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Y! Malaysia Editors
Do you think yoga is just a form of exercise or part of a religious ritual?
Malaysia's National Fatwa Council will soon come out with a ruling on whether to ban yoga exercises as some believe that practicing yoga can deviate Muslims from their beliefs. Do you think that yoga is purely a form of exercise or that it is religious since it can include chanting sacred hymns?

Yoga is about getting more connected with what you feel and believe. Yoga is part of Ayurvedic Medicine and was not designed to be religious in any way. If a Muslim does yoga it can help their faith grow stronger, but if they feel like something is wrong with their belief it might make them deviate finding new ways of their choice.

I`m not a biggest fan of yoga because it look so dead awkward but the real world issue here is it include chanting sacred hymns. I rather go for Tai Chi. Anyway, if u still want to be a western celebrity, just go for it. Maybe Muslims in Malaysia should have a deep information about Islam. This move from Malaysia's National Fatwa Council is highly welcomed.

Anything can deviate Muslims from their beliefs. Even deep breathing.

its me
i dont know wat made malaysian fatwa council to think like this. yoga has nothing to do with islam.

Daniel M
First of all, yoga is a form of exercise and i respect those who practise it. I know it is very gd exercise frm reading the rest of the responses.

As far as i know, Fatwa is something is very important in each muslim coz it will avoid us from doing something not according the quran. For non-muslim, i dont think there are such laws as Fatwa that will guide their faith, rite? Please correct me if i m wrong.

So I hope we will try to understand our differences in faith in religion whether u r muslim or non muslim so that we can live peacefully.

If Islam boasts itself of being the greatest religion in the world, then the koran alone should have answers for any and every problem.

For my opinion, YOGA is not a religion. They may study the ancient texts, but you have option not to study. Certainly the teachers will not force someone to study it. As for chanting sacred hymns, it's a form of exercise and meditation. It's the YOGA way and again not a religion ritual.

Hopefully MNFC will consider not to be so strict on YOGA. Eventhough you already have a religion but it does not mean that when you do YOGA you will stray into Hindu religion. But there's also a little percentage people do YOGA, some may wants to broaden their beliefs they are free to join any religion.

Only Muslim are barred from joining others religion because once you are a Muslim you are forever a Muslim. ( Islam )

However, YOGA is purely a form of exercise. Depends more on the participants, if they know and believe what religion they are from.
Surely they will use YOGA as a form of exercise. Instead participants who don't believe in their own religion. Then percentage is high for them to be deviate from their beliefs.

As basic,when you respect other religious,then you can respect your own religious.If we believe YOGA a form of exercise and can help us to overcome health and other problem without chanting sacred hymns,then we should practice.If we think that YOGA belongs to some particular religious then the Malaysia National Fatwa Council can stop those Muslims from do it.Please view widely before make any decision.

This question is dealt with in the ebook Basic Yoga Techniques which basically states that yoga is not a religion, but rather an exercise. Yoga started before the time of Christ and then it may have been more of a religion in the beginning, than it is in our modern age.
A beginners guide to Yoga. http://www.BasicYogaTechniques.com

Kesavan K
It depands on the person who doing the yoga exercise.
If MNFC think yoga can deviate muslim from their beliefs , what
about muslim outside Malaysia Eg. INDIA , USA , B'DESH,UAE
UK. CANADA etc.because they doing/ joining yoga exercise classes
on regular basis. Please this is not a religious issue.

MNFC can stop world muslims from yoga exercise ?

i agree with u team bodydeach boy..yoga is just an exercise if u could only related it to nothing

Samuelthason P
not at all there is no chanting nor hymns as such it is ment to relax your mind,soul and body by totally seeking harmoney within by closing your worldy mind to the urtermost silence and seeking peace within not wanting to know what is happening outside there is no religious ritual at all,at the point of practice you are harmless you are like a child, all clean,there is total control of your self by being in the yoga state why should one conclude to religious it is not and never a religion we have to understand what and why yoga is practice for the past 80yrs,by banning yoga will not make yoga any smaller it is way of life to seek peace within and universe.lets not judge others lets judge ourself first are we the perfect one to judge others ........very sad.

Judy WC
I have been practising yoga for over two years now but I don't do chanting nor meditation. To me its a form of exercise for our well being as its very relaxing for our body and mind.

miss liyana
I think, yoga is a part of getting a good health. It is just to get a better life. There is no point if yoga is banned from be a way of health in Malaysia. And, it is all depends on people' intention, whether they do it as an exercise or to start another belief than their own belief. I do not means to deny the Fatwa, but I think they just can ban yoga which is done in the wrong side or intention. Tq.

Its not a religious ritual.
We as humans practice and exercise any form of method to keep fit, so be it may in the form of Yoga, Tai Chi , or the treadmill at the gym
When one is faith-full towards his faith and religion, there never can be any deviation in beliefs.
Its absolutely ridiculous to ban yoga exercises. Malaysian History shows that Yoga was also practiced during the Melaka Sultanate, founded by Parameswara.

It is wat you minds wants to be, if you look at it for the benefit of health, then health shall it be.

