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Can i get a guy, im fat?
i weigh like 250 lbs.
but i like this guy in science

anybody can,
it all depends on the guy. some guys like stick thin girls, others like big girls. some only like girls with muscle, or average sized girls. if you like a guy in your class just start talking to him, not flirting, just talking. get to know him, find out things about him

Yes! Just don't be disappointed if someone doesn't like you because your overweight.

A sincere outgoing personality wins the day.

Skeletal Lightning
allot of fat chicks have guys.

Just Joe
i am soo sure you can!! i mean soo what if you are "fat" what does that have to do with anything!!

John S
looks do help unfortunately, however its the personality that really counts. if you are confident and get to know this lad abit more, eventually he will look past the look sand see what kind of person you really are. if hes the one for you, he wont care about looks. good luck.

joe jonas
of course u can don't give up hope but find some one who likes u for u i know things these days go by looks alot and they shouldn't but i'm sure that there are alot of guys who will like u!

queen me
anyone can get a guy

if guys can get guys then of course you can get one

Ofcourse Yes.

No one should judge a book by its cover...

I hear there are guys out there who do not really mind big girls, however I am 43 and fat and have yet to find one. No sugar coating the answer. It is alot tougher because people think differently about fat people. I gained 80 pounds in 5 years (health issues) and people, men and women, treat me differently. To say they do not is simply a lie. I guess good men are hard to find no matter what size you are, but this makes it even harder. Who needs a man to be happy anyway? I am used to being single at this point and I love it.

iiLY. ! <3
Sure you can !

Decmeber B
girl...i thought looks always matter...but they dont...no matter how much someone calls u fat or ugly....it wont matter...because if he is the perfect guy for u...then he wont care...he will just wanna be with u....!

Sure. What you lack in physical attractiveness, you can make up for in attitude and personality. All you gotta do is make him feel special so he enjoys being around you.

depending on the personality of the guy, of course you can.
never be afraid and hide behind your weight,
you might miss out on something great!

You can do anything. A guy should like you for what's on the inside...not the outside.

some guys like fat girls just gotta find the one that does

Amsterdam Conversations
it doesn't matter if you are underweight, average or overweight. there is always a man for you.
just be confident when speaking to him. i think that matters more than your appearance.

stephanie m
of course

Steve V
Some guys are into that.
Do you like fat guys?

The bubble meister
Maybe. It depends what this guy is like. You should ask someone-maybe a friend- about him and see if he'd accept you for who you are or not.

As a guy, ( i play in the D league for the NBA) i should know, DO NOT be afraid, go for it, dont be afraid of how you look or what other people think about you. I'm sure youve heard it a million times but, IT COUNTS WHATS ON THE INSIDE NOT THE OUTSIDE

Anyone can get a guy. If he is able to see you for who you are then he is worth it, if not, then move on sweetie.

Be confident, cool, and collected and it's all good.

Don't change yourself to make a guy happy, if you change anything about yourself, do it to make yourself happy (and healthier.).

Well, do you guys talk often or is it that you like him from afar?

In the end, sometimes it really doesn't matter what you look like. Guys can certainly find amany turn offs when it comes to how a girl acts. Sounds cliche, yeah, but I've seen couples that go beyond the superficialness that appears in our younger days.

You won't get him by asking us. Talk to him. Trust me you have nothing to lose aside from a bundle of regrets for not having tried.

sure you can...it shouldn't matter what you look like from the outside...just talk to him and if he likes your personality than there you go...but you can't just think he's not gonna like you because your fat...

You first have to talk to him about anything...and if it doesn't work out than it might just be that your personalites were different not because your fat...

So i say GO FOR IT GIRL!! you have nothing to lose..

OK-This may sound stupid but your size really shouldnt come into it-if a guy likes you, he'll like you for who you are not what you look like sweetie. If it does bother him then he aint worth it...if YOU are unhappy with your size then try to lose weight for yourself, not anyone else.

no you can't! why? because you define yourself as fat. See yourself as a person and not as a fatty and you can have whomever you please.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So yes, yes you can.

Confidence counts for a lot. Talk to him, see if you guys get a long and go from there.

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