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College Kid
How can I eat slower? ?
Can anyone give me tips on how to eat slower, since middle school I had a bad habit of eating food very fast.

i use to have this habbit (i tried to race my bro when i was a kid). it was hard at first - but eventually works. try chewing slower (you are suppose to have 20 chews per mouthful before swallowing) and drink a glass of water in between (it will make you feel fuller too). good luck.

1. take larger portions of food this way it'll take you longer to eat it.
2. bring the fork to your mouth slower.
3. dont eat at all.

mike g
count how many times you chew your food .You are supposed to chew it 20 times, that should slow you down

talk between bites, take your time cutting up your food and chewing then swallowing, often take breaks to sip your drink, and you should be good to go :]

michael c
get a timer

if you are a righty eat with your left and if you are a lefty eat with your right

I found cutting my food up smaller, using smaller plates (also darker) and putting my fork down between bites helps a lot. It also helps you enjoy each bite even more.

Try multitasking. Talk and eat (not at the same time lol), look around and eat, think and eat, stare at your food and eat, examine your food, pretty soon you'll spot something that might get you wondering for a couple seconds thus eating slower. Lol. Or eat in the beach or an area with a lot of hot girls so you can stop and stare at them. Bring sunglasses so you don't get caught. But if you do get caught, then that would greatly increase your time to finish what you're eating.

Good luck bro!

when you eat, sit down with a glass of water and have a drink in between mouthfuls of food

talk during a meal it will slow you down
or eat with chop sticks lol:P

after every bite put your fork down and chew

cout to ten before you put more food in your mouth


cout to ten before every bite

Bring your fork or spoon to your mouth slower?

Put smaller portions of food in your mouth at a time, and don't gulp everything down. Savor it.

Cut your food up into pieces and then eat it. It will make you full faster and eat slower. Hey, talking about stuff would help too!

Eat a little bit, stop and talk to your friends or whoever, then eat again, talk, continue this routine it usually helps.

I have always eaten slow. Since babyhood. You need to chew each bite until it is mashed. Take a breath between each bite. Some times now even I have to tell myself to take a deep breath. Just make sure you don't have food in your month when you breathe.

don't eat so fast?

Vegas Baby!
drink a BIG glass of water before you eat.

Eat small bites, put your fork/spoon down between bites, chew - chew like you mean it! Savor it!

cindy h
One way is to put down your utensil after each bite, another way is to concentrate on chewing your food up. Some people actually count up to 25 chews before they swallow, however that will get old very quick. You can also cut up your food beforehand and make sure you've cut small bites.

You just eat slower..I don't understand. How do you eat slower? By eating slower...How is this a question? You just take a bite ...chew slower and swallow and wait before the next bite...Don't scarf it...Put your fork down between bites

Talking a lot helps you eat slower.

I talk a lot when i eat with my family, and at the end I end up finishing 5 minutes after my whole family.

Mrs J
Put your fork down - or sandwich, whatever you are eating - after every bite. Just that will slow you down a little bit.

Force yourself to chew each bite 20 times. Your digestion will be better. You will have less heartburn and you will eat less.

Chew eat bite till it's miniscule and basically liquid. Then swallow. Do this before picking up your next bite. That ought to slow you down quite a bit and you'll only eat til you're full, as your stomach will have time to register your food intake :)

Chew each bite 25 times

Micah C
do a push up after every bite :DDD

you have to remember that the digestive process starts in the mouth with the salive, make sure you chew it up a bit, i'm pretty sure that makes you healthyier and slwer, plus if you eat slower than you eat less to.

what you should do issss set up what your gonna eat and give yourself small healthy snacks in between meals like carrots or yummy peanut butter with apples mmm mm healthy can be good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i've sidetracked -_-

Jessica E
stop shoveling like ur in prison

--- count your chews, set your silverware down after every bite, take a drink of water after setting down the silverware.

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