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fat tub o' lard
HELP ME!!!!Im 13 and fat!?
Hi, im 13 years old, and Im fat... I cant go to a gym, I have nothing to use to work out with.

How can i get fit, like them male models with the 8pack?
(I only want a 6 pack)

I also want to be thin.
Additional Details
ps. Im male, and way 10 stone(52kg)!

Eddy G
I quit excersizing

ive just accepted the fact ill always be fat.

you can go and get a life, you are to young to worry bout your saddle bag's ;-)

J. Wiggley
I think you should listen to my advice because i too am 13 and i have lost weight these last few months. Eat a variety of foods so you get nutrients. Just try and eat a little less and try and get more exercise. That's it.

OMG, Maximillian! You are so mean!

114 pounds isn't normally fat for a 13 year old, but okay.

Just eat alot less, maybe eat two meals a day, instead of three? Like you might want to skip lunch at school every day. Also, you can ride like a bike or you can walk or run alot and it will help you get fit. Don't forget to exercise!

Sorry, that's all I know.

Eat sensibly , not because you have nothing else to do and dont think that it will make no difference , every bite does. Do sit ups and press ups , go up and down stairs , jog around the block , do the simple things that you cant be arsed to do and you will soon lose weight and tone up. Sit ups are a must for the 6 pack though , start low and gradually build up , DO NOT OVERDO IT to start with. Good luck.

So does everyone else. Unfortunately, the fit to eliminate obesity has sparked an increase in eating disorders. If you really want to lose weight, wait until puberty. It also helps to start eating more nutritious foods and exercise about a half an hour to one hour a day. To get a defined waist, do ab exercises, but be patient since you can't see them immediately.

Only you can help yourself.

What do you mean you have nothing to use to work out with?

The gym provides everything.

All you need to do is be active, eat well and just stay healthy.

Join a sports club. Not darts or snooker or anything like that though.


You dont need a 6 pack buddy. try not to eat crisps and chocolate and stuff like that. If you get pocket money, go and buy mens health magazine. Its full of exercise tips you can do in your own bedroom. You dont need weights, just your own body weight is enough. Try doing press ups, crunches, squats. If you can go running, cycling or swimming(excellent) do that. Try not to eat crap food. Search the internet and you'll find loads of information you need. Good luck

take up football n eat healthy food n dont sit infront o the ps3 for too long lol ko goto wwwget.thin.com

Most people who have weight problems have trouble fitting in time for the gym. What is most important is that you start planning your day.

Make your own lunch so that it will be nutritous such as :sandwich made with a lean lunchmeat like turkey and lowfat cheese and fat free salad dressing with some veges on it. Add some celery sticks or carrots and a grain bar as well as milk or water to drink.

Pre-plan your snacks, like if you skip breakfast and know that you do regularly it doesn't make sense to try to force yourself to make the time. Bring a 1/2 cup raisens or an apple to school with you to eat during a break in mid-morning to starve off hunger. For an afternoon snack eat some cucumber slices or a fruit or vege.

When you fill your plate for each meal think about the fact that your meat (chicken breast, steak, whatever) should be about the size of your hand from wrist to knuckles and as wide as your hand. All pastas and bread/potatos should be the equivalency of one cup and vegetables should be two cups. Fruit should only be a piece or one cup equivalence because it is higher in sugar. Do whole grain or multigrain and not white breads. Cut back calories by steering clear of fastfood, junk, and candy.

For excersising you should do about 30 min cardio a day (running, walking, swimming continuously) and 30 minutes calistetics (pushups, sit-ups, curl ups, side curls, back extensions, atomic crunches, jumping jacks and windmills) Do 4 sets of 10-12 to start with 5 days a week. You should start to steadily lose 3-5 pounds every week as long as you limit your processed food intake and what you add salt, fat, and oil wise to your food.

