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 Do Fruits have any caloriess ???
title explains itself lol.

and if so, how many ??...

 am i skinny, average or fat?
i weigh 82 pounds and i am 4'7 thnx bye <33 :D
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i am 12 years old ;]...

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 What's the quickest way to lose weight?

 How can I learn how to do the splits?
i been wanting to do this for a while can anyone do the splits?...

 How can I gain weight within two weeks?
I'm really small, and I want to get a butt before school.
And/or any fat around my body just to not look anorexic;
because I'm not ! Please Help!...

 Is this a healthy weight for my height?
Im 5"1 ish and i weigh 8stone 5 ish . i'm 14. Is that heavy for my height?

Please dont answer with * You are what you are* or *We're all different*
Thanks :)

 Am i overweight??????????
Okay im twelve years old, weigh 120 pounds and im 5'3...

Anorexic, gained weight after 1 week, freaking out?
I'm 16, i'm 5'1 and weighed 79 lbs. Last week my family took us on vacation. They don't know about my ED and i didn't want them to find out, so in order to keep them from being suspicious, i forced myself to eat. I hated it..all that week i had to eat. I go home and i saw that i've gained 9 pounds! Will it go away? Will i lose it again? I dont want any mean answers or comments. Just answer my questions.
I eat 500 calories a day or less..some days just 150 calories. I go to the gym a lot and work off 250 calories if i can go. how long will it take it to come off? will it come off?

you burn like 1400 calories just for being ALIVE so chill out.
eat more and exercise it off. btw muscle weighs more than fat

-nasty laugh [ahahahha]

you have a serious problem. a very serious problem. I weight 102 and im 5'4 and I AM UNDER WEIGHT by at least 15 pounds. you are too small.
I went and did you a favor

Ideal weight range is 102 - 112.2 lbs. (46.4 - 51 kg.).
You are underweight. BING BING BING WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

you are sick, dear. you are mentally sick in the head. Its okay, lots of women and young girls your age have this problem, but my dear, you need help, and now! you are too young to be that small. I was a chunky monkey in high school, i was up to 150 and that was small compared to other girls at my school. I am the smallest I have ever been in my life, and happy, but I did it properly. Its not about the calories my dear, no no no no no no no
its what you put into your body that flues you. sure you can eat a piece of bread but you are not getting what your body needs. You honestly need one fruit, one veg, milk, water, some meat!!!!!!! and other dairy product. EAT THAT MEAT! EAT THAT MEAT! you need to be at least 100 pounds, then you and I can dish about how great we look. but, you are sick. you dont sound just small, you need help with an eating disorder. you need to speak to your mother, tomorrow. I will haunt your dreams until you speak with her about this issue, this is serious. You are killing yourself my dear, by keeping the neccesary goodness like fruits, veggies, meat and GOOD FATS from entering your body. yes there are good fats, that you need to eat to live! you need to eat more, start small, eat a little bigger portion every day.

I had gone through the same thing you did, but I am stopping myself because I am only damaging myself and my body. worship your body as a temple, you only get one. please. I don't pray. I am an atheist but I will think of you and how you are fairing with this disease. You have a disease. its an eating disorder, and it can and will kill you with this path you are on.

Hun you reallly nedd to go see a dr..Talk to your parents..You need help your you will waste to many of your precious years obsessing over your weight and what you eat..Its not healthy for your body and cause many problems physically and mentally..Hunny no guy i know likes a stick thin women! Men are not attracted to underweight girls..They all like us with abit of meat! Doesnt have to be alot..But you really need to get some professional help with your problem!!
please! x0x

Please get some help,

you are not over weight and nor do you need to loss the weight you gained.

You need to eat and be healthy!!! FYI Being underweight does not look pretty it looks unhealthy.

Orchツ Dork
well, youve got a bad habit, and I highly suggest quitting it, but yeah, you probbably will lose the weight. But the few times you do eat, you will gain quite a few lbs.

You're likely not going to want to hear anyone's Dr. Phil answer to this. The truth is this. NO ONE has the correct self image in their heart of hearts. Be it falsely over-zealous about how good they think they look or falsely under the belief that they are fat when clearly not. If you know yourself to be an anorexic, as explained in the question headline, then why seek an answer for help in furthering a named problem? Look at it like this. "Help. I'm a chronic gambler. I've lost my entire life's savings and my kid's college money to the track. I've come across $500 recently. Can somone tell me which horse to pick next please? I'm looking for winners only." Keep the 9 pounds. Approach the whole thing from a different angle. Something like I want to be healthy of mind first and read a couple of solid nutritionist books.

this isnt mean but...you should get help. keep it on. tell your parents for your own sake.

hmmmm..this sounds serious. you need to get help with your ed...maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep you looking good. Not eating destroys your body. don't worry about losing the weight. worry about getting over the ed

me m
um, why? why does your weight bother you so much? this is more of a psychological problem, than anything else, why do you want to be skinny? do you weigh a lot?
do you want to impress someone?
this has got to be the biggest problem we face these days, if your looking for validation from people then, be yourself, whatever weight,
If people cant accept you at 300 lbs, there not going to at 100.
Having a psychological degree I have seen this so many times and usually it comes down to the need for either validation, the need to fit in or worse attention.
So will the psychical weight come off? yes, however what ever is truly behind the need for this, will never come off, whatever the burden is you feel must be dealt with.
sometimes it is a long road to deal with this problem, hopefully you do have family and or friend support, remember you may try to hide it, yet eventually it will all be seen.

