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 how can i become fat please help me?

Am i fat for my age?
Ok im 11 yrs old and i weight 150 pounds. is that fat? if so give me some tips on how to lose weight exercises please and diet plan
Additional Details
im about 5 ft

Nope. You're just big boned!

150 lbs is fairly heavy for any woman, regardless of height. Unless you're 5' 9" or taller, you should consider exercising more and watching what you eat.

ur not fat. fat is like u cant walk fat. ur fine especially if ur just 11. ur just growing into ur body anyways.

how tall are you

Yes, your daughter is fat. And you should probably talk to her about her real problems and make her feel good about herself cause otherwise you can try over and over again with no results. At this age your daughter is very vulnerable and you must protect her.
Get off the computer and spend lots of time with your daughter.

Jenny A
kevin needs to learn to spell

Ted Sharp
it depends how talll you are

you not fat your just full of life :>>


This'll tell you if you're fat or not.

Jas P
how tall?

unknown age does not matter it is how tall u r

Heck NO!!!! I know you personally and your not!!!!! Why do you even ask these qs??? Lylas madieeeee!!!! :D

Katie W
At age 11 you should be more worried about having fun and learning new things, not your self image. If its purely health reasons, just stay active. Do sports and you'll be fine.

Trust me, the stress in life only gets worse as you grow up, enjoy your life now!

it depends on height and where is the weight at (breast, butt)
150 isnt a fat weight but im guessin you are a little chubby

losing weight should be easy at your young age and running in the morning
ad cutting calories are always good.

Height has a great deal to do with weight, but 150 pounds is a lot of weight for an 11 year old who is less than 5 feet 10 inches tall. Get lot of exercise, play a lot of sports, and leave all sugar out of your diet.

the man
no And u are a ***** like i have 2 frens that are gay so whay dont u tell that to them u *****

hunny... at 11 don't even worry about it!... eat healthy, try to lay off the sugars and make sure u excercise lots... u probably havent finnished growing yet so dont sweat it! ok

M. J.
what's your height?

i need height ! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aq9GTT9ghF26F2KajxlQFCHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100124194717AATubXB
answer mine

Most likely, I don't want to be mean, you are. Depending on your height. Hearing that you are only 11, I would guess that you are not that tall. Stop eating junk food, snacks, fast food, and get out and exercise. All you really need to do is walk, jog, for about 60 minutes a day. Since you are 11, I would stay away from lifting a lot of weights.

♥ ☆♫ I LOVE SHOPPING ! ♫ ☆ ♥
It just depends on your height too, but your too young to worry about your weight. But if you want to lose weight, you should just eat more healthy food (Foods that are in the four food groups category) and not eat to much junk food and make sure you at least get minimum an hour of exercise per day.

When I was 11 I weighed about 80-85. Lay off the fast food, junk food, and do excersises.

down to earth
it always depends on the height im thirteen 5'5 and weigh about 60kg thats not big because of my height but if a person was short they would be big with that weight

That is pretty fat, I would start eating 5-6 times a day and cut all your proportions in half. Make sure to never miss breakfast, it kick starts your fat burners. Don't eat too many sweets or too much carbs(bread). Go outside and run around, don't stay home all the time.

depends on your weight. not necessarily fat but maybe a little overweight, you could find a calculator on the internet. just try to do more walking and dont eat fast food, that will do the trick.

can you answer mine?

also, relating to my above linked question, i have been seeing this lady who is 40, and im 28. she has a 12 year old daughter who knows whats up, but i haven't met her, what do you think she thinks?

****** huge.

Yes, you are heavy.

You can start by exercising and staying off the computer.

you never tolled me how tall you were, so i cant really say yes or no to that

google BMI scale and put in ur weight & height and it'll tell you if you are healthy over weight or under weight...

10,000 Days
without your height i would have to say yes then im 15 and 150 im 5'11

I love Uggs =)
If you were really tall that would be okay.!

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