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Have I over-eaten today so far?
Breakfast: Two pieces of toast and a banana

Lunch: 1/2 Sandwich and two Oreo cookies

And for dinner I'll probably eat an apple or something.

Am I good for today?
Additional Details
Not trying to be funny =/

Recovering anorexic, actually.

passion for fashion

mee <3
that's less than what you should be eatting! eat some protein and vegetables

That's what you call UNDER EATING!
It is not healthy to under eat

gators biggest gator
are you good for today?.im getting tired of reading questions asking this..............how do we know if youve over eaten....we dont kow what size you are,everyone is different,some people need less calories than others,you havent said what your trying to achieve or anything..........put it this way,when you eat your apple for dinner,if your still hungry then you need to eat more,why not have a good dinner & then go for a walk or do some exercises,that would be the same as just eating the apple.

Christine M
you should have eaten the whole sandwich. Breakfeast is ok although you could have an egg maybe with it. And you need more than an apple for dinner...maybe some type of meat and veggie?‚ô•

No you have not over eaten at all. What was on your sandwich?

I would eat some veggies and lean meat at dinner if you can.. you need some more protein and some veggies.

ur doin fine =)

Lard Tacos: The Rebirth
Yes you're fine. That's not over eating by any means. Stop worrying.

Gina S
You're joking right?
If you actually are a recovering anorexic than I am glad that you are actually eating now. This is a good start to getting back on track but it's not enough food for someone. You need to eat more than that if you want to eat the proper amount. That's fine for breakfast but you should at least eat the whole sandwich and only eating an apple for dinner is not healthy.

Are you anorexic? This is the diet of an anorexic., You should be eating more and definitely more protein. You will starve on this diet and become unhealthy.

Jack B
Are you trying to lose , or gain weight ? So far today , you have eaten around 850 calories . What was in the sandwich ?

No eat more r u crazy just eating that, if u only eat lke that everyday then u r sooo not healthy

well you defiantly haven't overeaten.

ur under eating... i would say i kind of suffered from an eating disorder a few years back..i honetly wouln't eat anything at all soem days... :( but NOW!! I've come to accept my beautiful self :) lol

i think youre UNDER-eating ¬¬
no wayyy is that 2000 calories.
you should eat a bit more for lunch
and then eat a LOT more for dinner, - like a proper meal. =]

Renee B
your not over eating your probally under eating

Ant Boogie
so idk, around 600 calories?

that is fine.....IF YOU WEIGH 50 LBS

you have to get your calories up somehow, to be healthy.

Overeat? Hun, you're under eating.

A healthy person should not have under 1000 calories per day. Believe it or not, your body really does burn A LOT of calories in one day. Plus if you don't have enough calories in a day, you're not getting the nutrition you need to support your body. You're missing out on a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. Protein is especially important because it has important amino acids that your body needs to use to repair itself and make new cells.

For dinner I think you should have more than an apple. You're on your way to becoming anorexic and malnourished. Try for dinner a piece of lean grilled chicken breast, a nice salad with low fat dressing, and steamed vegetables.

Maybe have a whole sandwich for lunch, and include more fruit.

Did you know if you don't eat enough, you can actually GAIN weight? Your body holds onto everything you eat, and stores it as fat, because it doesnt know when its next meal will be. Your metabolism slows, you get sick, and unhealthy. Food is not bad if you eat right.

Isabella. ©
Yes your good. Instead of Oreos try something healthier like grapes..

Far too many carbs. Increase the protein, add more fruit and vegetables and you can eat a whole lot more. Everything you are eating is geared to put on weight.

depends on the quantity of each of your meals

Honestly, to make you feel better I'll let you know what I ate today.

bagel, nutrigrain bar, vanilla wafers, turkey sub, pretzels, and so much more.

don't worry. if anyone will be overweight on yahooanswers, it will be me.

Nobody. Special.
That's TOO little, hun you're eating like me, actually I eat a bit more and I have an Eating Disorder.... DO you have one? Email me =/ [if you'd like]

ahhhhhh nonono NO......you should have ditched the two oreo cookies and then eaten rice with chicken would have filled you up and would have had less sugar and less simple carbs....but yeah your doing well for a well for a recovering anorexic!!! good luck

you are under eating

Sarah Danielle
Definitely not over-eating, I think you've probably got that from the massive influx of replies.
I just wanted to say best of luck with your recovery... I hope you can get all the help and support you need, and that you can find life without anorexia.

ummm wow thats not over eating lol

uhhh you are WAY under eating.. or just trying to be funny..

 é…• á…ź ě
Hope your taking vitamins, your diet is lacking. you need more

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