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Pearls for Michelle
Are these women FAT????

I can't believe ANYONE in their right minds would call these curvy women FAT!!
Additional Details
Good point about the "WARNING"

Some of the pictures are of scantily clad women. Not naked or raunchy, just lingerie and swimsuits.

i dont see a point to this quesion cause there not fat duhhhh :p

No they're all beautiful in their own way, the only reason some people look at them as being fat is because of the media and how they always promote skinny celebrities by putting on those shows about the new celeb diets and how they've lost weight and so on, theres never been a show about how do some celeb get their curves or what they eat to maintain their healthy weight. It all comes down to everones opinion of what a healthy weight is most people have different views about what weight is looked upon as healthy and what isn't, its all down to individuals.

They're not fat.. They're THICK. it's different. It means they're in great shape but have some meat on their bones unlike the supermodel types.

April C
they are curvy but not really fat

they're not fat at all

how could you think they are fat? they look normal and healthy, not starved and sickly!

your face
They're beautiful! American culture is so obsessed with women being skeletal that some people forget what it means to be happy being healthy.

Blue Ice
they are not fat in any way they are curvey and that is a good thing :)

Enrique C. *9
their not fat at all who said that???

Smile =]
They're gorgeous! (no homo)
Just because they don't look like a pole doesn't make them fat they're normal woman with healthy bodies.. the ignorance of media... it pisses me off

Don B

No ,not fat.

Julia & K
I can't view anything on youtube since I'm on the company's computer. I wish I could so I can give my opinion.

BTW, BeeQee the girl who stated Fat = over 120 is very dumb :)

Just had to get that out (sorry)

wtf thier not fat, i wish i had a bod like that.

they aren't fat. but they aren't sticks. this is what a woman should look like.

They are not fat!!

I'm doing the no pants dance
No they are healthy not anorexic =D

Blue Haired Old Lady
They are beautiful women, and not little twigs, real women.

Who said they are FAT? They are THICKE! Or perfect in my eyes. Big difference between fat and thicke.

annie :)
of course they aren't.

no they are not fat

um def not fat!

Wish I was that fat!

What idiots.

No, how could anyone call these women fat?! Most are either average size or slim!!! And they're all gorgeous.

they have curves in all the right places.

of course not. =]

They all look normal...and they all have great posture, I think that makes all the difference....but the one on the green lounger looks ridiculous. It looks like she may have had implants to get that outrageous shape.

I never respond to you tube ads

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