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Do I look fat/overweight? [Pics]?
I know, I know. ANOTHER one of these stupid questions, but I need to know this and though I usually hate questions like these, I'm going to ask it anyway.

I'm horribly self-concious about my body and I think I look really fat. I constantly am paranoid that people are looking at me and laughing about my body and saying things. I do A LOT of exercise and I eat extremely healthy most of the time, so I don't know why I look like this. My family and friends just tell me not to worry, but I think they all think exactly the way I do.

What I want is other peoples completely unbias opinions, from people who aren't afraid of being honest! So...

Am I fat?

You're not fat or overweight.

Niomi~~ !! :D
you are NOT FAT/OVERWEIGHT trust me i've seen fat people and your not one of them;;
just love yourself for who you are <3 :)

ツ яαѕ¢αℓ ƒℓαттѕ !¡
you look totally fine, don't even worry about it :)

Rated R
aside from not seeing your face, luv. your beautiful, not fat at all

Are you serious? There isn't an ounce of fat on you. Let's get real darling. Even if you did have some fat on those bones of yours, does it matter? The world is a vain and shallow place. Don't let yourself be swallowed by the view of others. If someone calls you fat, say **** YOU, kick them in the balls, and shove a twinky in their ***. You are not fat. NOT. FAT.

That is fat: http://www.gdargaud.net/Humor/Pics/FatFaeries.jpg
They look happy, no? No matter what weight you are, regardless of what you look like. You can be happy.

You know I agree this is a stupid question, because most people will say that your not.

For me... honestly, no. If you go by what is defined as overweight you might be, I don't know, and I don't think so.

But don't be too hard on yourself. You don't want to be around people that care only about looks anyways.

Your digestive system might not be working properly, it might not even be your fault. Just keep eating healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables and LOTs of WATER. Not juice, not soda not milk. WATER. Water will not make you fatter, it will drive away the toxins in you body. It will help you restore your digestive system. Eat lots of fiber, and stay away from junk food. ALWAYS.

Its not that hard, I don't eat junk food, and have not eaten sugar for the past year. You just have to be strong.

Sugar wasn't really a problem for me, its just pointless, and only harms the body, has absolutely no benefits. (processed sugar like cakes, donuts, cookies, sweets in general) Fruits are ok, they contain hundreds of benefits.

Besides what is there to worry about? If your doing the best you can, you won't be able to change anything anyways.

Its ok trust me ; )

Oh, yeah, and don't eat before you go to sleep, you are really hurting yourself if you are doing that. That in itself might be the problem. And sleep at least 8 hours.

:) :) :)

OMGG! noo u are so not fatt, like ur perfect(no homo) lol im a girl a girl and i am too skinny and like i wishh i had ur bodyy. loll. like serioulsy tho DONT EVER THINK UR FAT ur seriously not at all..... dammnn girl u should be happy and ur sooo luckyy(: gorgeous <3

answer mine please.?(:


thanks hon<3

♦ B3ll3 ♦
you look average not fat or skinny i guess but it doesn't look like you exercise

Naw your not fat. I wouldn't worry about it as long as your living a healthy life style. :)

if you thinik ur fat or over weight u get upset which can change ur dietin so then u wil eat more an not work out we all aint perfect but if u wanna look good there pretty muic only 1 way to do tht an tht goin to the gym more an stop eatin fat foods
you dont look fat an wateva any ways says is to be mean there just jelous

Pedro Man
dont listen to any of the people saying "dont care what other ppl think of you" that's bs. from that logic, you might as well stop taking showers

to answer your question, you are perfectly fine, most men (including me) like a little bit of chub on girls. so long as she's healthy and a nice face :P

its not everyone though, there are SOME guyswho like skinny girls. just most men like some chub on their girls. if you're dating someone and he thinks ur fat with ur body that means he's just a boy. real men would like your body

just keep exercising and good hygiene and you'll be fine :)

The New UKKR
Guys love girls with big butts, and guys love skinny girls, and guys love girls who are in between, and guys love girls like you who have an absolutely perfect body. You are hot; I love it. I could look at that all night. Don't buy into all that stuff about being as skinny as possible.

It honestly doesn't matter what other people think of you :)

Jo Hafford
Good lord no. You look proportional and healthy. You could, if you want a "more perfect" body, consider strength training (like pilates or yoga) to tone up some, but fat? Hardly.

Also--you can always use the good ol' BMI! The National Institutes of Health has a handy-dandy calculator complete with a little chart to tell you whether you are clinically average, overweight, or underweight. Go here: http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ plug in your numbers, and check for yourself. :)

No you look good to me all but your face .

hope has wings
i don't think soo... i look a lot like that and all my guy friends and my bf says that really skinny girls are gross....you have the maryland monroe/ scarlet johansen body, get some confidence and make it work for you!


ha no your not fat at all trust me.. dont woryy what people say.

your not the tiniest but your no where near fat. your just average, just like most other peoples bodies are. nothing to be ashamed about

you are normal

No, you might have a little meat on you, But you are FAR from fat. You have a cute shape, be proud. All women have days when we look in the mirror and see a 500 lbs whale, the point is to get past those days. You're beautiful, your body looks rockin girl! don't tear yourself down.

you look perfectly normal

you are NOT fat AT ALL

NO girl and just think of yourself as a beautiful being :) it doenst matter what anyone else has to say

Nope, normal size. :D


Xavy Zynn
Heck No!!!


i dont like skinny or fat girls. your just right and please dont post images. if you want to lose wieght or anything do something about it. dont loose confidence please.

alot of pervs out their hide your pics~!

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