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Anyone on here actually loose weight going by this? I am coaching my sons baseball team in May or June and I really need to loose some weight. Walking does nothing for me. Would this work though?

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she doesn't look fat
im asking this because im worried about her health
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 GUYS: What do you think about a girl w/a six pack?
Not looking like a guy w/a six pack at all, but just that the muscles are clearly visible.
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nuthin crazy, just a little definition - a bit past flat stomach ...

 am i fat????????????
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 I've been doing the atkins diet for 1 week. I'm feeling really tired. Anyone know if this diet causes this??

save it for the bedroom
Do guys just like skinny girls?
I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either I'm 13 and I'm worried that guys only like skinny girls because in mags they say that is it true?

no its the media and fashion designers that like skinny girls, although the majority of men dont like really fat girls (sorry but its true)we just want normal looking girls really a few pounds difference means nothing to us.

just be normal enough and you will get plenty of boys who will like you

no renee zellweger looked much better doing bridget than she does now

Mojo Ryzon
I'm sure they don't like boney ones.I liked Vallerie Bertinellie before she started those ads with Jennie Craig.Believe me that's what TV and the mags want you to think.Skinnys in , NOT!

Lucky Man.
this is not true at all. Guys like all shapes and sizes.Trust me i know.

His Divine Shadow
NO way! I personally prefer a woman with some curves on her and a lot of other folks do to. I know a lot of magazines say a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't take any of it as gospel if I were you. Fact is, women of all shapes and colours somehow find men who see them as beautiful women, so it can't be just the skinny ones who are getting guys.

Why are you worried about over something that isn't important?

Mike T
Not at all. Most guys actually prefer girls with some curves.

jean mariele f
your still young. dint be worried, besides, guys likes girls who are innocent type. dint worry.

krusty ballz
no really dude once you get older you'll get your own type of women that you like weather you'll like anorexic women or obese women,its whatever

not if it involves going on a diet with them

Be careful about believing what you read (including here). Not everything you read is true!

I am not skinny and married a guy who lets me go to school full-time- I am, however, kind and really smart.

nononono!.... its big NO, many dont look on size instead of good attitude...

but if u feel u are not comfortable being not skinny ... its simple ...Diet girl..... if u cant! dont mind it... love your own instead .... bring out the best of u and feel comfortabe at all time thats more important self confidence..

No....men like females of ALL sizes!! So long as you are healthy don't worry about your weight/size!!! For every person there is a partner that is perfect for them, just the way they are!

the blue mother of bones
Well no it depends on the personality of the guy, because not all the skinny girls are perfect in the world . So just believe in Ur self, and stay the person u r, don't try to be someone else.

not really, some guys do some dont... all depending of how they like it...for example i love not skinny or fat but thick girls...

Actually, skinny people want you to think that. Whatever your size right now, it will change substantially over the course of your lifetime. My wife, at 13, was 150 pounds and is only 5'3" tall. She was a butter-ball and earned the nickname "Snow Plow" from her Dad (who was joking and who loves her more than life itself.)

The nickname did hurt her feelings though. He did not know how he was hurting her with his joking.

Now at age 37 and since the age of about 22, she has maintained, quite easily, a weight of about 105 to 110 pounds. She's had four children and is still a very hot babe. She never dreamed she'd be so hot.

The same thing could happen for you. And even if it doesn't, decent men love decent women. And remember, who you THINK you want right now will likely NOT be who you DISCOVER you love later. Try to save yourself for your one true love. It would be the greatest honor a woman could ever bestow upon her one true love.

Different guys like different kinds of girls you know. Some guys loves curvy girls coz they reckon they like something to hold on to ;)
and it's also true most men like not so skinny girls or skinny ones.
I don't think they like being hit by a stick though :)

I think that at the age of 13 you don't have to worry too much about this problem. You have a lot of growing and developing to go. Also beauty is on the inside not the outside. By that I mean, if you are a really nice, courteous, polite, respectful and loving person everyone will like you. Just be yourself and give yourself a chance to grow up and you will be a lovely person

Mr. X

In order to answer your question I had to ask my friends and out of five 3 liked Fat girls...and 2 liked skinny ones....
then I asked what if we only had a medium one and a skinny one...and they all answered "is she friendly and nice or not?"
so I guess it means you have to be nice to people if you want to be noticed.

its not true men dont always go for skinny girls you are so young you shouldnt be worried about stuff like this just yet. you shouldnt believe everything you read.

No, it's not true... guys don't JUST like skiny girls! Some of the guys I know like heavier girls! I'm skinny and the next girlfriend one of my ex boyfriends had after me wasn't skinny at all. Curves matter to boys, they like something to hold onto! And you're way too young to be worrying about this stuff, lovie. Enjoy your teenage years without getting bogged down in a relationship! I did and it worked!

Man of Ideas
um.................no thanks

No, that is SO not true. Magazines are stupid. Now that is the best advice you'll ever get. No, really, guys like funny, clever, confident, brave girls. That is beautiful. I'm older than you, yeah, by like, 3 years, but these things just aren't true.


Honey, if a guy doesn't like you for the sole reason that you're not the size of Kate Moss, he is not worth it. Not worth it at all.

Most guys prefer girls who look "womanly" and have curves. It's attractive! Looking like girls in magazines, no matter what anyone says, isn't attractive or practical in real life.

Love yourself and your body, and don't change yourself for anyone, especially boys. You're a young lady and it's really easy for you to want to be perfect (trust me, I understand that), but there are far more important qualities to YOU than how you look! Be happy with yourself. Be CONFIDENT! That's another highly attractive characteristic.

When you find a guy who doesn't want you to be any different than how you are now, that's when you know you've found a keeper.

You've got plenty of upcoming years in your life to be worrying about boys... just focus on yourself right now. :) They'll radiate toward you, and you won't have to do any work.

Joe T 17
Not that bothered me aslong as you're not obese its ok really.

Bob J
There are certain people men and woman alike that worry to much on how someone looks. By weight or their appearances. But there are the nice guys and women out there that don't care about that. That if they become your friend and your personalities click a relationship can come out of it.

Ginny Jin
No. There are some men who do prefer larger ladies. My boyfriend is one. You're only 13 so don't worry, it's not worth it, just be happy in yourself. x

Sir Readalot
Look up the word "voluptuous."

Not true at all. It may be a stereotype at your age but come 16 or 18 the guys develop their own tastes in women, there is a guy for every woman out there!

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