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How can I lose over 30lbs in a month?

You can't. I don't even think by not eating you could lose that much in a month.

Good luck with that. *Snorts*

Elizabeth Gibson

It's possible. My mom lost 35 pounds in one month. All she did was cut out all sweets. She ate yogurt for breakfast and skipped lunch and rarely ate dinner. If she ate dinner, it was only about 3 teaspoons full of whatever we were eating. She did about 80-100 crunches on her Ab-Loungerr every day. She was constantly walking around malls and stores to help her loose weight. She also carried a water bottle with her everywhere she went.

you can do what i did i was trying to loose weight for high school a few years ago and every day i ate ONLY 3 times a day and i drank something called dieter's drink tea its green tea and it really works i lost over 20 pounds but you can loose your 30 if you drink it more consistantly.

hope this helps!

Praise Him
30 lbs. in a month is dangerous. Plus it's hard to reach. Try a more obtainable goal like 2 lbs per week. Then exercise and eat healthy. But be careful not to go under 1000 cal a day or your metabolism will be put on hold as your body tries to correct the problem. Your plan will then backfire. good luck.

you can't and you wont.

In three months it is possible, with a hell of a lot of discipline, cutting out all junk food and starting to exercise daily for 20 min.

You will easily lose 10 pounds per month with my system. Safely and effectively.

if your really committed.
wheatabix special K or musli and a glass of mil water or orange juice.
raisins or apple bottle of water/oasis
fruit salad/salad bottle of water/oasis
chicken and vegetable kebabs
carrot sticks or fruit

that will help you lose some weight

workout :
stretches and warm up
10 minute jog
3x 1 minute sprint
skipping 5 x 2 minute sets in between you will do star jumps for 30 seconds and in between the other set you can do either 10 press ups or crunches for 30 seconds.

perhaps you could go swimming for even just 3 times a week for just half an hour to an hour

now for weight exercises get a good set of weights that arent heavy because you only want to tone your muscles not build them!

now start of with simple bicep curls 3 sets of 10
then do 30 crunches
3 sets of 10 lateral raise
20 crunches or 10 press ups
put the dumbells by your side and just lean to your left them your right this will get rid of your love handles :)
then do 30 crunches

hope i helped!

Kevin C
Crack. LOL On a serious note, that is dangerous.

cut off a few limbs...maybe puke a bit...lol


Unless you turn to something completely unhealthy there isn't a good chance you could drop that much weight in such a short amount of time.

Just eat healthy foods and try to exercise everyday.

If you do diet pills or some extreme diet you will most likely just screw up your metabolism and gain all the weight back (plus probably more).

well a fist full a meal would help you lose (approx.) 10 pounds in 3 months but idk about ur question

Daniel Baylis
Losing 30lbs. is a very unhealthy goal for losing weight. You need to lose weight gradually and not all at one time or it may cause damage to organs. Also fad diets are not they way to go. Starving yourself will cause your body to fuel itself on your muscles and other organs. Although fad diets lead to fast weight loss, in the long run it will catch up to you. Starving yourself causes your body to lose calories much too fast when it needs them for certain body activities. Your body is SMARTER and eventually it will slow down your metabolism and any consumption of calories will be stored as fat, which well lead to excessive skin. In order to lose weight healthily I suggest a low-fat diet combined with cardio and weight training. Cardio 3-4 days a week for at least 20 minutes per training session. And weight training for 2-3 days a week for 30-45 minutes per training session. Also a high fiber diet will help with digestion and is a major compenet of weight loss. It also suppresses appetitie, filling you up after very small portions. Also, DRINK LOTS OF WATER, aim for 6-8 cups a DAY. Whenever you feel hungry have a glass of water first your body may be tricking you into feeling like your hungry when your actually thirsty. And always eat breakfast, it is by far the most important meal of the day. Your body has been at rest for 7-9 hours and it now needs nutrients to fuel your body and start up your metabolism. Without eating a healthy breakfast your metabolism will slow and store food as fat. Also eat 6 small meals a day with high protein and complex carbohydrates. Stay away from sugary foods as they will later be turned into BAD FATS if not burned. Try to consume a low amount of fat grams, around 20-30 a day for optimal results. If you follow these directions you will contribute to a healthier lifestyle and will be much less stressfull and have a better overall attitude on life.

well it will be hard. But one way is to eat only 1000 calories or a little less a day. Dont starve yourself cause that can make you sick. plus exercise will help. If you want to talk just message me.

that is..... unhealthy. Don't. Do it over a period of time.

JoJo Circut
well i don't know about 30lbs but i can tell you, With south Beach diet, you can lose up to 10lbs (or more, but results vary) in 2 weeks; technically there are four weeks in every month so that's like 20lbs in a month... hope i could help!

Tiffany Hernandez
i found a diet in a magazine its called turbo juice diet, you can lose up to 10 lbs a week. here it is, drink big glass of V8 juice for breakfast, then for lunch 4 oz canned chicken or tuna, 1 tsp mayo chopped veggies to taste mix and roll in one large lettuce leaf. for4 dinner drink another glass of V8 juice 8-10 oz, 4 oz shrimp or chicken 1/2 cup of brown rice 2 cups mixed veggies stir fried in 2 tsp olive oil with seasoning and hot sauce to taste. by fallowing this diet u can lose up to 10 lbs a week. follow it no cheating and u can snack on some apples and melon or pears, and some raw veggies all u want. i hope this helps good luck on ur journey.

