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* [: Beginners Luck :] *
Do you think its sad that there are 12 year olds on here asking for diet tips?
it really makes me sad.
you know that kids cant just be kids. they should just think about having fun.. not be worried about how they look.

@NG3! [email protected] <3333
Humans can be insecure at any age.

I don't think it's sad, it's just pretty funny. I'm a 12 year old (almost 13, don't tell Yahoo that :D) And I'm a little chubby, but I don't really care. It is kind of sad that kids are wasting there lives caring about how they look. DIETS DON'T WORK! (Not that i've tried 'em, but they just make you fatter). Except for my friend, who became a vegetarian and lost like 20 pounds. But it's funny, very funny.

I think you would be surprised about how quickly younger kids are maturing now. I have seen 4th and 5th graders going around wearing make-up, having boyfriends, and acting like high-schoolers. It makes them want to loose weight and be like everyone else. Yes, it is sad.

Not exactly. Kids these days are over weight. Im not saying all but some are and if they dont handle it now it could even get worse. So yes. Yes the should. (IN SOME cases)


Jennifer A
i don't think so its not about how they look its about health. our world is so over weight as it is i believe that 12 year old pre teen ages should care about weight being health and exercising the proper amount of time is a good thing. if kids were just kids they would eat ice cream all day and sit on the couch.

it's not sad if they are really overweight because obesity amongst adolescents and kids is becoming more and more prevalent. Have you ever seen a nine year old running around out of breat, standing at 5'5 weighing in at 160 lbs? that's sad.

but i agree that some of them should just be kids and not worry about body image. it's becoming a problem on both ends.

Maybe because they read so much of the teenagers that are desperately looking for diets, that scares them

i think that kid's are more worried about there apperence than when i was that age . when i was that age i was out playing in the dirt no worries about anything. parents need to enforce the right ideals in there kids.

Yup that's the kind of society we will today unfortunately

Alex K
I'll admit, I'm one of those kids. It's hard with hormoines. We wanna look good to attract cute boys or girls. I'm sorry if that sounds like an excuse but it's true.

ummmmm... no not really

THE 2 POINTS TRUCK!! (18 yo guy)
a person asking if i think it is sad that there are 12 year olds on here asking for diet tips, that's sad
........|..........2 points ........|||"|""\__

Jeez Louise
It's extremely sad. Kids are under so much pressure these days - they can't just be kids. They enter jr. high and have pressure from their friends, from the media... and a lot of the time the parents treat them like they're so much older than they are, forgetting that they're little kids, so they themselves think "Oh I am mature, I should be on a diet".

I wish they could just take the time to enjoy their childhoods... they'll have the rest of their lives to act like grownups.

yeah it is very sad, especially if they don't know what they're doing

helen keller
I guess it depends what kind of diet tips they are looking for.

I think it's great when young kids are concerned about their health & are looking for suggestions for good eating habits. So many kids have both parents working & are responsible for many of their own meals.

Also, I've known people who became vegetarians in their early teens & are now in their 30's & 40's. So it's good to make positive choices early because then, they become life-long habits.

If it's just kids who want to be modelesque, stick-person thin, then YEAH, it's totally sad. It's so sad when 'normal' sized kids think they're too fat because that's what mass media tells them.

Good luck & Have a Great Day!

It really does bother me when there are already skinny teens and tweens on here asking for diet tips. However, had I found this site when I was 16, I probably would not have ballooned to around 200 pounds...

Women are starting to lose their curves and getting bodies of 10 year old boys, get some meat on ya!

Yes, very sad. Today I saw a little girl...I don't know how old she was, about 6 or so...she was very overweight, but then there are the skinny girls who think they are fat, which makes it even more sad. People need to look in the mirror and take a good look at themselves before calling themselves fat.

Billy L
No although what your saying is a reasonable thought. But with USA having the most highest percentage of not only obese adults but children too. Obesity can cause serious illness and sometimes death. So I'm not surprised that 12 year olds are wanting diet tips cause I know being fourteen and being overweight my doctor tells me every year that Im overweight and obese and i need to get more excercise, and i need to eat better, and so on and so on. Eventually it gets to you especially during puberty when there is so much more stress.

It is sad...there's so much pressure on physical appearance and weight forced on the younger generation these days...it's really quite depressing...

Yeah, but it's also sad because there ARE many 12-year-olds who need to go on diets.

Christy A
Eat right and be active that's all the advice these sad media brainwashed children need. I hate to see the weight obsessed adults these poor kids become.

So yes i think it's sad. No actually I think that it's worst then sad. It's awful.

Chris D
some may acctually need to go on a diet lol its sad that people cant control their eating lol and so it controls them

not really, there are LOTS of overweight kids out there, and there is no age limit for getting in better shape

I wouldn't just automatically assume that they all have disorders or something. Maybe they are legitimately over weight and wanna be healthier

Definitely. Most kids are brought up by the media and find their personal body image inadequate to what they believe is "attractive". The only 12 year old kids who should be asking about diet tips are the ones that have an unhealthy body.

if they want to get healthy that okay but like diet pills and pucking is sad and kinda scary

it is sad that they are doing it but sometimes its because they actually have weight problems and get made fun of because of their weight

girl with the face xP
Omgosh yes! and just the other day at school, i heard one of the second graders say no to a brownie because she has to watch her carbs! OUR WORLD HAS GONE MAD i tell you.

Kelly V
YES, but then again maybe they have overweight parents and haven't been taught how to eat properly !

It is very sad and I hope alot of those kids come and read this: You are growing! Girls, stop obbsesing about weight you will grow out of it as long as you stay active and dont eat a mcdonalds for every meal. boys, stop trying yo lift weights if you try to be a body builder now you will hurt yourself and never grow to you full potential, aka no bodybuilder no pro athlete. Go play catch and eat your veggies kids thats all you need to worry about for now.

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