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Live for God
HELP! Fast food question!?
Okay, in a little less than a week, I am going on a school trip! And we will eat fast food for all meals! And i am just now happy with my body and i don't want to gain any weight! What should i do? They won't let me not eat?!? How can i eat healthy at a buffet thingy they have?!?

Salad, Fruits, little ice cream is fine- not alot of bread- or pastas... Stay with foods that sprout from the Ground. Potatos. & some Chicken is good- remember any toppings - extras- like sauces are added calories on top of what u put on plate- good luck

enjoy yourself for once measily week good grief !

I would rather NOT eat for a week than to eat one meal at a fast food place, especially if you are referring to any of the major chains...

Edwards love
well not all the food can be fattening, there has to be something nutritional.
you can exercise after every meal as well
so you'll burn off what you just ate.
hope i helped (:

Just make smart choices of what you eat. Don't be pressured into eating something that you thing will interfere with your food choices. If you fall into temptation, get out of it. I'm sure they will have "light" versions of what you eat. If it looks like it's loaded with calories, then it probably is. Use small portions when eating and you should do well.

try not to eat fatty foods but you aren't going to gain a lot of weight if you eat one bad meal anyways

Eliminate or reduce carbs & eat everything else. If you are served a hamburger or a hot dog throw away the bread & eat the meat with whatever salad or greens you can get. Eat the stuff on the pizza and throw away the bread. Eat lots of vegies & fruits. No regular sodas! Drink water or diet soda. Juices in moderation. Bottom line: No bread, pasta, rice or sweets.

the genius
make u a salad and just eat the salad and if u must eat something else just try eating a little of it , it wont be that hard

If it is fast food, it will do you no harm in the short term.

Just do not overeat it, because fast food is what is making
millions of people lazy & fat.

Mal B
i have the same problem.
my school is also doing the
same thing in the next month.

if you just go for the healthier things.
when you get something, you don't have
to eat all of it, make sure you eat untill
your full and just get a water with every meal.
(sodas and juice add empty calories)

im sure you will be fine
if you just eat untill your full.
oh and if you go to Mcdonalds,
dont eat the salads, the dressing
is VERY high in fat and calories.
try a hamburger (not cheeseburger)
and a fruit parfae.
it shouldnt be too bad.

noo worries. a little but of
junk food wont totally ruin your
body too much. just watch
what you eat. (have fun on your
tripp :D)

Eat half the portion, if it's a burger, no mayo, ketchup etc. Drink more water and juice, no fries, have a grilled or baked burger. A potatoes with chives, dab of sour cream is better than fried stuff. Ask for a salad even McDonald has these. Good job on trying to stay healthy, i myself am on Weight Watchers, you can do it..

Candis O
Eat the fruits and vegetables and avoid any Greasy foods. Baked will be just fine to eat. HTH

Look for fruits and veggies and try to stay away from greasy foods

Its OK to have a fast food meal once in a while.


Eat lots of salad. Take very little the more food you have the more you'll eat you can always get seconds. Eat slowly, let your stomach catch up with you.

It shouldn't be to difficult to eat ok at fast food joints.

Ask an employee if they have a menu that displays nutritional facts. A lot of places have those now. If you are too embarrassed to ask or you think they may not have it, do your research beforehand. Ask your professor if he/she knows where you'll be eating (I'm sure they do) and look up the nutritional information online. You can try calorieking.com. It has a lot of nutritional facts for fast food joints. If you cannot find a specific food, try finding a similar item to get an estimate of the calories, sugar grams, protein, carbs, fiber, etc in it.

Good luck and congrats on your weight loss! Keep it up!

try eatin salad, umm foods w/out as much fat!
u know dont worry 2 much.........its ok

just make sure u start exercising & doin stuff that wont make u feel this umcomfortable!! good luck & oh just have fun!!

if your going to a buffet then you should eat light dont pig out you could go for a salad and vegetables and maybe if you want just alittle meat

every fast food place has SOME healthy stuff.
just dont get stuff that is fried.
go for salads, chicken raps, fish maybe....
and try to stay away from the evil french fries. lol.
and you can also have a little fast food it wont kill you :).
i hope you have fun and i hope i helped.
good luck!!
<3 lora

well it's just one day of eating all fast food, i'm sure you wont gain a lot. if necessary, just excercise afterwards to lose the excess weight.

please answer!!^^

milos mom
Ok, not eating is not an option why would you even say that? Most places sell salads. Also order kids meals smaller portions.

Don't worry about it- just don't pig out on it. You won't gain weight in one day. If it's a buffet, just control yourself! Again, just don't pig out. Even if you do, you derserve it once in a while. Enjoy yourself!

Eat healthy foods...proteins such as fish and chicken, turkey, nothing fried, of course and fruits & veggies...Drink water, not soda. One day you can splurge, though....it will not hurt. They say it is a good idea one day a week to "treat" yourself to a little goody here and there...it gets it out of your system and you do not crave it so much...Have fun!

go for grilled meats (most fast food places have that option)
avoid fried anything
steer towards veggies like salads steamed veggies (mcydees has some nice salads and the buffets i go to serve steamed veggies)
order everything without the fatty high calorie sauces (no mayo!)
and of course watch you portions

Hope this helps and have fun! =)

Choose the healthiest item from each fast food place.

Try to get a veggie burger or a salad at the places.

Marli's Mom
Eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid anything that is fried.

Delaney J
your not gonna die. honestly, what is with everyone obsessing over weight??

♥ Jodes ♥
Take money to buy your own food and tell them you dont like fast food. Say you're vegetarian :)

Well you could bring a packed lunch, or you could just order a salad
here's a website:

Jenn E
Don't eat a lot of foods that look greasy. Choose the vegetables that they have, because chances are they will, or have a salad or bread. However, to eat fast food this once won't make you gain weight, it's okay once and awhile it's just not recommended to eat more than twice a month. By the way if you are really that concerned after you eat it, just exercise. Good luck :)

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