Good Luck

If you need to contact me you can do so at [email protected]

First of all your 13!!!!!! You have your whole life to worry about your weight. It is harder to get fit when your younger. Get yourself involved in a sport eg:Soccer Baseball etc. I got myself involved in Tennis. Go for a walk after dinner or a bike ride. And lay off the junk food. For a snack eat a piece of fruit or veggie. Your body will repay you!

you can start by ride a bike, walking , jogging, doing sit ups and press ups and getting some weights to help out a little. Try using ankle weights and wrist ones too.
Hope this does help you in some way, least you know you want to be healthy and fit which is a great start.

Matthew S
You are only 13 years old. Younger people have this problem only because they havent grown all the way yet. Once you hit a point, you are going to start growing taller and the fat will spread out. The only thing you can do right now is eat right. Eat foods that are high in protein and stay away from fat foods and a ton of carbohydrated foods. Try exercising and running a couple times out of the week or join a sport where you will be burning off calories at practice. The only way that you are going to have a 6 pack down the road in life is to have a low body fat percentage. There is no other way. You could have the strongest abs in the world from crunches and other ab exercises, but the truth is, until the fat is burned around them, no one will ever see them. Hitting the weight room is a good idea, but not until you are done growing. If you start lifting weights before you are done growing it could stunt your growth plates in your body and you wont grow to your full potential. You will be stuck at a short height and it could alter your growth. Just be patient, wait until you are 15-16 to start going to the weight room, until then just eat right and exercise. You are young and have a high metabolism now, so take advantage of it now. Once you get older your metabolism lowers and you burn calories slower, so just be active and have fun. Girls might not be looking at you now, but they will be in a few years...and thats when relationships are worth it. Good luck.

Well you could do lot´s of walking, drink lot´s of water , eat good healthy food , veg, fruit , Play football other kind´s of sports, swimming is a very good sport tone up your body . Don´t worry to much you are still young ,plenty time for 6 pack. Also less sugar , crisp´s all these thing´s help, Happy Easter to you

Here is a good exercise plan that I hope will help (I do it daily, you might want to start out doing it only on mondays, wednesdays and fridays) If you arn't familiar with these, ask a knowledgable person to demonstarte them.

Running: 3m daily

Pushups: On the first day to twenty five slowly and continuously with the correct form (head facing out in front of you, chest touching ground, arms a little past shoulderwith apart, straight back)
The next day do 27, and increase by two daily.

Flutter kicks (on your back, legs straight in front of you, hands under butt): Do for the amount of pushups you are doing that day times two counts

Ninjas In a Rowboats (AKA double pumps): Do two times the amount of pushups counts

Bicycyles: Do two times the amount of pushups counts

Wall Sit: 2 minutes

Stretch: (yes its important, do whatever streches you feel like)

I hope I helped! Feel free to mix in more ab work if you like, like leg lifts, crunchies/situps, iron v and toe touches.

Good luck! When you work out, listen to music that will help keep you motivated! You can do it!!!

eat healthy food

go running, everyones got a pavement to hit

the exercise will make you suffer at first but it gets good quickly and it will save you from having a heart attack in what should be your best years, when that struggle up the stairs was just too much, your lungs are burning, you cant draw in enough air and your over-laboured heart just gives in. you didnt take care of it, why should it take care of you?

theres no nice answer for you, im simply stating the obvious, so sorry if i sound harsh. i want you to live long and be happy, you are 13- forget about 6 packs, think lean healthy body that looks as good as you feel.

[email protected]
dont eat rubbish or drink fizzy pop eat fresh fruit and veg go for a prisk walk or jog every day if you have a dog walk it twice aday great way to lose weight eapecally now nice weather here for a 6 pack sit ups twicw a day start at 5 then increase it by 5 weekly you dont need to buy expensive equipment to tone up whats wrong with your stairs or a tin of beans or a bike that you probably got already

Go running it's free!! running builds up muscle mass... burns calories... and makes you fit!!! You could also skip (with a rope) do sit ups and push ups!! make sure you eat healthily aswell dont keep going back to the foods high in saturated fats! Also dont work yourself too hard at first otherwise you will cause yourself damage and an ingery!! You will always feel better after excercise. Maybe try enrolling in a club, for example a sport you like?!

