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a mess.
Fat American kids- who's to blame?
the parents, the food, or maybe overeating?

When they are kids, i'd have to say the parents because, little kids will do whatever they are told by there parents. But once they get old, they are only hurting themselves. They have got to let go of that double quarter pounder, and excersice their weight off. When it comes to eating, fat americans are really selfish, because they want it all. When really they need to reduce there weight, and go on some kind of weight and excerise program to burn those calories!!!

♪ ♫Jin_Jur♫ ♥
Their fat American parents who let them eat crap, sit at the computer all day and drive around in those wheelchair /scooter things when they are perfectly able bodied.

As if there are no fat children anywhere else in the world? Some children are fat,others aren't. Look at fat children in your area - it is likely the same causal factors.

Younger kids - it is the parents. If they are older children - they need to not eat junk food. It is really all of the above. Didn't Jamie Oliver try to get the British schools to eat decent food a few years back - and the parents, school cooks and the kids fought it?

The UK is just as fat, and most of Europe as well. It isn't just an American problem. Obesity rates are rising everywhere in the 1st world countries.

all three.....

Abby <3
Fast food chains ie: mcdonalds, The media for advertising it, and The parents for going out and buying it coz they're also too lazy to coook a decent healthy meal, therefore letting their child become fat.

In the end, it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor what their child is eating, and how much they are exercising. The child isn't to blame, though the child *can* make the choice to eat healthy and exercise. However, it requires that the parents make the opportunity available to them--a parent that only provides junk food in the home makes it impossible for a child to eat well. Children aren't culpable for their actions in the same way an adult is--while some can and will make very responsible decisions, they aren't sufficiently experienced to be expected to always make the right choice.

That said, the culture in America isn't helping. The common popular activities of watching TV or playing video games keeps the child stationary for long periods. The fast-paced nature of American life often requires both parents to work, with little time for shopping for food or preparing healthy items, while fast food restaurants are quick and easy for them to bring home food from.

In order to protect children, it isn't out of the question to require that locations that serve incredibly unhealthy food don't advertise to children. It isn't crazy to think that schools should put more of a focus on healthy living so that children are more capable of making a good decision. It's a good idea to involve parents and other adults in the process, too.

Chanel J
fat American parents that let their kids eat junk food

Unknown Alias
Al-Qaeda/ Iran.

ginger tom
All three probably.

The parents. There is no reason why they have to feed their kids softdrinks, white breads, processed foods, fruit juices, pizza, and fast food as if it's a normal every day thing. There is no reason why they have to go out and buy their kids plasma tevelisions and gaming consoles and computers and then leave the kids to learn values and find role models within the general public. There is no reason people can't start right now and live healthier lifestyles to set examples to their kids. There is no reason we in society can't recognise these emerging ***-to-chair lifestyles as inhuman and make personal changes immediately. There is no reason we can't boycott Big Pharma and stop buying into the myth that we need a drug to cure every sleep, immune, and digestive problem being created by our unhealthy lifestyles. Let's get off our asses. Gotta go!

They've done tons of research and written thousands of books about it. At the end of the day the only thing scientists (and social scientists and psychologists) can say for certain is that we don't know the dynamics of weight gain and weight loss and why they're different for different people.

Genetically we're programmed to want sugar and fat, largely because they were scarce when we ("we" meaning "humans") were hunter-gatherers. In American society we have to go against genetic programming in order to eat "healthy" because of the wide range of sugary, fatty foods we can buy cheaply. We sometimes even have to go against economics, because it's a lot cheaper and more convenient to buy high-calorie foods instead of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, and soy.

Some researchers think that we can't really control our weights any more than we can our heights. Think about it - based on your eating habits and lifestyle, you can affect your final height within a few inches, based on genetics. It's the same with weight. Researchers posit that we can only (relatively) easily control our weights within 30 pounds centered around a genetically-determined amount. Going outside that range involves starvation or excessive, excessive eating and relaxation. They say that the reason Americans are, on average, 30 pounds heavier than they were a couple centuries or so ago is because now we're all at the top of our weight ranges.

You probably didn't want this really long explanation, but the truth is that your question is a lot more complicated than simply pointing the finger at evil parents who don't have the money/time/intelligence/transportation required to get fresh, healthy food on the table.

The parents.
How often do you see a family of fat people? A lot.
How often do you see loads of them are skinny and one fat? Not often.
Fat people who overeat and complain they are fat are idiots. It's called pacing yourself people!

Although in some cases it's not fair to blame parents, like if they are poor and can only afford take-outs etc...

I eat what I want when I want but get exercise a lot and work out. It balances out. If the kids weren't lazy they would be more in shape. (Not fit maybe, but slim nonetheless)

Fast food is a stupid idea for people unless they are on a long road trip. If you are hungry go to a damn bakery and keep them in business!

There's no one to blame except the kids.

Everyday at school I watch as all my classmates rush to the vending machines. They have no self control.

its all three, trust me i live in america and when i go down the hallways in school its disgusting we even had to get stronger elevators because the old ones couldnt carry some people.

Fat American adults. And the fast food industry pumping all types of chemicals into processed meats that are not usually fit for human consumption.

parents, they can make them get off the couch and do something or limit what they eat.

Brown Finger
all of the above food is unhealthy parents need to teach discipline and overeating kids tend to overeat when theres nothing to do or cause theyre obese

... And that is why I dance.

the parents because they are the ones who give them the food!!!!!

Kevin M
Overeating and the parents for not encouraging their kids to lose weight enough.

Fat American parents for allowing their kids to consume vast amounts of rubbish like Macdonalds

The kids.


If they'd stop playing games or sitting on Y! Answers all day, they'd be thin.

Pete M
Fat American parents or parents who don't care about their kids. Whats the problem if they choose to be fat? Its not like skinny people are the only valid members of society.

Well if we didnt have McDonalds and fastfood things might be better. But also school lunches arent too healthy either. but parents dont have to bring their kids to McDonalds or make them buy lunch. i think it all falls on the parents!

Ruphus B Tripehound
the UK going the same way as the kids dont eat like we used to ....

The parent..no question. Children are not the ones that buy the groceries...its the parents. Children are not the ones that make their dinner..its the parents. Children are not the ones who buy the soft drinks, allow them to watch endless amount of time watching television or play video games, children are not the ones that buy the high sugared drinks, pop, chips, snacks and cereals.

Parents may say they are not to blame...but the child can only eat whats in the house and it you fill the house with junk and don't tell your child to be more active well guess what..their going to have a 15 year with a heart attack or diabetes, or can't get a date because the parents didn't want to put a little enforcement in. Truly I think its ludicrous how some children are so overweight suffering from many health related issues due to their overeating and types of food. Its just sickening.


this new generation!
PS, computer (addictive games).... theres not enough activities.. and waaaaaaaaay too much junk food!

♥ Mrs. D♥
In my opinion, its the parent's fault. Feeding them fast food then letting them sit in the house playing video games will do it! Parents are the ones who are supposed to be in control and look out for the safety and wellbeing of their children, even if the kids don't like it!

The parents.

Parents and the food.

Parents can'r be bothered to cook proper meals so the kids are fed convenience foods.
Beacuse meals aren't cooked then instead of eating two or three times a day, the kids are "grazing" all the time.

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