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 how can i loose weight without any exercise?
how can i loose weight without any exercise,by eating good food....

 Is a PB and J sandwich a good substitute for fatty school food?
I remember a teacher told me that a PB and J sandwich is a good substitute since it had many on the nutrients a meal needs. Do you think it would be a better sub for all the nasty fatty cafeteria ...

 Am i overweight???????
i am a 15 years old girl 5'7 i weigh 143 pounds.
am i overweight?
please no mean answers thanks!...

 How do you sustain the will power to lose weight?
I want to lose some weight but seem to have no will power to keep it up, even though I do have the motivation.
What advice/ tips can you give me for how to keep the will power to get the weight ...

 5'4'', 126 lbs, size 6. is this fat?
i feel fat, but i dont know if this is fat.
i'm 14, by the way.
please, be honest.
i know bmi calculators say that it's healthy or normal or whatever, but is it fat?...

 whats the easiest way to loose weight?

 Do you think I'm fat?
I'm 13 years old, 132 pounds, and 5'3.5.
Additional Details
I excercise A LOT but I look really fat still. I used to be 115 but then started recovery from bulimia and so when I ...

 Im trying to lose weight so i want to start drinking a lot of water during the day but i really hate the taste?
of just plain water so i was wondering what mixes i can use to give it some flavor but that also do not have Aspartame, much calories, and fat in them....Any ideas?...

 I feel so huge. I am 5'8 and 143 pounds. I know I am fat. What can I do to loose weight?
Please dont tell me I dont need to loose weight because I wont be happy until I reach 130 pounds. Any good pills or tips?
Additional Details
Im a girl, 18 years ...

 are my love handles bad?
I can't tell (teenagers have distorted body images).
If they are bad, how much weight should I lose?

 am i over weight or underweight?
im 15 114 lbs and 5'7 ? just wondering lol hahah just for fun ...

 Does drinking a gallon of water help you get built body wise?
i remember in high school id see guys with gallons of water cause supposedly it helped them get bigger and i was wondering if that was true. I want to get bigger cause im pretty skinny and i havent ...

 What do you think is the leading cause of obesity among children in today's world?

 What is the best diet drink?
I love my coke. But since I have started dieting, I had to cut down on it. Right now, I love drinking diet Dr. Pepper and water with lemon....

 How long can you last without eating?
. . .
Additional Details
In general and I ask because I'm curious. (Not cause i wanna try)...

 How much do I look like I weigh now?
I lost some weight.
I'm 5' 7" and 19 yrs old.
How much do you think I weigh (just curious) ?
And how much more weight should I lose?
Thanks ahead of time <3

 wots the longest time u've gone without eating?

 Why do people want to be skinny?
I remember in school one day, I walked inside this class room, and this girl was like come over here, and she grabbed my waist. and then she started talking about how she is jealous of me, and she ...

 Do guys just like skinny girls?
I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either I'm 13 and I'm worried that guys only like skinny girls because in mags they say that is it true?...

 HELP! I binged today! What should I do?
i usually eat around 700 calories. i don't eat that much
today i had 7 pancakes with eggs lots of syrup i also had 12 chocolate cookies. i drank 7 bottles of water. im trying to lose 16 ...

*Eternal Dreamer*
Are there any reasons a person stays skinny no matter how much they eat?
Like theres the

high metaoblism
exercises alot
eats healthy
exercies and eats healthy
eats very little

are there any other reasons a person stays skinny no matter how much they eat

stress can make you skinny
my friends mom died and she is always fidgeting and always
stressed she is relly skinny
some is genetics however alot of people find they arent as skinny when there older .

when the eat some people just exercise a lot so that it is like they never ate anything


Honey Monsterâ„¢
Some kind of surgery...
Me mate has a huge scar on his stomach and he told me what he had done but I forgot...

It's ALL in the metabolism, and metabolism is genetic. I know a girl who looks pretty overweight but she's the healthiest person I know.

it runs in the family for some people. high metabolism and your body type are other reasons. some people have an inability to store very mush fat. some people are very active and burn off their meals. just eat till ur full and u'll be fine

xLove screwed me over, so i'm screwing Love.x
sometimes if you're tall or in an extracurricular activity.

Probably high metabolism

Thats about it...or they may be one of those ppl who throw there food up right after they eat...

Me I just have a VERY VERY high metabolism

very fast metabolism, or they had surgery to get their thyroid removed

The only other possibility that has not been mentioned is Hyperthyroidism.. It is caused by having an overactive thyroid gland that is producing excessive amounts of thyroid hormone that circulate in the blood stream. It causes weight loss among other symptoms...

some people are small boned. also, it's hard for really tall people to get fat.

i eat tons but im really skinny
i gain a few pounds here and there if i eat like ALOT
but than the next day i lose em
i guess i was just born skinny?
and my parents arent relatively skinny but they're not fat..

high metabolism is all it is, but when they get older, and the metabolism slows down, they'll still be eating alot, and they'll gain fat.

homey d
they throw up alot

medical problems...

minnesota nice
metabolism and genetics is my problem...hahaha

marie L
Well they could have an overactive thyroid which speeds up the metabolism even more

its moreso high metabolism.

Princess Kalishpa
There is actually a very rare disease
that causes a person to burn calories so fast
that its impossible for them to gain weight

another thing may be high metabolism but you've mentioned that

Some people are just naturally small boned and skinny

sometimes it can be more serious things that needs to be gone to the doctor about, and occasionally may require blood work, it may be that they have a big problem like somethign wrong with their kidneys, or something a little smaller like a thyroid problem.

If the person has been like that their whole life then they should be fine
but if its just recently started happening i suggest they seek medicale attention

One thing is for certain tho
Just because your skinny or fat or short or tall doesnt make a difference
its whats inside that matters

so make sure that person knows that its whats in their heart
and they should love themself as they are
and alow others to love them


idk but my brothers like that and he eat alottttt i mean he can eat like 5 plates at an all u can eat buffet

TD magnet
Well you named pretty much all of them... most of the time it is genetics (metabolism, parent's body types) and then it's assisted by eating habits

Susan M
Genetics. My mother and my daughter were born to be thin. No matter what they eat, they stay thin.

Jessica L
I'm 16 and 6 stone 10lb, I eat lots of crap and never seem to put on anything, however i am always moving around and doing stuff.
I think some people are naturally skinny without having to do anything about it.
Hope this helps

Purging, which is about the worst damage someone can do to their insides, can make people looks very skinny because they're literally getting no nutrition.

Miro S

if they have a high motabolism them they can or there anoreic or bullimic

skinny love
well, eating disorders obviously.

they may puke it up?

Allie G
metabolism mainly, and exercise/activity,diets

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