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 how is it possible to weigh less in the morning, when nothing left your body?
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 I'm 13 and weigh 144 lbs. Am I fat?
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i'm scared that i'm fat! I'm almost 14. Is this normal?

Please be honest! And if u think i'm fat, give me ...

 eating before or after exercise?
i am going to start going running with a friend, she works until late so we will be going running at around 8pm.
i get home around 5pm, so would it be a better idea for me to eat when i get home ...

 Am i over weight???????????????
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 how can I lose 10 pounds with out taking pills?
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 Am I Too Fat Or What?
Im 14
And Aroud 108 pounds
Should I Lose Weight
If So How much??


Additional Details
oh im a ...

 will i lose my curves if i starve??
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 Is htis a normal wieght?
5 foot 7
14 year old girl
123 pounds.
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 Do you think i'm fat? Honest opinions please..?
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i weigh 123..
i think i'm really fat..
i want to lose atleast like 15 pounds..
what do you think?
i want honest opinions on the two pics &...

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 Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
title explains itself lol.

and if so, how many ??...

 am i skinny, average or fat?
i weigh 82 pounds and i am 4'7 thnx bye <33 :D
Additional Details
i am 12 years old ;]...

 Does my bf think I am fat?
I jokingly insinuated to my bf that he did not find me attractive because I am fat. He replied by saying "that isn't true, you aren't that fat!" and he was serious as a heart ...

 Tell the truth! Am I fat?!?! hehe?
is this fat 155 pounds and 5,5, what tips should I do to lose weight?...

 What's the quickest way to lose weight?

 How can I learn how to do the splits?
i been wanting to do this for a while can anyone do the splits?...

 How can I gain weight within two weeks?
I'm really small, and I want to get a butt before school.
And/or any fat around my body just to not look anorexic;
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How can I loose weight?
I am 15 years old and weigh 107.

I gained weight after my parents got divorce, I miss the skinny
I want to loose weight in my core, legs, and arms EVERYWHERE.

I'm also going to go on a diet.
But I don't get how to loose weight and burn fat.
I have a comunity gym I've been going to.

I don't know how many calories to burn, how
much to work out.
I would appreciate if you could give me all the information
you could!
Additional Details
I know I'm not overweight.
But I don't like the extra fat I carry.

im 11 and weigh a lot more. ur not fat. eat a lot. u need to gain weight.

Emotional defects. Sorry

RCPD Expl. Captain Beckner
Your not over weight.
I am 15.
Your not over weight....

you do not need to lose a pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

please don't...

but if you want to firm up take yoga/pilates classes with a friend, they're realxing and FIRMING!!!!!!!!! DON'T LOSE ANOTHER POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EWWW, PLZ!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!


nick k

yenis argueta
diet and exercise

3500 calories = 1lb

Meaning, eat 3500 calories more than you burn in 1 week and you'll gain 1lb. Vice versa.

To lose a pound a week, you'll have to be 3500 calories below what you need. Meaning more exercise and a little less food.
You can lose up to 2lbs per week safely. Good luck.

Okay well what you need to do is get help from your parents. You will need to eat 500 calories less than what you normally eat and exercise for about a half hour each day. Stay away from foods with bad fats (saturated and trans) and foods that are high in carbohydrates (pasta, rice). I know it sounds cliche but eat a lot of veggies and fruits and drink lots of water, especially while you're having your meal to trick you stomach into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have.

• Just keep it simple... here's how:-

1) Eat more steam food, lean meat, vegies and fruits

2) Cut out the junk food, soda drinks and snacks

3) drink plenty of water / green tea

4) Exercise - look at combining weights and cardio into your program. you can look at alternating upper and lower body exercises without rest, say bicep curls, then lunges , rest and repeat. With cardio, try sprinting 100m, jog 100m and repeat.

Here's a review link to a program

Useful articles there too.

5) Have 5-6 healthy meals a day(1 plate portions) to keep your body satisfied

6) if you have cravings drink water or eat fruits
here's an article to a healthy diet

7) have an action plan for long term goals, start off with small goals and increase it gradually over time. Get your parents involved to live a healthy lifestyle and be active. Doing it together is better then going it alone!

Good luck
You're probably too young to lift weights, so I would suggest running, jogging, and walking for exercise. You could also rollerblade, bike, jump rope... anything that will get your heart pumping.

Avoid foods that are high in sugars: candy, soda, cookies, and other sweets. Also avoid foods that are high in fats, especially fried foods (like french fries and chicken nuggets from fast food places, and potato chips.) Try not to eat a lot of salty foods.

Drink milk every day, and lots and lots of water.

For snacks, eat fruit, cheese that isn't too high in fat (like cheddar or even string cheese), light yogurt, fat free pudding... Switch to wheat bread instead of white. Eat at least a couple servings of vegetables per day (they'll fill you up but are low in calories).

You don't really need to know that much about carbohydrates, etc. You probably already know which foods are healthy and which ones aren't so good. Just use your common sense and don't eat until you are so full you can barely move :) Good luck!