Rafidah H
I don't know much detail about Yoga. A form of exercise can just be an exercise if we just do the physical exercise. But if the exercise is to be done together with chants, then that sounds like a religious ritual. If I were to do Yoga, I would drop the chants because that would be against my religious faith. But if that would not be Yoga, then I'll just do stretching exercises instead of 'Yoga'.

If it is true that the chanting of scared hymns is part of Yoga, then I support the Fatwa Council's decision because it has confused muslims.

Morgan Dela Fay
Yoga does come from a religious background. Many religions use it to be one with their Mind, body and soul.

Though there are chanting sacred hymns in yoga, They are not an obligation to practice yoga. Hence, yoga is not a religious practice.. it is a healthy activity for our body and mind, through the combination of the breathing techniques and the poses or postures.

This free yoga e-course will give you a clearer perspective about yoga:

i think it will be a a part of ritual because it containing acting like another race ritual and also containing a superstitious spell.
So,to follow this yoga, we should avoid this 2 things.

From a rational point of view, yoga is a form of exercise. Chants may be a way for individuals to focus their attention and effort or to synchronize with others. They are about as functionally meaningful as saying "OMMMM...." when meditating.

Those who are inclined to find religious significance in things will do so regardless of facts, reason or logic, and one should therefore not argue with them.

personally i think yoga is both an exercise and a religious ritual. it is a sport for body and soul. while doing yoga you cant separate body from soul or soul from body. in yoga, both become an entity. there is no way to focus on body exercise only and put aside the chanting.

i believe the council has studied this issue deeply. something must have happened that made them worry about the consequences of practicing yoga on the faith of muslims.

if they banned yoga then be it. yoga is not the one and only form of exercise in this world. there are many alternative exercises for muslims to stay healthy body and soul. we are not deprived from being healthy here so no worries ok.

i think it can be both depending how u practice it. but i think it's narrow minded to ban it just because there in chanting. i think ur faith has to be stronger than just be swayed because of that. be open-minded and it'll be just a great work out :)

freezysyahz says no to trolls!
Probably both. The way I see it, yoga seems to me like a beneficial form of exercise that makes the doer focuses more towards his/her inner self. I don't do yoga, but I've heard of many who claimed that it has helped them tremendously. The chanting sacred hymns part...I think that you can choose whether you want to or not, it's up to you and nobody's going to force it on you anyway XE. All the same, let's all wait for the Fatwa's decision - if it's banned, then okay, too bad. If not, then...everyone can do it. The decision's the same to me (since I'm not practising it lol). Plus, there are various forms of exercises out there that reinforces spiritual strength as well, like tai chi and qigong exercises. Moreover, truth be told, the Muslims' daily prayers are an excellent and effective form of meditation as well (indirectly, if you are khusyuk, that is).

dr gold
MNFC may have a point, if not, they wont waste their time and risk being labled in many various ways. Indeed yoga can be traced back to hinduism but nowadays yoga is very popular in the west and also among the chinese in malaysia.
Assume a muslim wants to learn yoga and goes to a centre that teaches yoga. he/she learns the basic asanas/postures and practises. assume the 'new yoga student' wants to know more about yoga, then he/she may have to do some readings and this may include text related to hinduism....now this is the concern.

in order to shut the flood gates MNFC may have to ban yoga among muslims. of course muslims can choose other forms of exercise and end of the day be healthy and peaceful....well isnt this what we all are looking for?

why the hassle of doing things half heartedly....just ban it and go on with life.

Malaysian Islamic cleric might ban the muslim yoga practitioners (only)


they engaged in Hindu teachings,such as mantra which is out of Islamic teaching..

We are not mean to anti any others

but,in Islamic teaching,we are forbidden to follow the others religion activities..

The original yoga consist the chanting mantra, but for nowadays popular yoga class,their just simply a stretching exercises

This issues just as a precaution only,as a preventive efforts by the Islamic society to protect them from breaching the Islamic teaching

However,this will applied to the Muslim only,NOT to the others

Please don't be worry about this issues

It depends on the person, just like any other belief. It originated as a religious practice, but today, not so much.

This is a badly put question, since you say "it CAN include..." not that it does, or in Malaysia it does....making a peanut butter sandwich CAN include chanting sacred hymns, but I'd bet that mostly, it doesn't.

Just because something CAN be turned into something that is against your religion, doesn't meant that it is likely to, or that it will.

Spiritualism of any sort comes from within the person, and what particular stretches they do or do not do will not affect this. Personally, I don't think a religious song or chant will cause a person to change their religion, but then, I guess I do not believe people to be as weak in their faith as the MNFC seems to believe.

Team BeachBody Coach Tom
Its whatever you want it to be. For me its exercise. By the way, its the only style of exercise that addresses all of the bodies anatomy and systems. That fact has nothing to do with religion. For one to deny themselves such tremendous health benefits in the name of religion is naive. Yoga comes highly recommended by every un biassed exercise physiologist in the world.

I think its a combination of both. Although it is a well known form of exercise, it has close links with the hindu religion.

The kolotness is simply un-explainable, why don't they ban all modern equipments as well as those are invented by the "kafir". By using those non muslim invented things are suppporting the "kafir" isn't it?

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