 14 year old girl. I'm 4ft 11 and weigh 89lbs. What do you think? Please no rude remarks. If you have any advice, as if i should loose weight or gain weight, it would be much appreciated.<...

 am i fat?please answer. pics?
im really self consious about my body and i feeel overweight and im in grade 7. am i overweight? well do i look overweight?


 I'm 5'2" and 130 lbs, am I fat?
I'm curvy, I dont think I look fat.....

 How many pounds do u think i should lose before my stomach looks hot? "pics included"?


im very very insecure about my weight so dont be ...

 embarassing question but plez answer and no mean jokes plez?
ok so im 11 and i weigh 165 and im 5.4
am i over weight?...

 am i too fat? (picture) ten points best answer?

Am I too fat? how can i lose weight?
Additional D...

 Is this fat or muscle? ( pic included)?
I can never tell if my stomach has excess fat or if its just muscle :/
Additional Details
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3304243939/...

 What can I do to build a bigger butt?
I have a small butt, and i was wondering how i can get it bigger.. like alot bigger .
any suggestions?...

 Am I overweight? I keep getting different answers and different weights I should be??
Im now 14, 5'9 160 pounds

Should I be 100 pounds (somebody said this but It really seems awkward and anarexic)

Im going for 140 pounds being normal but I dont know if thats ...

 Am I fat? (pictures)?

I am about 13-14 and i weight around 120. I am 5'5''. Can you tell me?
Additional D...

 Can you take a quick survey by answering yes or no to the following question:?
could you live without eating ...

 tell the truth r u fat?
be ...

 What is your height and weight?
Are you happy with your weight?...

 My friend called me fat?
Lately my friend has been really nagative toward me. I bought a really cute top at hollister and she convinced me I look terrible in it. I got blonde highlights in my hair and she told me I should ...

 I'm 11 and I'm 94 pounds. is that WAY overweight?
I'm 12 in december....

 Is she model too thin??? Whats your opinion?
this is my favorite model!!! miranda kerr!!! do you think shes too thin??
is it gross how thin she is or does it look good??<...

Answers Melissa
How can Yahoo! Answers help you meet your fitness goals in 2010?
We know that getting in shape for the new year can sometimes be tough, so we want to lend a hand!

We're going to have a few of our fitness gurus answer a few of your questions (things like: "What are a few quick morning exercises that get my heart rate going?" "How can I calculate my BMI?" "What is BMI?" etc.) over the coming weeks on the Answers blog! Please ask your fitness related questions below!

As always, please be sure they follow the Answers Community Guidelines (http://answers.yahoo.com/info/community_guidelines) and please check with your medical professional before starting any new treatment or health routine. Please review the full disclaimer here (http://answers.yahoo.com/info/disclaimer).

For more information on the Answers fitness gurus, and getting fit, please visit the Answers blog: http://yanswersblog.com/index.php/archives/2010/01/11/lets-get-fit-yahoo-answers/

Otherwise, please post your question below! Remember, please keep your questions fitness focused!

Well, I have bought a couple of exercise videos. And I'm a pretty hard worker- black belt who got out of shape after a post-partum-related illness. The problem is that I have a foot injury that is taking several months to heal: plantar fascitis. In these videos, there's jumping or other impact exercises. Is there something I can substitute for jumping jacks and other jumping exercises, while still getting the cardio and muscular benefit?

Thanks for any info you can provide. :)

I'd like to know how to melt fat and get a 6 pack of abs while simultaneously building muscles, and what supplements and diets I would need.

Sweet Pea
I've heard that the "Vacuum Pose" is good if you want to loose say an inch off your waist in a short while. Is this a good and effective exercise? By itself?

If you closed down, I wouldn't be addicted and I could go excersise.

Ironically, by reminding yahoo answers visitors and contributors to take regular breaks from the computer/tv/social websites and engage in some form of activity involving large muscle groups.

take a walk, do a few crunches, stretch, do yoga, pushups or whatever suits you.

How can I control myself when craving carbs or sweets?

How can I lose weight after having a baby? More specifically losing the belly and getting it flat.

How can I exercise if I am very short on time?