30lbs is a little unrealistic without surgery, medical help or seriously harming your body. A healthy weight loss is no more than 2-3lbs a week. Diet and exercising would be your best bet. There are a ton of sites online that can tell you how many calories you should eat a day for your height and current weight to lose weight. I would also recommend interval training, which for me has helped me lose weight combined with dieting. Sprint for 1-1:30min and then walk for 3 minutes and repeat 3 times. Do this 3-4 times a week. Easy workout and helps to supposedly train your body to burn fat on a regular basis rather than sugar. Don't know how scientifically true that is, but its helping me lose weight better than normal jogging for 2-3miles a day.

Lipo or Tummy Tuck! I do not think that there is a healthy diet and fitness regime that would help you lose 30 pounds in a month. Is there a particular event or trip you are trying to lose the weight for?

It is not safe to do so, or sustainable. Two pounds a week or less is safe. There is no easy or fad way to do it. You take off more in the first weeks because it is a shock to your system.

See a doctor make sure you are up to it; exercise more, eat less, and healthy; otherwise you will gain it back.

im sorry to tell the very unfortuneate truth but it is very unhealthy to lose then more then 3 pounds a week

my tip would be to exercise and also cut down on your calories
if you have an iphone or itouch it has an app lose it!
it really good and free it gives you a calorie budget you stick to that you will definitely lose weight trust me it helped and you will be able to keep it off
but if you want it for a special occasion get like a seaweed wrap it can help you look thinner for a day or two
hope i helped

oh yeah lots of water

Lakers Fan
Hi!!! Try to use the treadmill or one of those bike machines at least 30 minutes a day. Every morning start with drinking a cup of water and a walk in your neighborhood. During lunch time make a healthy low carb lunch, and stay away from any chocolate cakes. Do not eat too many food before 2-3 hours of your sleeping hour. Hope this advice helps. (It helped me.) If it doesn't work call 1-800-Get-Slim

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Eat properly (make sure you get your daily vitamins and such), but don't over eat. Limit the calories you get per day to the recommended value. Exercise will not only build muscles that help burn away fat, but as you sweat, you also lose a lot of water weight. (Don't become dehydrated though).

You can try reading up on this to help monitor your calories: http://nutrition.about.com/od/changeyourdiet/a/calguide.htm



DON'T go on a "diet" as others have suggested. Diets never work. You end up putting back the pounds or more. Losing weight (and keeping it off) is a lifestyle change.

Well, 30lbs in a month is a ridiculous goal! It is not healthy to loose that much weight in so little time
But my advise to loose the most weight in a short amount of time is to exercise, eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water!

Bob S
And keep it off? I've done it once before and it was extremely difficult.

Cut all the fatty foods out of your diet. All of them. Stop drinking soda. Cut way down on sugar. Diet juice, diet tea, water, skim milk, and coffee is about all you can have.

Always eat a satisfying, but healthy breakfast. A healthy lunch. And frankly, skip dinner. If you have to, eat a small snack. Try to keep yourself occupied or your hunger will take over.

Exercise. Try to run a few miles 4-5 days a week. Do as many crunches as you can in one sitting. And then do it again a few minutes later. Do that 6-7 days a week.

Sticking with it is the hardest. Once you lose the 30 lbs you can start eating healthy dinners. Keep exercising and then get into weight training, and it should stay off and your metabolism should adjust.

By the way, if you're extremely obese, losing thirty lbs won't require very much--just walk a mile a day. If you're just slightly overweight, this is a good start.

"The real deal is that even when absolutely everything is perfect, and that includes diet, program and motivation, you can only lose three pounds of fat per week. Thats all the body can physically metabolize, everything beyond that is muscle or water. So if you do lose more than three pounds per week you will either get a bounce back from water levels or you will be a weaker and smaller (but still fat) version of your old self. See why the 30 pounds in 30 days people piss me off? Its just not right. If your 50 pounds overweight be prepared to put in 4-5 hard months work to get to your goals."



Wish you luck though but don't over do it.

You couldn't even lose that much with gastric bypass. That's unrealistic. Sorry.

Wow, don't think there is a way, unless you get lipo, even then i'm not sure.

Just eat healthy, excersise, don't eat at night, drink only water.
Then all you can do is hope for the best!

Good Luck!

eat healthy with 4-5 small meals and work out but its not healthy to lose that much weight in a month

well, in some months that would be a pound a day, which is REALLY unrealistic. I would go for a bit less intense goal. You shoukd give your self at least 2 months for 30 pounds

go on the biggest loser...do a fat march....cut off a leg...

idk more seriously...try going for a good run every morning you'd be amazed what that will do...eat healthier...everyone says eat 6-8 small meals throughout the day (just sounds like snacking to me!)

you might need to invest in a personal trainer if its serious enough...if its just what you want to do...i'd suggest make the change in your lifestyle and not worry about burning off that much in such a short time...if the weight is dissapearing it is dissapearing how fast doesnt matter...

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