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Janessa and Liz stop w/ the chain ...

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 Good weight for 13 year old?
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 plz be honest am i fat?
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Do you consider this fat?
I'm 16 and 5'2 and 120lbs. I simply cannot lose weight i've tried everything! EVERYTHING! It sux. What can I do to drop 10lbs?
Additional Details
Wow I wasn't considering this many answers! Thanks everyone...some of the answers were just plain hilarious!

Kelsey K
You DO NOT need to lose weight. Your BMI is 21.9 which is on the low end of the normal weight.

ur fine

check out this website it helped me:)

i think your good but if you think your fat then run its the best way to lose weight when all else fails.

Hey! Hey!
first of all you dont need to lose 10lbs

stop talking
no are you kidding me your not fat i know people at my school that are younger than u that way more than that

id say your "thick" which is a good thing in my book, especially if your kinda muscular.
as for loosing weight your best bet is to join a sports team...you may not want to but its a great way so stay consistent with exercising

your average.

Holden W
The formula for losing weight is not difficult - eat less food and workout more often - the difficulties appear when we actually try to put that into practice! There are a lot of temptations in the real world don't you think?! The one method that definitely showed results for me was wu-yi tea, it can be viewed in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials in stock, it has been highlighted in Reader's Digest and USA Today. I shed 20 pounds, it definitely does produce success!


if you lost the 10, you'd be better
take in less calories and exercise more

Joe L
No that's not fat. If you want to lose weight ask your doctor. Or, just don't eat any junk food and exercise every day for atleast 30 minutes.

u dont sound fat...if ur really want to loose weight drink tons of water, eat veggies and fruit, excercise. im 13,5'4 and i weigh 110, so if ur 16 and u only weigh 10 pounds more than a 13 year old i think your fine.

Lyra S
dude u are fine, nice and skinny, don't lose the weight my friend

Don't worry about dropping the "10 pounds" -- just avoid colas, fast food, fried foods, foods full of cheese, peanut butter. Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Find some sort of exercise like running, hiking, swimming, yoga, dance class and/or rollerblading and stick with it.

Most athletes know their height and weight, but most Americans tend to overestimate their height and underestimate their weight. You can calculate your BMI (body mass index) with the link below and it can give you an idea of your height/weight proportion. The fact that you are 16 puts you in a special category--most BMI calculators are designed for those 18 and over. Don't worry about "dieting"--just eat healthy and get yourself moving!

Your fine girl! That is totally the average weight i wish i weighed that much!

Im 5 '1 and 150 my doctor told me my Weight should be 130-140

go to ur doctor

Waldo Wasnt Here
If you need to drop 10 pounds, then I can only suggest exercise and healthy eating habits. You also mentioned you tried everything, I cannot believe this because if you did, then was exercise one of those failed attempts as well? Exercise done in intense ways is the best way to shed unwanted pounds of fat. If you don't lose weigh this way, then perhaps the problem lies in your eating habits. Eat about 1500 calories per day, but divide that amount by five; thus, eat five times a day at 300 calories per meal. Also, do not eat anything fried. Only fast foods do that and this you don't want. As for snacks, eat them rich in fiber & protein, this is how the feeling of fullness goes without cheating. If you don't know any good snacks that are rich in both fiber & protein, then here are some. Try South Beach Meal Replacement Bar(Any flavor, I like Vanilla Creme best). According to people who are on the South Beach diet, South beach is so much successful then Zone, Adkins, and all the rest. Here is a link that will show you what people have to say about the South beach Diet. Good Luck and do try my ideas.


Most people are saying your are fine , but i will be honest....... AWESOME haha got ya, You will keep growing and eat healthy

You're probably thick, just like a black man loves his women. LOL Thick and curvacious! LOL I love it! You're just right!

ǐ'm Here For You.♥
no, your fine.

Joshua R
i think your fine. if your really crazy about how u look i recomend to he healty foods such as carrots peas oranges ect...

spice g
well, i think you are fine.....don't get started on diets yet...it damages your metabolism...just eat healty and exercise and enjoy life

Sebastian Valmont

Dr. Rank
i'd not consider that fat

i think that you are perfectly fine, but if you insist on trying to lose weight, try to eat healthy and exercise. whatever you do, don't go bulimic.

Your body mass index (BMI) is about 22. Healthy is between 18 and 25. You're fine. Eat reasonably and exercise regularly. And just so you know... Women (even models) usually think they need to lose 10 lbs. Stop being a girl. ;-)

Josh M
your no where near fat!!!!

janah b
no it is not considered to be. if you are desperate eat vegetables!

no, your fine, just like me actually, only im 15...haha
if your fat then im fat...and im pretty sure im not fat...haha
dont worry so much :]

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