OK first of all- don't stop eating because you won't have the energy you need and just get heavier (just eat healthy not the fatty foods). Um...you could try running a little bit but if you can't run as well as an average 13 year old boy then try speed walking or ride your bike around the park a few times.

You could eat less but don't quit or skip a meal. Try eating a granola bar or a bowl of 'Special K' (cereal) for breakfast. For lunch you could just eat a healthy 'Subway' sand which or something like that, you could always try just eating a salad, a fruit, and a juice or milk.

Try doing a daily (30 minute) excise routine everyday. Here are a few things you could try:
-push ups (5 to 10)
-jumping jacks (20-35)
-sit-ups (10-25)
-crap walk around the room for (3-5 minutes)
-jump rope (10-20 minutes)
-bend over a touch your toes & then stand up straight (10-30 times)

Hope I helped and good luck getting into the shape you wanted!

seriously......use tins of beans/tuna/toms when working out. davina dvd exceptional.....good luck.

the first thing u need to do is to look at your diet. are u eating alot of fatty foods or prepackge foods than just good old sit ups and if u get hungry between meals have a sanck but something thats good for u like fruit and make sure u drink plenty of water o and when its hot outside enjoy it and do something out dont stay in with the ac going playng video games.

Whatever you do, make sure you walk at at half a hour each day.

Walking or riding a bike everywhere will really make a lifestyle change.

I dont understand why you will have to work out with if you go to the gym, they have equiment there for you.

If you dont wanna go to the gym, swimming is a great way of getting healthy.

go for walks do lots of sit ups and eat a healthy diet lots of fruit and vegetables and make sure to eat three healthy meals you are too young to diet because you are still growing.

lynn a
Difficult for you, but you have to do something now to change things. Try to change you diet gradually if you can. You don't need to have a home gym to make a difference. . . You have stairs you can run up and down? You have tins you can use at weights round ankles and hand held. if you are series - then you can help yourself - brilliant and well done you for seeking some help here - this is your first major step.
Good Luck.

Everyone always thinks that they're fatter than they really am. Even if you really are overweight though, you don't necessarily have to take up some sort of vigorous exercise prgramme down at the gym in order to shift the pounds. Just try walking to places a bit more - if you use public transport for example, get off a stop early - and maybe go swimming a couple of times a week.
Diet is important as well. Make sure you eat plenty of wholegrains such as wholemeal bread & pasta, brown rice and oats (porridge is great way to start the day as it's really filling. It tastes great topped with honey or maple syrup). You'd be best cutting out all the junk too, things like fried foods and fizzy drinks. It's okay to treat yourself occasionally though, maybe having something like pizza once a week for instance.
In answer to your more recent question, pilates are a collection of exercises that encourage the use of the mind to control the muscles. It teaches things like awareness of breath and is supposed to be very good at strengthening the deep torso muscles. For more info see this website below:
I can't garantee that it'll give you a six-pack but with patience it should definitely get you fit.
Good luck.

Marika Z
well do exercise and run laps do situps pushups jumpin jacks and eat healthy u dont need a gym good luck

wesley w
dont worry, just because you cant go gym or you got nothing to work out with, doesnt mean you cant work out, the best forms of excersizing are

push ups
sit ups

with each of these you do, challenge yourself to beat how many push ups and sit ups you can do, beat the target of how far you can walk and jog

keep on a firm diet, check how many calories you have a day, females aday should have 1000 calories and males have 1500, stick to 1500 or less, keep to the diet

it wont easy, you wont get thin in a week ot two, it will take a couple of months to a year to see results, work at it, dont strain yourself

if youre serious ,just go to your docs and get exercise prog set up.good luck.

Hey Maximillion,

loser, he's a guy. Gosh.

anyways, you aren't fat. just cut down on the extra sodas and chips and jog a mile three times a week. Try pilates! Its awesome and your guy friends don't have to know about it!

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