Beletje_vos AM + VT
You're extremely underweight. As hard as it may be for you you *need*, and I repeat *need* to tell a trusted adult about this. Someone you trust - a school counselor, your parents, anyone you know who can help you. You do not need to exercise half of what you eat. The body isn't meant to work that way. Fewer than 1,000 calories for a female is very unhealthy, let alone 500 calories. Food is not the enemy - your thought process about food is the enemy because it is incorrect and you're giving into it without seeking the proper help you need.

i weigh 87 pounds omg what will i doo! wow my ten year old sister weighs 65 pounds.


♥ MiiChellee
Oh my god..

See a doctor, seriously - anorexia is a disease, you admit to having it, go see a psychologist, you're an unhealthy weight for your age, you need to gain at least 10kg, or 22 pounds.

Honey. OMGSH.
im 5'4 and i weigh 120
and i have a flat stomach and im skinny.
you are unhealthy.
please gain some weight.
yea it will come off, but i strongly reccomend you gain weight.
thats sickly.(what you have)

whoa 150 calories a day? thats crazy.
well i wish i could be that thing! xP maybe not aaaas thin but you know
judging by your eating habits it will definitely come off

i know you said no mean answers or comments, and im not trying to be mean but it is unhealthy. im sure you look great with those 9 pounds

be safe, if your health becomes poor please see a doctor.

it'll come off. just like it did before. u gained weight so fast because when u starve urself, u gain weight a lot faster just by eatiing a little bit. ur body takes all the nutrients from that one piece and just loads it on.

Yes it will, some is water weight..
You should wait for another week to measure your weight accurately..and you will be able to lose it back..

i'm roy g biv, son
It doesn't need to go away.
Start eating more, an average person should consume about 1,000 calories a day.
Seriously, go get help.
If you want to be FIT and not UNHEALTHY, you should do sports.
Then you can eat, and still keep yourself from gaining anything:)

supaah !
dont let people think your stupid just because you are anorexic and they just dont understand.. some people , wanting the best for you, but can also be ignorant. look . it is what it is. i dont think anyone really needs to tell you , about what u r doing, because im postive that you already know that what you are doing is .... yeah. im sorry, to tell you that because your calorie intake is extremely low, you are going to gain weight. when you pig out, your stomach is goin to KEEP what you just ate. its not going to burn off. look, we all like food, and we all feel shi**y about ourselves, but how much do we love ourselves? who the HEEELL are we trying to impress? if you look at it, you ll see that it is a waist of time.

molly's creative username
You should worry less about when the weight will come off and more about when you'll run into huge, potentially fatal health problems.

If you continue to exercise and eat right the weight will come off soon. But don't freak out about it, when anorexic people start eating more food then usual they gain weight quickly - thus your 'instant' weight gain.

Ok...you want truth? You are going to DIE!! Get over yourself and eat a burger! AND see a doctor! So for being the freak you are, you'll lose it most likely...

Anorexia will kill you.
If you continue working out and not eating, yes it will come off. My aunt died of anorexia. I hope you know what you are doing.

James O
When you first become anorexic or just eat less food your body goes into "starvation mode" were it takes the smallest amount of food and turns it into as much weight and energy as possible.
It will last for a while if you resume anorexia.

alice c
wow , i feel real sad for you, but the weight will probably come off, you should get help, you wont last

Uhm, WTF. Are you seriously kidding me?
Don't post these questions on here, please.

arsenic sauce
well there is something called a plateau weight.

and you're way under it

so i don't think it will come off.


that's a good thing.

hun your too skinny,
your gonna regret it, if you think your fat, take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit and realize how skinny you are.


You are doing this for attention, pure and simple. You want to be looked at with sad eyes and fawned over about people worrying. Get over yourself and stuff a cheeseburger down your throat.

HOLY **** 79 pounds? you have a major problem. you need to eat more and WTF?!?!?! STOP GOING TO THE GYM!!!!!!! if you're anorexic and going to the gym, you have a problem physically and mentally. i'm not being mean, just honest. you need to see a doctor. being anorexic is sad

please give me answers!
all the food your body gets will be stored for as long as it can because it NEEDS all the nutrients it can get since you dont feed it. you're body isnt made of steel you have to keep it healthy and you are not. you're going to end up in the hospital. staying in shape and healthy and thin is okay. but 5'1 at 79lbs...thats disgusting. you're body is eating itself.

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