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 help! tell me am i overweight?
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im 17 years old, 80 pounds, female, 5 ft.

this is me:


im sort of worried? because peoepl keep saying things to me but i dont think im too skinny? just looking for others opinions
Additional Details

Liam M
The image isn't showing.

1. Go to http://www.revolutionhealth.com/calculators/body-mass-index-bmi and find out your BMI. This will tell you whether your weight is healthy for your size.

2. However, from my observation (your pic doesn't work), you sound extremely light for 5 feet tall. I have many friends who are about 5 ft tall and none of them are below 90-100 pounds.

I cant see the pics, but your WAY to skinny.
Fatten up, :].
Im 5'4" and 120 and I get called skinnyyy!

Dont worry, just eat more, :].
Possibly consault your doctor.

uhm i can't see your picture b/c its been moved.

the hockey maniac
link doesnt work

The picture doesn't work, but it sounds like you are. You should be over 100 pounds at your age to be considered average and healthy.

"Welcome to the world!"
Im sorry to say but yes if ur 17 and only 80 pounds u are WAAYY to skinny! Eat a little! LOL Hope this helped!! Chao!!! :)

Vickie B
I can't see the link but I'm only 2 inches shorter than you and I'm 80 pds and no one thinks I'm to thin... Maybe cuzz I'm 13. But put another link because it doesnt work!

I don't need the link. 80 pounds is way too skinny. unless you're 8 years old. eat some protein.

Your picture isn't working. I'd say if people are worried, it's probably something that's legitimate. If you don't want to gain weight, it's probably a good idea to work out a little and get some muscle mass so that you don't look fragile. People tend to worry less about people that look like they can fend for themselves. At 17, though, 80 seems very low, even for someone who has hit 5 feet.

Yes definitely. The general rule for healthy girls/women is 100 pounds at 5 ft, 5 pounds for every inch after that. You definitely should get some more protein.

You're not deathly ill or anything, but if you keep up this rate you could eventually kill yourself.

theres no picture there

I can't see the picture, but girl, 80 lbs for a 5 foot girl is too thin. I would say a 5 ft girl should weigh about 100 lbs

no pic but you seem way too skinny... WAY TOO SKINNY!

Yes. At least 90 would be better, but 100 or a little over would be best. Do you feel well being that thin?
Good luck!

Sean N

Even if you were very small framed, you should be at least 90lb and the recommended range for a 5ft female is actually 95lb-125lb so even 90lb is pushing it.

Can I ask if you have always been this weight or did you lose weight?

Han Pan
Even without the picture I can tell you that you're too thin. Being 80 pounds and 17 is NOT healthy. I'm 16, 5'2,130 pounds, and I run a lot, so I'm in shape. Being small is not an excuse for being 80 pounds.
PLEASE go eat something, exercise, and even get your parents involved, because if you don't think you're too thin, than that's a problem.

what's my name
thats not a healthy weight.
go see your doctor and gain sum weight !


well...5 feet 80 pounds...i mean if you eat healthy and you are just naturally very very thin, then it isnt a big deal. However, if you purposely starve yourself or dont eat as much as you should then it could be an issue. Technically, you are 80 percent of what your body weight should be.

Kate L
Well the pic. dosnt work it says it was deleted
but yes 80 lb at 17 is way to skinny you should be 120 or higher

Yes, way too thin.

80 pounds is too thin for a 5'0 tall female. You should see a doctor or nutritionist.


Yes, you should try not to lose anymore weight. A healthy weight for your age would be between 92 and 125 lbs.

link doesn't work
However you are underweight. The healthy age for your height and age is 90-131 pounds.

ph guage
You are so thin that I cannot even see you.

omg just reading those numbers scare me

um, yes!

i can't see the pics..but that seems kinda thin..5 ft and 80 pounds?? i think that may be a little underweight.

go here and find out for yourself..it says you are way underweight.

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