Pok3R KinG
you really dont sound overweight, at all, but if you truly feel that way the best way to go is running. it slims your whole body down not just certain parts, if you do long distance running. and this might sound strange but Ddr (dance dance revolution) is a great way to loose pounds. i lost like 20 pds by playing that, and you can even do a workout mode if u want on there. hope i helped.

idk im sry but im sure yo aint even fat but good luck im 15 too

♥ stephhiee babyy(: ♥
Personally I think you are really skinny. But I am not going to be rude so here is my advice, I would do what your doing just go no a diet and eat really healthy. Go to a gym work out, run on the treadmill etc. etc. etc. maybe you could try out for track and field or cross country so you could run some of those pounds off. Good luck!! Hope this helps!! ♥♥ ^_^

Brittney the awesome.
dont worry about the calories and burning them and what not
just eat right
and exercise
and the extrea weight will come off
dont starve yourself or get crazy with counting calories

try exercising
and just to let you know, you are not fat. im 13 and i weigh 140 and im not even fat. (well a little chubby, but cetainly not fat)

with lots of motivation.
remember, you are still very young. so you have to be careful. don't do anything like trying to starve yourself or throwing up after meals. That'll ruin your body, and you wanna live a long time right? Especially after you gain your skinny self again.
your body needs proper nutrition. manage your diet by eating good foods. including lots and lots of vegetables and fruits, which will give you lots of fiber! and fiber is great for digestion. If you're serious about this, then you've gotta cut out the junk food. Or eat less and less of it.
Stay on a regular exercising schedule.
Don't forget, you're are veerryy young to be too concerned about this. You're still going through that awkward age, because you're still growing. And in order to grow your body needs to gain some weight to keep up with it. So be safe!
It won't happen as fast as you hoping for it to. But good things come with time~ so be patient and stick to it!

You should check out websites such as:

you can also go to www.google.com and search different criteria!! Good Luck... i have found the south beach diet to be the most useful and well working one... and i have been searching for a good diet for a long time!! Good luck and i'm sorry to hear about your parents divorice!!

test pilot
The simple and healthy way to lose weight is just eat a balanced diet, staying away from sweets and junk foods while getting a moderste amount of daily exercise. Don't overdo it as it can have the effect of discouragement when you get disappointed with the results. Just realize that healthy weight loss is a slow and gradual process. The best results are obtained by being consistent and patient. Most weight loss programs that produce faster results are not effective in the long run as the weight will be put back on and many times additional weight will also be regained. Just keep in mind that with any weight loss program it is advisable to consult with your doctor or other medical professional such as a professional dietician before beginning any program.
PS.... you didn't say how tall you are which is very important to whether or not you even need to consider dieting. Unless you are very short (like less than 5') you are not overweight and it could be unhealthy for you to lose weight. Ask a doctor or pharmacist for a weight / height comparison chart to show you exactly what your ideal weight should be.

i hate to wonder what you weighed before that is really small!!!! you should not even think about losing more weight but if you try just eat fruits and veggies..not junk food.

First you could lose one of the O's on loose, that will lose some weight. Just kidding!
Get a book on Calories, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Make a list of the foods with the lowest Cal's and carbs, design your own meals, or go to your public library and check out some of the different diets books.
Most important! Run, Run, and Run, and when your tired of Running, Run some more!

if you weigh 107 pounds and you are 15 years old sure enough you do not need to lose any weight it is not healty to be worried about dieting and loseing weight if you would like to feel more healthy just eat healthy foods and find a physical activity that you can enjoy that you can do every day

back off the sweets and fat stuff and exersize

baby don't hurt me
that depends on how tall you are... if you're 3 feet, than yeah, go on a diet and get some exercise.... i weighed the same as you when i was 15 and 5ft.2in... you can exercise to tone your body but i wouldn't recommend losing any weight...

* Breakfast at Tiffany's *
A pound is about 3,500 calories and if you take in 3,500 more than what your body needs, than you're going to gain a pound. If you use up 3,500 calories than you will lose a pound. I'm also trying this new thing where I keep my calorie intake under 1,000 and I try to dance 1 hour every night. So far it's working and I've lost about 10 pounds since Halloween!!! Good luck!!!

when you find out how to lose weight, let me know the secret please....just kidding...i dont know...lol good luck
you sound like you might be worrying about something too soon in your life..i may be wrong, it wouldnt be a 1st .but good luck dear!

Caroline B
it doesnt sound like u need to loose weight at all, but if u really find the need, i would suggest to run, and some pushups, and just eat healthy, dont worry and good luck!

you can constantly drink water every hour (cold water preferably) and eat 3/4 of what you're eating right now, no junk food, eat on time.. and running/jogging is the easiest and best way to lose fat all around your body, plus its gonna tone your leg muscles, I wouldn't do swimming if I were u, it'll make your shoulders bulky

Don't eat bread or sugar treats-eat apples!

don't eat all that turkey :)

Look Out
stay away from bread, pastry etc.
eat meat, veggies, cucumbers, apples carrots,salads with lettuce and tomato and whatever else you throw on a salad no croutons, don't eat after 7pm eat many snacks of carrots ,celery, cucumbers.fruit, etc
You'll not lose for two weeks and then it will began slowly to come off 1-3 lbs a week then plateau for awhile and start again.
Babies take 9 months so give yourself the same amount of time to lose keep walking or join an aerobics group at the gym.
At 107 lbs you don't seem too heavy. Get a chart for your height and see what it suggests for your weight.

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