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Am i fat, normal, or skinny?
I am a 14 year old girl. I'm 4ft 11 and weigh 89lbs. What do you think? Please no rude remarks. If you have any advice, as if i should loose weight or gain weight, it would be much appreciated.

youre fine your just 14 you have time to grow.

Bobby M
the weight seems fine for your height but i don't think you should be worried about your weight at age 14 its going to fluctuate for the next few years of growing =) you're fine just start eating healthy now 3 time a day and try to get involved in some kind of sport in school

You really need to gain a couple pounds. Not to many, but just a few. You are not overweight, but I suggest you get to at least 95lbs. Try eating healthy foods in small amounts like it looks like it sounds like you do, but add SOME fats, too. Not too many, you really don't want to be overweight, but just enough so you don't grow up frail. Hope this helps :)

You're Alyssa :P

You're normal because you're going through puberty and still growing into what you will be some 10 years from now.

i think that when your as young as you are your still growing and things change as you get older i think ur fine the way you are and you shouldnt evan be thinking bout weight loss or gain at your age love who u are.x

your an alright size..

dont worry about your weight. if thats overweight, then im like.....deathly fat. lol.

Yolanda Kiqui
Your Pretty skinny... You need to gain some weight... I would suggest to gain about 9 lbs. its good to be skinny but your kinda underweight. So to be healthy gain a little weight!

Pat M
your a bit underweight, nothin to bad though. try eating more, an not junk food. veggies, chicken, lean meat, wheat bread, etc

try a little weight training to add a little muscle. i dont mean getting jacked, i just mean a little bit, that'll add some weight

to figure out you body mass index (BMI), search google for a "bmi calculator" it should tell u if ur under, over, or normal weight.

heres one:

good luck!

[email protected]
you are very normal

It's skinny, borderline underweight. But because you are young and if you are small framed, it's probably okay as long as you don't go any lower. You can gain some if you want.

89lb at 4ft11 is not an average weight by any means, average for 4ft11 is closer to 100lb-105lb.

alyssa don't be hard on yourself your only 14 you SOUND like your below normal

You are pretty short for your age

89 pounds is a little small for your age 2

Kimmy Byrnes
I know a girl that's my friend's daughter, and she's 11. She ways about... 110 lbs.

your bmi would be 18 so you would be classed as just slightly under weight

skinnnnny! =]

i think you are kinda skinny, but you shouldn't gain weight maybe just eat a little more, or you could gain weight on muscles if you like

No you are not over weigh my sister is the same heigh and weigh as you. You both are at a 30 percentile. You are at a good weigh right now. However make sure to take care of your self by eating healthy meals which include veggies, fruit, here is a website for you:

Also it is really important to start playing sport running and working out for a little bit. It can really help you now and later inthe future when you are older your bones will be strong.
Good luck.

you need to gain weight.

●Sɘαwεєd● ░░░░░░░░░░░░
you're an ugly, fat piggy!

actually, according to your BMI, you're a little underweight. this is a test that doctors use to estimate what your ideal weight should be with your height included. (you're # is 18...and the normal is between 18.5 and 24.9)
Now, don't go and eat a bunch of food. seems to me like you're just fine the way you are. And don't worry about your weight because it'll just make you paranoid. Just dont diet right now.

You're NORMAL.. If you will check your BMI as ADOLESCENT.

Check this out, this is so cool for BMI information:

damn? im 13 and at my middle school the 6th graders aren't that small. SKINNY

well i honestly think u could gain a little bit. 89 lbs isnt alot by no means uk. um...maybe upper 90s would be good. im 14 and weigh 115 and im a guy and im considered skinny so ur in the right range for a girl. gain a little bit more but u dont need to

Wow that skinny .. !!!!!!!!!!!! u need HELP!!!

you're skinny.
my friend is 15, 4'11, and weighs 107.
and shes average.
not chubby, but not skinny.

i would say skinny

you're height is fine, but ur wicked wicked skinny!

Skinny you need a little more weight on you

You're NOT normal. You're too obsessed with your weight and you should seek counseling before it causes you physical harm.

Your weight is normal. You are too short though.

jelly beanz
Normal...... relax!

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