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*Eternal Dreamer*
Has anyone here tried the special k challenge?
Did you loose any weight and what did you eat for dinner?

I have tried it and i barley changed! i lost 1 kilo in 3 weeks!
I find that just eating mostly healthy stuff not buying take-away can do a better job than that!

omg yes. i am 14.. i was consious about my weight,
buy the special k cereal. i like the strawberry kind.
the special k bars. again strawberry, or the chocolate or the vanilla is rlllllyyyy good. and then buy the special k2-oh. the water is SOOOOOOOOO good. it just tastes like juice.
i used to weigh 160-170 and i now weight a nice 140.

-i am 5'9".
so height may be a difference.
but you also have to exercise. even a fast walk around the block once or twice is just fine.


tortured artist.
i always wondered this too

well i've tried it tastes really good!
but i didnt know its for loosing weight....lmaoo well it makes a very good breakfast and closes ur appetite...soo the only way u'll know is by trying it.

yeahhhh at first i lost a good amount of weight. but after a while i didn't. and for dinner i would just eat like a salad or soup!

yeah i tried but it doesnt work. i ate it for two weeks straight in the morning only and i ate regular lunch and dinner but after two weeks i got soo sick of it.


Techno Alien
nope i never did. i know someone who did. but lost 120 pounds. and only ate a apple. didnt eat anything else. i dont recommend you doing that. the person who did that had to eat everyday after and ate 6 times a day to feel better after.

I didn't like it. In order for it to work you have to have one serving for breakfast and one serving for lunch and eat dinner normally. That's only 3/4 of cereal. Not a bowl full like most people think.

And if your active like I am and on your feet all day that's not enough even if you use the special K snacks inbetween. I was always feeling dizzy and over ate at dinner time. I recommend eating 6 small meals a day packed with fruits and veggies and chicken breast. I've lost more weight that way than Special K.

I have done it but I had to change it a little. Special K and milk have a good amount of protein, but not much fiber. So I added a small piece of fruit or vegetable (like a carrot or some celery) to the Special K meals. I did it with just cereal, but the protein bars have a LOT of protein, which keep you from getting so hungry.

It works for me because I love cereal, and Special K looks like a huge amount because it's puffed.

For dinner, I eat my normal dinner foods, but a lot less. I take small portions that make me think," So small! So sad!" and I eat real slow. Then I take a little more of the protein and vegetables, but not starch. I never let myself get that full feeling. It's tough at first but you get used to it.

I also have fat-free, sugar free pudding (80 calories) or a piece of fruit about an hour after dinner.

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