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brittney l
Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
I don't think I'm fat but I'm concerned that maybe I should be a little bit less. Please don't tell me to get over myself or anything like that. My mother weighed 115 pounds when she got married at 23 and I weigh 115 pounds and I'm 14!! What should I do? Please help me? Should I lose weight or am I fine? By the way I'm a dancer and I work out like everyday. What am I doing wrong? 10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER!!
Additional Details
I am five foot 2

I think you'll be fine, just watch what you eat, keep working out... You should grow in to your body... OH! Yah, your hight play a big part in what you should weigh

Well I would happily tell you but you don't give your height so i don't know!! But as long as you work out everyday,eat healthy and feel good about yourself then you are FINE!!

Doggy Girl
No way! You're just the right size!

You are fine, i'm sure you're a beautiful girl. Remember not to freak too much about your weight, it's just a number

Shawn D
Hey there,
Right now you are at a weight that every person would die for. I am glad that you feel great about your weight, and you should continue with your dancing and your exercise each day.
You are doing exactly what you should be doing.
The only I would not do is look at myself in the mirror or weigh yourself a lot ( if you do ) Because then your weight turns against you and becomes your life.
Great job on keeping the pounds off, and keep in touch with me when you need some motivation with your exercises.
Good Luck out there in the big world
Shawn Davidson

First of all you need to tell us your height.Then we can answer your question.

you're normal.

sweety, you are not too big at all, you sound fit and in shape!

you and your mom have different body types and everyone has a different shape!

Weight isn't everything you may have more muscle than her, and muscle weighs more than fat

you should continue to exercise and keep yourself healthy but relax about losing weight.

You are beautiful and love yourself and your body...

God bless

your weight doesn't determine if your fat or not It's a combination of your height and weight. If your pretty tall or just a few inches below average then your fine. but if your short you might be a little over weight. Plus muscle weights twice as much as fat so don't worry if you weigh a few more pounds. you should ask your doctor if you weight is healthy and to be honest if you look good you shouldn't worry about what the scale says.

If you are very fit remember that muscle weighs more that fat. Im not saying your mom was fat but maybe not as muscular. I would see a doctor or fitness expert and have your body fat measured. If you are a dancer I would think that number will be small. They can tell you what weight and BMI you should have. But from your description I bet your are just fine.

Be sure you are eating healthy too, along with diet and exercise. A diet does not mean eating nothing at all, a diet means a certain number of carbs and calories and stuff like that, that you should be consuming. Do not starve yourself for what ever reason because it does not help. By the way my brother is around 150 and he is almost 15. Its not a huge thing to be concerned about. Besides you souldn't be worried about your weight at this age.

To me, i think you're skinny to be honest at age 14 because i am about 130 lbs at age 16. Ultimately it depends on your height and how tall you actually are. 5ft means 100 pounds, and afterwards, every 5 pounds you gain is every 1 inch you get taller.

u'll be fine, it not like ur out of shape sense u do dance nd all, u can jst have alot of musle cuse musle weighs more than fat.

Jedi squirrels
Its just means that you have more muscles than fat, and this is normal! Muscles weight much more than fat, so it makes you think you are overweight, but its not the case, your body is different and you are more physically fit than your mother!

So don`t worry, enjoy your life by dancing around, and maybe later you will become professional...

Good luck!

Alisha S
Honestly your not fat my sister is 10 and she weighs 80!

lia b
thats perfectly normal my cousin who is nine is 120 pounds u are perfect

Maybe this will help. Good Luck!


Definitely not. Girls your age should most likely be around 100 to 150 pounds, maybe even more, according to my mother, who's a doctor. In fact, you're somewhat on the thin side; you shouldn't be worrying about your weight. Since you work out everyday, I don't think you should be doing anything. Girls' weight tend to even out when they're teenagers. They stop growing pretty early, so your mother probably was about 115 pounds when she was a teenager.

you sound fine dont worry!!!!!

Paranormal Kitty
First of all, don't compare yourself to your mother. She may not be telling the complete truth there anyway...what woman of her age do you know that doesn't stretch the truth about their weight? She also could have been shorter, less muscular, smaller frame, etc etc.

If you're a dancer you probably have a lot of muscle, especially in your legs where it may not be that noticable to you. And finally, you're 14 and you have some growing to do still. If you're not clinically overweight, don't worry about it. Dieting now can reduce your metabolism and set you up for weight problems in the future, as well as effect how your body develops over the next few years. Eat from the four food groups each day, get plenty of exercise and be happy.

well if you are a dancer and work out every day then i think it is probalbly genetics...maybe just try eating less or heathier im not saying starv yourself im just saying don't eat alot of junk food... don't eat haf the bag of chips just have a little amount. you know what im saying...? i hope i helped you!!

it all depends on ur height and ur still young im 15 and my weight changes everyday either a pound more 3 pounds less ur body is still changing so dont wrry about it

Not at all! No offense but being 115 pounds at 23 is unhealthy, well i guess i shouldn't say that because it really depends on your hight as well.

it doesn't matter as long as you're happy who cares.

If you are working out a lot, your weight is probably from muscle. Don't get stuck in the diet trap and don't compare yourself to your mother. Eat healthy, keep moving, and don't worry about the numbers, it's how you feel that counts.

You are not your mom, that is about normal for thirteen for most body types. you are good, and don't kill your self about whieght, don't go stuff yourself every day, but you are not even out of your early teens yet, no need to fret, just relax and don't make McD your staple meal for everyday.
you'll be good, just keep a bit of an eye on it, but no need to fret. =)


Hey age don't mean anything... Its height. If your short you'll weight should be less, but if your tall you should weight more. 115 is good for a girl about 5'5 I don't know I'm sure you look just fine.

it depends on how tall you are and the build of your body. 115 at 14 isnt too much tho, your definitely not fat or anything

Your weight alone is not enough to determine if you're big for your age. Do you feel healthy? Are you eating a balanced diet(with veggies, fruits, meats, and dairy?) People are generally bigger now than they were when your mom was your age. Do a search for body mass index calculator and use this as a guide to determine if you're big, small, or just right. Dancing will make you build muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. As long as you feel healthy, you should keep doing what you've been doing.

cutest chick!!!
no i think you're normal dear. some people are just sticks. you my dear are perfectly normal


It really depends on your height that you did not mention. If you are 5' 3" you have a Body Mass Index of 20.4 which would be considered in the normal range. Feel free to look up your actual BMI on the web site calculator provided. Remember one more thing, muscle mass is more dense and heavier then fat mass. If you are a dancer and workout you will have more muscle mass and more weight is normal.

Hope this helps.

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