I'd like to have answers to a number of things actually.....
1. Would someone please clear up the mind-boggling confusion over whether or not you should eat 3-square-meals a day, or "snack" every 2 hours and eat the equivalent of 4 to 5 "meals" a day?
2. I'd like to be able to ask/chat with a REAL nutritionist about calorie intake, and the whole "numbers game" of weight loss. Example: I know that you have to burn off roughly 32-3600 calories to lose a pound of fat. Everyone says you need to exercise to do this. Well what if you just eat 3600 calories less per week and don't exercise? Mathematically, the pound per week should come off - right?
3. With so many people telling you to eat this or eat that....who the hell is right? They can't all be right. Who do you listen to?

what is the most effective way to use an elliptical for weight loss?

Kool Aid
How can I get from an 8 pack to a 10 pack?

Phils World Series Champs 2010
y'all can send me emails to remind me not to eat that extra slice of cheese cake everyday.

Austin D
What are some practical fitness options for corporate employees? Some of those guys spend up to 10 hours in their offices. People are designed to be active, but sometimes our jobs make that impossible for us. We aren't a country of farm and factory workers anymore. We sit in offices and stare at computer screens. What are some easy ways to step back from the desk and get active, even if we have to do it at home?

I need help with eating healthy at school when all they sell is cheese fries and pizza!

I want to eat healthy but inexpensive foods.
And how much exercise do I need everyday so I could get a flat belly and thinner thighs?

Dood (7th account)
give me good strength building excercises

dɩsco never dɩed
You can pay for a pizza to go directly to my house twice a week.

how come food goes straight to my thighs?
what excersizes can i do to remove the fat?

A table of the most common foods that contain the most amount of calories, along with a table of the most common foods that contain the least amount of calories.

Beside each item of food it would be wise to list how many calories per 100 grams (or so)

This will help encourage people to change their diet, stay healthy and live a happy life.

I would like to know how to maintain most of the Diets on the Market at Work?

Most of the recipes I've encountered basically have to be eaten immediately, what are some good lunches that can be prepared at work to maintain those diets i.e. The Abs Diet of Men's Health by David Zinczencko.


Especially the Smoothies, they just don't taste that good if not consumed when made. Oh yeah, I've brought the Magic Bullet to work to make smoothies, a little inconvenient.

side note: Will there be someone from Men's Health Publication? maybe David

follow-up: If this question is selected, also about those 6 times a day eating. Oh yeah that works out nice when you at home but at work, 6 times eating. Body for Life, The Abs Diet suggest that.

What is the most healthy type of fruits and vegetables can I eat?

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ in the sky
I'd like to know what kind of foods I should avoid and what healthy foods I should buy while on a budget. Same with gym membership and/or sporting equipment because there has to be a cheaper alternative.

How can you get into shape without a gym membership or expensive at home equipment?

freak like ME- :)
Since it could be expensive to eat healthy ,
i would like to know the cheapest, healthiest foods .

What kind of diet or foods do you recommend and what kind of exersice?

How do I steer clear of starvation mode when trying to achieve a calorie deficit?

Richard R
Exercise and eat right for me while I enjoy my pizza.

How can I eat healthily but inexpensively and without too much time in the kitchen?

Fox = Truth Without sugarcoating
How the hell can answering questions online help my fitness?

Will Yamster be renting out his services as a personal trainer?
Can I pay him in food pellets?

Ummer Farooq
I should be a guru, the things I've learned and researched in the last 6 months - wow! Although I've spent loads of hours researching the net. And then applying it into my routine.

Ultimately, what I would need is more informations regarding the new methods. That is what are the general pitfalls and risks that newbies and professionals experience in between different types of exercises and martial arts and sports.

Because morning exercises and bmi is easy to find out. What we also need is to know how to motivate oneself to push beyond our comfort levels. For me, motivation has always come from looking at well designed sports videos like this one:


But that wasn't until someone who I respected as a knowledgable old man, told me that he was still strong because he was a boxer in his young age.

So, I guess we could ask the people who do they look up to, and what type of sports did those folks did as a youth.

Also for you guys to make a review of the most cost/time/health/minimal-risk effective methods of getting fit, or getting to a certain weight level, or towards a certain type of professionalism in a sport/martial/fitness. And make that blog headlined in the sports section so people can give an answer/review back to it.

Also a full up blog/review about sports nutrition, from eastern to western methods, to organic to what not. From bone and joint conditionity, to concentrated nutrition.

What I would also like from yahoo answers is surveys of yahoo answer users of what type of sports/activity they do. And for yahoo answers to make section reports of the type of questions being made over time... unless if you already do that.

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