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Am i too fat for a bikini?
I'm going to the Great Wolf Lodge with 4 of my friends and they're all skinny and I'm not. I don't want to be the fatty on my own birthday... so should I get a tankini or will I be fine in a bikini?

Couple of days ago... http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3261957715/in/photostream

earlier today... http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3274178469/in/photostream/

my weight fluctuates so much, I hate it. that's why i look a lot fatter in the second one. I'll probably be closer to the first one by next friday (day we go) because I'm gonna do A LOT of working out. I'm 14 (on SATURDAY!!) and 132 pounds, but I have a lot of muscle. Just some fat over it (:

IF i'm not too fat, I was looking at these swimsuits



ORRR (lol)


Can I wear a bikini or am I too fat for one??

no ur body is fine. get the yellow one it would look good on w/ ur complexion and also string bikinis always look better than the regular ones (like ur 2nd pic) because the elsastic isnt squeezing your fat and making it bulge. just go w/ the yellow one..make sure you dont get it too small and dont tighten it really tight.

you have a great body and your doing great...just go have fun!! btw men prefer girls w/ a little meat not much but just a little. im 23 and really skinny and they always say i would be hot if i gained about 10 lbs.

Yes you can wear a bikini, either one would look nice. You have a nice shape body. Eat healthy, exercise and have fun.

Take Me to Neverland
are you going to the one in wisconsin dells??!! i love that one its sooo much fun. and when your there you will se people that are like 900 lbs wearing floss. dont worry about it have a GREAT time, the ones who matter dont care the the ones who care dont matter.the hollister one is wayy cute! i love it. have a blast! i sure did.

youre not fat, but maybe you'd look better in a Monokinis bathing suit. for example:


Ted Bundy

Samantha K.
it looks cute, but maybe try a skirtkini like with ruffles skirt instead of bottoms. u think about how u look but most ppl dont look tht much its cute, be happyyy. and if ppl say mean things thay are looking closely too, they want to see you fat. also in the winter your naturaly fatter because your body prepares itself for the winter months...u lose some weight in the summer

Jane S
I think you'll be fine:)

You are NOT at all fat! Trust me! I am always worried that I look fat, even though everyone tells me I'm not which i know is the truth but trust me, go with the green bikini! You'll look gorgeous in it!!!

diego rey arrived on aug 25th
sweetheart your not fat at all, you have CURVES & thats the most beautiful thing in the world. i LOVE the second bikini, the blue and white one. i thought i was fat all the way untill i was 17 & i never ever once wore a bikini... and i SOOOO regret it! live your life & get out there & wear that bikini!!!

Jennnn. <3
i don't think you're fat at all.
i'd go for the green striped one [hollister]
oh and happy early birthday :]

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

If you feel "too fat" to wear a bikini, then don't, because you won't have as much fun...

I don't think you are too fat, btw.

Jessica S
NOOO ur not to fat at all but i wouldnt suggest wearing abercombie and hollister bikinis they run super skimpyyyy... i would suggest delias, jcrew, and victoria secret bikinis.... trust me i no i kinda have a little belly fat but if u were a bikini with a little more coverage it makes tons of a differnce

wtf. ur definitely not fat. ur alright for all the bikinis even tankinis.. but bikini is fine.. u actually look different in both pics as if ur not the same person.. but maybe as u said ur weight fluctuates. i would def wanna have ur body.. i don't get it why people say they are fat .. when they have flat tummy's honestly if u want see fat.. lol ew my body is horrible. but u have a nice body.. happy birthday by the way.

show your face

just the fatcs
ur not too fat at all. you look great and will look good in them

i think you are fine :)

go with the second bikini.

happy :)
You are NOT too fat...you have nothing to worry about!! :) You will be fine in a bikini! Don't worry about what others say or think...as long as you are happy and healthy than that is all that matters! I love the 2nd and 3rd ones you posted, so cute!

Hope that helped!! :)

You should wear a bikini.

nooooooo way your so not fat at all go for it you look good!!

Young Hagg
You're not fat. Get the Hollister one.

girl please! ur fine...ur 14 for heavens sake...anything u think u have extra ( depending on ur heritage of course) could be you having another growth ! you look fine! if ur parents r willing to let u buy any of those suits then go for it ! you have nothing to lose. period...confidence is the best counter to any wondering.

but , u r wondering if you should buy those suits because of your body...
instead wonder if those suits are Right for UR body.....
check these out....




JKiiNS (jordan)
no you're not fat at all!

I don't normally click on these sorts of questions, but happened to this time. I know it is easy for us to say, but you have nothing to worry about.

You and your priorities will change a lot in the coming years; keep living your life in a way you can always be proud of. You would be surprised how attractive that can be.

no you aren't too fat, just get the bikini that flatters you the most.

Go for it

It is only my opinion
I would try a bikini with more coverage. Like the shorts and a less revealing top. You aren't FAT, but I don't think you'd look great in a little bikini.

~Southern Delight~
You have the cutest figure ever!! Go ahead a wear a bikini. You will look great! If you still feel uncomfortable wear a sheer cover over it. I think those are so cute! Have fun.

Edit: Like others said curves are beautiful. Being a stick is, in my opinion, gross and unhealthy looking. You are not chubby or alright! You look great!

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
you're too fat when you have rolls
or you cannot tell you are wearing a bikini bottom.

you're just fine.

Emily M
You look fine in it , wear the bikini :)

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