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Are there some females who can do a lot of male push ups, than some guys if not all?

Yeah, all you have to do is work out your arms and it'll be easy. I used to not be able to do them, but I started lifting weights. Now they're a piece of cake. One of my friends can do more push-ups than most guys.

Yup I can do alottt! I do alot at home so im used to them. In gym class i was the one who always did the most. I can probably do 150 n then ill collapse haha =]
answer my question if u wnt...


yeah! i can :)
i compete in a sport called aerobics.
pushups can either be wide leg, tricep pushup, hinge pushup, wenson pushup and i can do all of these.
its a great way to strengthen your arms and core body.

please give me best answer :)
have fun!

Hell yeah! I could do push-ups all day. Sit-ups, on the other hand....

For sure. There are men out there that can't do any.

there was a girl in my gym class that did like 20 more push ups than any guy.

Of course there are, everyone's different. some people aren't so good at muscular strength but are good at other stuff like running. (like me)

Yeah, women are just as capable of doing proper push ups as men are

dude there is ALWAYS gonna be that guy who can only do 2 push-ups and there is ALWAYS gonna be that girl who can do like 30 push-ups or more. Therefore, you're always going to have at least one girl who can do more than a guy.

Who now?
What the hell is a male push up?

It depends how many you consider "a lot". I can only do about 25 before collapsing.

i dont know
hell ya

soccer #1
yea if they are a trans

mr electro
smartest answer: emerald.

The dumbest: Magbutch. do you honestly think because men are physically able to do more push ups makes a difference with anything other than being able to do more pushups? Its a FACT the average male does more push ups than the average male- but so what? i dont know what kind of denying your doing. alright "womyn"? lol

your so dumb that your funny. thank you for entertaining me


Beyonce L
stupid question. everyone is not the same. you should know the answer.

yeah of course

There are. I'm just not one of them.

Theirs no such thing as male push-ups.
Their are push-ups the correct way. And then their are all the fake ways. Ex: too wide of arms, back not straight, and not going all the way down.

While their are some girls who can do more push-ups than guys it's not very common. Because of the difference in males and females physical make-up and their biological make-up.
Ex: Males have more testosterone than females. The more testosterone you have the bigger your muscles are, and it makes you more competitive, so you want to try and make your muscles bigger.

That's why we have separate divisions and standards for men's and women's sports, and for judging girls and guys physically.

I've never seen a girl do more push-ups than all the guys in a class. However their are some pretty tough girls that can beat a lot, if not most of the guys.

Green Man
Sure that's why the olympics tests for hormones.

haha yea when i was in high school we had to have a partner and i had a guy and made him go first and he did 30 male pushups and then i went and did 45 male pushups!! haha and i was the only girl in the class and i did the most! go gymnasts!! :D

vashman fighter of the night man
humm.. lets see

is that a lot?

Life's a Beach!
Your talking to one right now.

Rebel Yell
With more than 3 billion people on this planet, categorizing groups with absolute defined abilities is just plain silly. :) The variety of builds, skills, and strengths are mind boggling.

Yes, but not seen personally.

Yes, but it's not common. Women and men are generally stronger in different areas. Men tend to have more upper body strength while women have more in their lower body. Each person is unique though, and some women have more upper body strength than others. Some may even have more than your average male.

Hell yeah!!!

heckk yeah ,
im not one of them but i know some girls that can do alooot of push ups [:

Oh hi
I'm a girl and I can definitely do more male push ups than Kevin James (Paul Blart, Mall Cop)

Captain Obvious
No s*** sherlock

Goat Ropers

When I was in ROTC Ranger Challenge, we would all do 100 pushups before each meeting, then 100 when we were through for the day.

There was one gal who could easily pop out 500 without breaking a sweat.

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