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Can I drink pills to loose weight at age 13?
I know on the bottle it says don't take until 18 but I cant seem to loose weight. And I honestly cant go on a diet. I think thats my only choice left.
Additional Details
am like 5'6 or 5'7, and am like 200 pound =/

You can take them if you want, they'll help you lose a lot of weight. But saying you can't diet is a lie. Eat less, and stop eating junk food.


Well my brother is 13 and im 11

and my mom takes pills like that weight loss place and Jared (my brother) says hes old enough

just eat less and excersise like 2hrs a day.
and drink lots of tea

RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN, after your done that,HIKE HIKE HIKE. still don't feel sick to you stomach.. GO RUN SOME MORE. pills are dumb man and if you can't lose wait the real way don't try at all. If you not willing to but your back and soul into go eat a fat cheese burger.

It's all about effort. The more you put in the more you get out.
Depends on the bills BTW add me as a contact and i'll check em out.

I find it ridiculous that under additional details you found the need to say that you're not active. Guess what? If you want to lose weight you're going to have to start. How about this: healthy food, exercise. You can't go on a diet? You need discipline. Those pills aren't going to do crap without exercise and diet, and then with that knowledge, why not skip the middleman. Just exercise and diet (which doesn't mean starving, it means healthy food).

at 13 your body hasn't finished developing wait until your at least 18 before you decide to do anything like that. and plus pills actually make things worse in the long run.

your only 13, your body will adjust accordingly. plus if your worried then you need to start living an active lifestyle and do some light workouts. if you start taking pills right now. you can possibly *** your body up worse. so be more active you have a whole life to work on your physique

Oh if I were you I would just avoid pills period... especially for weight loss.

13 is such a young age.
Diet pills are so hard on your body.

I would start out slow and change small things in your diet
such as stop drinking sodas, and more water... things like that...
and then add some cardio exercise. Walking around a park, neighborhood, swimming, fun activities that get your blood pumping. Not only will diet and exercise make positive physical difference it will make you feel better mentally. & boost your confidence...

Most of all you need to love your body the way it is. You are beautiful.

Hope I helped you out in some way. I wish you the best. & don't be too hard on yourself.

Peace, love, & harmony

‚ô™ Billy Joel ‚ô™ OWNS You!
No, it's not a good idea. Are you overweight? If so how much?

It's a bad idea. My personal opinion is that they're bad for people 18 and older even. See your doctor to see if he/she can suggest anything you could do about it. Your school might also have a program for this.

there are some side effects to pills and you never know, especially when you are not supposed to take them at your age. just excercise and do some activities and eat healthy... if you want to lose weight really bad...

Absolutely no.
All you need is to take yourself in hands.
Actually, we both know that you know exactly what to do in order to loose your extra fat so I won't start digging.
Run and eat well.

buena suerte a mi amigo.

with the risk of sounding rude-don't be stupid. You're 13 you shouldn't be thinking about weight loss for starters as your body has barely begun developing yet and your weight will change a lot in the next few years. When you have reached your optimum weight around the age of 18 and you still aren't happy, diet and exercise. Pills don't work and they are bad for your heart. In the mean time try taking up another sport. Still eat what you like and enjoy but maybe cut desserts in half or have half a chocolate bar one day and save a half. Eat fruit as a snack, you can never eat too much fruit.

Big guy
no, never use that pills crap. never works! just exercise do crunches, or push ups. go to the gym! run 5 miles a day.

sweetie,we are all wonderfully made by god and even though you may want to loose weight there are so many attributes that people may see other than your weight when they see you.i don't think that you should use this pill because it will affect you greatly,i'm sure that's why it has a certain age on the bottle.ps,good luck by the way:)

Black Wings
Umm exercise....It's not hard. Oh and stop eating McDonald's maybe?

your just a baby to be taking diet pills. talk to your mom about WHAT YOU WANT to do , tell her you want to start eating healthy, and i'm PRETTY sure she will help you at aNY WAY SHE CAN.

Seriously do not do this! I had a friend who was in the same situation, she ended up in hospital because her body couldn't take it. She recovered but please, don't put yourself through it.

No you need to be at least 18 years old...do exercise, walk, eat healthy...

Ok sweety your only 13 and still prob have some baby fat, trust me a lot of people go through this stage.

As women we are always unhappy about something dealing with ourselves.

Before you do something drastic such as taking diet pills, which at your age could possibly damage your growth because women don't finish developing until the age of 18. Try simple exercises.

You can also ask your mom for some tips.
But this is what I suggest, if you don't like going to the gum you can always do other things to stay active.
-join a sport team at your school
-ride a bike outside

Gym Alternative (I'v been working out since I was 14 and love the results)
-run 10 min/walk incline 25
-elliptical machine
-bike machine

Overall at your young age altering your diet could be beneficial.
Eat more fruits/ lean meats such as chicken/montier your portions
(but do not starve yourself, you are a growing girl and need nutritious food)

Good luck hun. :)

You don't want to do that. Trust me. You could get a body dysfunction because your body is not fully grown.

don't drink diet pills....
but if you are worried about gaining weight you should exercise, and don't eat a lot of junk food.
you should really consider doing this because in the future once your in high school, you wont have to worry about looking good and trying to loose weight.
so its a good idea to start now.

don,t. there are reasons for that. you can get your parents in loads of trouble for allowing a minor to use proscribed meds.

um no. do NOT take pills! that's bad at age 13 cause your body is still developing and stuff.

