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Kagome D
well im 305 pounds nad 14 i really wanna loose 200 pounds b4 school starts in 3-5 weeks plz help :(
Additional Details
and ive tried EVERYTHING ive ran about 6 miles (i have energetic moments threw the day :P ) atleast 5 times a week for 3 months and didnt lose a pound ive talked to my parents and the same thign always coems up "We dont have the money jsut go walk around till u pass out"
idc how much i weight i just wanna fit into damn shirts at hottopic and other stores T_T heres a pic of me you decide how much i shld lose im about 5'7 and myshirt size is 2-3X i gian it all in my *** xD


i also have seizures thnx :]

lmao i thought this was a joke at first

Katie B
do self lipo. just ya know. chop of ur gut (perferably with a axe, it works better) and maybe and arm or two

I fink
Put it on the horses.

cut off half of your body

[email protected]/semperfi!!
are u athletically inclined? what ur wanting is pretty hard to do plus it could REALLY impact u physically in that it could pose heart problems not to mention stomach problems. so I lost 60lbs in three months in Marine Corps boot camp so I am thinking that u r looking at a monumental task that may not be impossible but it is definitely a large order. So when u get hungry drink enough water to fill up ur stomach.eat lots of salad without dressing.drink drinks like coffee without sugar or creasm,drink only diet drinks like coke that has little or no sugar,do not eat foods high in calories n carbs like potatoes n that type of vegys n breads. straight whiskey n meat n green vegys is a good diet- if u drink that is which reminds me that u cant have beer or drinks mixed with cokes etc.see a dr for better diets than what I offered

Isabell T
Ok I don't want to sound mean or something but i think you can't.

I hate to break it to ya, but... YOU CAN TRY TO LOOSE 100 IN ABOUT 2-3 WEEKS.... but im not sure... and you should REALLY try talking to your parents about it... I mean, It would be better so they new and ya..
eat veggies
eat fruit
exercise daily (about an hour)
ya, thats all i got, i wish you the best!

you aren't going to lose 200 pounds in 3-6 weeks. you can lose maybe up to 20 pounds in that long if you diet and excersize and diet a lot. the only way to lose that much would be to get liphosuction, but that's very expensive. you probably don't want to be 105. that's way too light.

yeah sorry kid but i dont think anybody could possibly help you out that fast

Its Me
It's impossible.

If you lose 200 pounds in three weeks, you will be on every national news station.

Of course, it seems almost suicidal to loss 200 pounds in three weeks.

You cant sorry girl unless you get liposuction its not good cause you will have to do tummy tucks and most likely fall into the same habits, also I would diet slowly eat healthy drink alots of water no soda! Exercise for at least an hour 5 days of the week, you will eventually drop all the weight but it will be a long hard process, fruits and veggies are always good, plus go on a fruit diet eat nothing more with water only in till you feel great ( at First you will feel ill and sick) but it cleanses out your body and you will most likely loose at least 10 pounds.

Well do alot of excerzise go walk around in the morning or lyk an hour
and also do the same thing in the afternoon and i u drink soda stop drinking it and drink a-lot of water. I have about amonth without drinking soda and it has been really rough but i just imagine being a skinny again if i could do it u can 2 oh and also try herbalife it really helps unortunatly u can't loose all that weight in just 3 weeks its gonna take like about a 5 months tojust loose 100 but ill will bw worth it and also don't try to starve ur self well good luck and GOD BLESS!

There would be no safe way to do that unless you wanted to get liposuction. I think there are also pills that could make you loose fat quickly, but if you may need a prescription.

All knowin
Swim 12 hours and a day and run 6 hours then cycle the rest make sure you drink water!
You do realize it is physically impossible to lose that much wieght with out getting lyposuction or some form of surgery

[email protected]
There is not healthy way to loose that much... but if you want to loose weight i suggest starting to watch what you eat or even monitor the amount of calories eaten and how much physical activity you do a day. Also start out walking and then over time speed up and start running, or you could go to a gym where they can give you a program to help you reach your goal.
I don't advise a crash diet or excessive amounts of exercising because in the long run it does more harm and most likely not to loose weight.
Good luck and with some persistence maybe next year you could be at a healthy normal weight

Yu X
Let's see. 3-5 weeks * 7 = 21 - 35 days.
200/35 = around 6 pounds a day.
Losing that much weight in such a short time would be unhealthy.
Try to go for a smaller margin to start with like 20 pounds.
The best way is to eat all of your meals and exercise for 1-2 hours a day intensively at your own pace. walking won't help as much as running. Also, eat two apples after each meal (proven to help you lose 100 calories).
Don't get discouraged, because you will lose a lot of weight at first but then it curves to a flat line. This means you will lose maybe 10-20 pounds in a short time and stay that way.
The important thing is to maintain your schedule and give yourself more time to adjust.

becky g00n
Liposuction. =/

if you seriously want to lose weight i suggest this diet.

It's expensive, but I swear it works very well. 200 pounds in 3 weeks isn't a very practical goal though. You should decide on something more possible, so your less likely to get discouraged.

Are you kidding how old are you? 200 pounds in 3 weeks impossible

Impossible. Liposuction is the only way. Start dieting and excercising NOW! STOP READING MY COMMENT AND RUN ! RUUUUN!

Eeek! After the picture, I'd start with a Kymaro body shaper live on the TV. Eat 5 almonds instead of food and take vitamins. ?イ?イファッ?ー?

LOL eat your self...that's mean!

put down the fork and exercises

sounds impossible.
but just dont drink soft drinks instead drink water, dont eat junk food and go for a run or skip everyday.

Information Police
Amputations come to mind.

Kearstin A
Its impossible. maybe in a couple months you could lose that much weight. Go Running, lift weights, and cut your calories in half. you should see results if you keep up with a routine like this.

Thats impossible unless you have surgery.

I'm sorry. There is no possible way (not to mention healthy way) to lose that much weight in such a small amount of time.

Chunky Butt
Eat yourself.

Not Possible!!!

caris and kev

Casey x Corpse
There's no way to do that. It takes years to lose that much.
Next time go to your doctor and tell them that.
Or ask your mom if you could try some diets or something.
Exercise more and eat healthier foods.

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