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Healthy to eat McDonald's daily?
I eat Subways and McDonalds for two meals a day. The example I am going to use is eating a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki footlong on Italian which is about 600 calories or so and then McDonalds for dinner with a large fries and 4 chicken nuggets.

The total falls below 2000 calories.
Please tell me what you think about eating like this. It is only two large meals a day; will I start gaining weight or fat?

Subway is OK, but Mcdonalds is the worst place on earth, NOTHING at Mcdonalds is healthy, not even the salad, if i were you i would stop eating at Mcdonalds, Macdonalds is Americas excuse to being fat

yeahh. Watch the movie "supersize me."
youll learn alot from it.

Have you seen Supersize Me? :)
Watch it before you think of doing anything like that!

i think you are a very smart person and you know that eating McDonalds and subway
daily is going to make you into a plump person

~The Pandagal~
even if you are under you calorie intake, you will still won't have the proper portions of each food group such as veggies and fruits. McDonals and fast food is ok if you don't eat it constantly and if you work out and eat healthy besides on those special occasions.

Sstarstruck ‚ô•
Hi =]

I wouldn't keep this routine up because it will just make you bored of it if you are try going for the more healthier option and belive me a diet coke isn't that i heard somewhere that it doesn't do much eighther you can have it and have the healthy option too like maybe one day you can have the treat and the other the healthy option and after that if you burn it off later on by jogging,going to the gym,dancing ?

good luck x-x-x

Groovy Giraffe Wheels
I suggest you start eating some vegetables and fruit more. Go to the grocery store and get fresh veggies and fruits. Make sure you don't eat too much fast food in general.

fat which puts your weight up consierably if you try to have two healthier home meals for these youy will soon see that your weight goes down and that is because you loose fat.

tinker bell
yes, it is not healthy to do this. number one is that you have to have certain proportions of food a day and skipping breakfast to eat subway and mcdonalds is not healthy.

Hey! It's Jes!
That is not healthy. Try eating 3 meals a day with a snack in between. Plus, you'll get sick of what Subway and Micky D's has on their menu. Variety is good.

in this case, your fat and salt intake matters. you should try to cut the McDonalds Daily. fries and nuggets are known to have a lot of fat and sodium on them, and that can lead to excess fluid retention and increased blood pressure. in other words, it's bad for you!

definitely not healthy at all!!! eating like that for a long time could make the arteries get all clogged up.

didn't you see Supersize me. totally unhealthy

No that is a horrible diet plan for many reasons. Most obvious ones are: you're not getting enough variety in your diet, you're only eating twice a day, you're not getting enough fruits and vegetables, you're eating too much processed foods including white bread.

Try having fruits and vegetables be your primary source of carbs and then eat lean meats for protein and vegetable oils to get your fats.

‚ô•Baby Cakes‚ô•
why dont you go to the grocery store pick up some hea;thy food. and mke it. if your too lazy for that then buy some microwavable food. it doesnt matter if you will get fat but you will definetely be unhealthy. which can lead to heart problems and aving a shorter life span.

it depends how many cals you should have per day.....i am guessing your male, so likely you will need more than a female.....you can find out your daily calorie allowance on the site link i have given! its very easy to do, and if your subs and McDs are within it with your other meals, then i would say it wont make you fat, but at the same time, variety is good, and low cholestorol, and i think these fast foods may not be good in that way

You run more risks than just gaining weight by eating out all the time. You are lacking in the in the nutrients your body needs by eating fried/processed food!

You need fruits and vegetables to fight off diseases and lower your risks for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and many more!

Surely Subway is better than Micky Dees but you really should reconsider!

.... It is definitely not healthy to eat mcdonalds everyday. Subway is much healthier. And plus, it's not just about the calories. Some of the things on the menu have abnormal amounts of sodium (salt), saturated fat, and even trans fat, which is absolutely terrible for you. Just watch the movie "Supersize Me" and you won't feel compelled to eat at mcdonalds again for the rest of your life.

I wouldn't do it. It depends on how active you are. If you're extremely active you may need more than just 2000 calories. If you don't do much each day you may only need around 1200 calories, so it's hard to say.

13th Floor
Whether or not you start getting fat (which depends a lot on your age and personal metabolism) this is an unbalanced meal plan. You are getting too much 'fats' and empty carbs. No, this diet wouldn't kill you - at least not for a long time, but you really need a lot more fruits and vegetables in your diet. In fact, it would be healthiest if they comprised the majority of your diet with only small pieces of meat, chicken or fish daily. Subway isn't too bad, but that McDonald's meal sounds very unhealthy (should only have something like that on rare occasions.)

Yes! regardless McDonald's is junk food and it is very unhealthy for your body! its fine once in a while but not everyday! Verrrrrry Verrrrrrry BAD!

I eat 1 mcdonalds or a subway a month. You will weigh a ton in no time if you carry on like that

McDonald's is very unhealthy. If you can see the movie super size me.

It would probably be better to eat subway twice a day.

If you don't exercise you can start gaining weight. How much fat is in the food? If it's very high in fat I think it could lead to heart problems.

God no!

calories are not the key to being healthy.

you will feel awful, turn flabby, and have digestive problems.

Mcd's is not healthy food, low cal or not, it doesnt have the rest of the nutrients you need

Eating McDonald's on a daily is definitely NOT healthy. You're better off with Subway. If you haven't seen Super Size Me, I seriously suggest you do.

It worked for Michael Phelps.

ok yes you can eat McDonalds everyday unless you want an artery clog then go ahead why not?

This is still bad for you because of the Carbs/Sodium/Colesterol intake

a dinner with only large fries nad 4 nugget aint healthy for u... u need vitamins from fruits and vegies

There isn't much nutrition in fast food even if the calorie count isn't high! NO it's NOT good for you at all!

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