Many young children die from overdosing on diet pills. Don't try it, you might get addicted. Just exercise and cut down on the sugary snacks.

The Smart Blonde
you don't need pills to lose weight. you're 13 so you should have a lot of energy. you need to be active and just make sure you aren't eating a lot of junk food. at your age those pills can probably make you sick and they don't work anyways.

i saw that you added that you are not active. and in my opinion...if you refuse to be active and refuse to diet then you deserve to be fat.

Jim Nasium
omg no

Robert Arranguez
Why dont you excersise, at your age you should be physically active at all times not poppin pills

You should respect yourself better than that.

Great Tiger
Drink pills? You know what? Go for it! Cuz if you're that stupid to "drink pills", especially ones that tell you to wait 5 more years...we don't need more people like you on the planet.

So sayeth the Tiger.

anne s
You already got the answer to the pills, but I explained more at the bottom.

I HATE diets, too.
But there are a few tricks that really worked for me as a teenager that I think will help you:
(1) Drink more water, (2) eat six meals a day, (3) and walk about 20 minutes a day...

I'll explain...

First of all, I joke around and call it the "water diet." It's not a diet at all, I EAT ANYTHING I WANT, but first I drink a huge glass of water. Most Americans are VERY dehydrated, and we perceive it as hunger when we're actually thirsty. Plus, the water will help fill our stomach, so we feel full faster without having to eat as much, and the BEST thing about being dehydrated is that it helps detoxify you and helps you lose weight!

The bad thing about diets: depriving your body of anything healthy will only make matters worse. The key comes from the choice of what you eat and when. I don't "diet," in fact I eat anything I want, but you learn to crave the good stuff and dislike the bad stuff over time.

If you want to lose weight, ALWAYS eat breakfast. The best thing you can do to help your metabolism is to never deny your body the energy it needs to keep going, and therefore eat little portions of food throughout the day, especially the morning. It's called grazing. So before you leave for school, make sure you eat SOMETHING. You may have been asleep for nine hours, but your body was still on, and therefore burning calories. If you like eggs in the morning, that's best, but if not, eat a protein bar or a Lite Yogurt. Not a protein bar that has weight loss drugs in it, but a healthy protein bar. The trick is to eat something that has at least as much protein or more) in it as it does sugar.

You may notice you'll feel hungry earlier, but that's not a bad thing. Keep a piece of fruit with you at school and eat it between classes. If they won't let you, have your parent write a note to the school nurse saying that you NEED to, then they legally have to let you. Also get a note that says you're allowed to have a water bottle with you in class, and drink as much water as you want throughout the day. Then at lunch, try to eat less carbs (for example, only one half of the hamburger roll). Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day when you graze. Then when you get home, eat a little something (healthy) immediately. If you are craving carbs, eat something with lots of fiber in it (it will say on the nutrition panel) fiber helps you lose weight. The homestyle popcorn is a good choice. Popcorn even has antioxidants in it! But don't the whole bag, just about a cup or two (fill up a 1 c. measuring cup). Then eat a healthy dinner, with vegetables (for the nutrients and fiber). If you don't like the green stuff, melt a slice of american cheese on them (like broccoli), that makes them delicious.

When you graze, you should try to eat about a hand-full of food every two hours, so it's almost like having 6 or 7 tiny meals a day. This allows your metabolism to understand that you will always supply the energy it needs in small portions, and therefore you body doesn't need to store the food (as fat on your body).

Then don't eat anything the last two hours before you fall asleep. If you want desert, drink water first, then eat half the amount of it you would normally, and eat it immediately after dinner, that way you feel full. Your body stores calories in the form of fat while you sleep, so if you eat something right before bed (especially sweet food) then it WILL store those calories.

See? It's not about eating LESS, it's about eating WHEN. The more you understand WHY your body NEEDS calories, the more you understand how to eat so that it doesn't store it in the form of fat.

There are lots of other natural things you can try. Green tea extract is a very popular weight loss supplement. But, make sure you buy it from an all-natural place, and it doesn't have extra caffeine in it. Green tea has been used for thousands of years and is known as being excellent for helping grow and keep a healthy body.

STAY AWAY from "fat-free", "sugar-free" foods. There are unnatural replacements in these foods that your body doesn't understand how to metabolize, and it ends up hurting your body more, making it harder to lose weight. If it's naturally fat free (like fruit) that's fine, but don't eat the stuff where they took out the fat and put in a ton of chemicals to make it taste good.

STAY AWAY from Diet soda. Research has proven that drinking diet soda actually makes it harder to lose weight--the sweeteners in it turn into nasty chemicals that make it harder for your brain to perceive that you are full, so you always feel hungrier. Fast food places put these drugs in their food, too, but they don't legally have to tell you, as long as it's less than 2% of the total ingredients. SO, STAY AWAY from fast food as much as you can. If you want a hamburger, buy it from the supermarke

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